Geographical Norway Bellissima Women’s Winter Parka – Review

Geographical Norway Bellissima Women's Winter Parka ReviewPin

We’re back with another single review, but this one is for the ladies of our site. We picked Bellissima, a wonderful winter parka for you to wear this season.

It is by Geographical Norway, the brand that always manages to impress us with their designs and quality of products, be it in performance or fabric. Belissima is a recent launch by this brand.

Let’s get started with all the details of the jacket.

* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.

Where To Buy The Geographical Norway Belissima Parka

Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:



When To Wear It

We’ll be starting with the type of weather this jacket is best suited for. Seeing that it comes with a water and wind-repellent shell, this jacket is able to withstand both dry and rainy conditions.

If you happen to get caught in a storm or it is heavily snowing, then you should opt for a waterproof outer layer. However, for mild rain and snowing, you are good to go. When it comes to windy days, on the other hand, you have nothing to worry about.

Geographical Norway Bellissima parka women navyGeographical Norway Bellissima parka women navyGeographical Norway Bellissima parka women navyGeographical Norway Bellissima parka women khakiGeographical Norway Bellissima parka women black

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