Best Down Jackets for Women: 10 Proposals Reviewed (Updated)

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Our search for great jackets is always in process and to help you be better prepared for this Fall and upcoming Winter, we are bringing you another selection of down jackets.

Back in late January, we took a look at some great Down jackets for men. Today, it is the ladies’ turn and we have selected 10 jackets from some of the best brands online. They vary in style and performance, giving a variety of options for different preferences.

A note before we start: when looking for a quality Down jacket, always make sure to purchase one which is at the very least highly resistant against water.

This is important not because you run the risk of getting wet, but even if it doesn’t come to that, the Down filling will definitely get wet. Wet Down loses all of its insulating abilities and you’ll run the risk of hypothermia.

With that being said, all of the options you will find in this selection are water-resistant and it’s now time to get started.

* Note: The availability of the products below (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.

Cherry Chick Women’s Packable Down Jacket

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By Cherry Chick, this first design is extremely lightweight and cozy. It is made of 100% Polyester, with a filling of 90% white duck down and 10% Feathers. These help keep it warm, while not adding to the weight. It comes with a hooded collar, with elastic band for better fit, as are the sleeve cuffs and the bottom hem.

There are two outer pockets on the sides and one inner security pocket for your phone and wallet. The down filling is held in place with horizontal quilting and the main zipper is water-resistant and very sturdy. Because it is so lightweight and fluffy, it is easily packable in a pouch, while also being very suitable for layering. It can be worn underneath a heavier coat for those who live in really cold areas, for a super warm layer.

The color selection for this jacket is abundant, with more than 40 options, including: Black, Moto navy, Flame red, Rose red and Rose pink.

Trespass Adored Women’s Padded Down Jacket

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These next two jackets are by Trespass, a recurring brand in our selections. The first jacket is Adored, a great Winter jacket for low temperatures, made of 100% Nylon. The insulation is top notch, in a mix of 80% Down and 20% Feathers, distributed throughout horizontal quilting all over the jacket.

It comes with a hooded collar and elastic cuffs, to help close off the jacket from cold drafts. Adored is a practical everyday option, also suitable for travelling as it packs into a pouch, taking very little space. It is resistant against light raining and performs beautifully in windy days.

There are two pockets placed on the outside, suitable for warming up the hands and holding small belongings. You can find it in 3 colors: Ink, Khaki and Coral blush, all of which come with contrasting zippers and inner lining.

Trespass Women’s Cintia Down Jacket

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The second option is Cintia, a jacket made of 100% Nylon on the outside and with an inner Down proof lining of 100% Polyester. What a Down proof lining does, is prevent loss of feathers, thus extending the longevity of the jacket. The filling is a combination of 50% Down and 50% Feathers.

Unlike the previous options, the hood is removable if not needed and can be adjusted using drawstrings. The high collar closes up by the main zipper, which is covered by a placket to help against rain and wind. The sleeve cuffs are wide and elastic, and there are three pockets on the outside of the jacket, as well as one on the inside.

The bottom hem can be adjusted to fit as tightly as needed by using the drawcord in it. Cintia is available in 4 colors: Azalea, Cream, Oatmeal and Twilight.

Orolay Thickened Down Jacket

Orolay Thickened Down JacketPin


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A really chic design, this jacket by Orolay will keep you warm throughout Winter. It is a medium-length jacket, with a very high collar, with fluffy lining on the inside, to keep your neck warm. The hood is standard size and it’s placed under the collar, which closes up with the main zipper.

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The zipper pulls are made of fabric and are longer than what you’ll find in most jackets, which gives the jacket a very casual look. There are two slide-in pockets on the sides, with two large zip pockets on top of them. For extra storage space, there are also two zip pockets on the chest.

This jacket comes with side zippers, which help make it more comfortable when sitting down, as well as giving a bit more fitting room for layering. The back hem is longer than the front and the jacket overall is puffy, with 90% Duck and 10% Feathers filling. There are 4 color options: Beige, Black, Grey and Green.

Columbia Women’s Flash Forward Down Jacket

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Flash Forward is a Down jacket with 650 fill power and with a water-resistant 100% Polyester shell. This is a hoodless jacket, designed for outdoor activities, rather than a casual daily wear. It is by Columbia, a brand that means business when it comes to the quality of their products.

The filling is held in place by horizontal quilting, which comes Heat-sealed, guaranteeing no loose stitches and no feather loss. The design is ergonomic and suitable to be worn as a layering jacket in very cold temperatures. There are two zip pockets on the sides, lined on the inside to keep the hands warm.

As with most Columbia jackets, there are many color options available, some of which include: Atoll, Red camellia, Ruby red, Tippet and Deep marine.

Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Radial Down Jacket

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Gold 650 TurboDown is also by Columbia and it is a jacket suitable for near-to-freezing temperatures. The shell is made of 100% Nylon Omni-Shield fabric, with an inner lining of 100% Polyester Omni-Heat Reflective Microtex DP. This means a high water and wind-resistance, as well as perfect heat retention, due to the reflective silver lining and the quality 550-fill power down insulation.

It is called TurboDown as it is tweaked to maintain its abilities even when wet, so you won’t have to worry about unpredictable weather anymore. The collar is hooded and the sleeve cuffs are elastic, while the bottom hem is adjustable.

There are two hand-warmer pockets on the sides of the jacket and the hem is in a drop tail style. The colors available are seven, including: Black, Bluebell, Deep Blush, etc.

Here is a video review of the Gold 650 TurboDown jacket:

Women’s Hooded, Gold 650 TurboDown Jacket | Columbia Sportswear

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The North Face Women’s Gotham Jacket

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Check it out on: (not available at the moment)

Also a double selection, these next two jackets are by The North Face. The first is Gotham, a beautiful everyday jacket, with a removable hood and artificial fur trim decoration. The collar is medium-height and the main zipper is uncovered, but water-resistant.

There is elastic placed on both sides of the waist, for a very feminine waistline when wearing the jacket. The shell is 100% Nylon, while the inner lining is 100% Polyester, both of which are resistant to water. The insulation is 550-fill power Down, held in place with wide horizontal stitching.

There are two hand-warmer pockets on the sides and it is available in 10+ colors, such as: Vaporous grey, Dramatic plum, Shady blue, TNF black and High risk red.

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The North Face Women’s Arctic Down Parka

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Arctic is the second selection by The North Face and it is the second-longest jacket. It is made of HyVent Nylon shell, with an insulation of 550-fill power Down. This is a waterproof and windproof jacket, while also breathable and highly insulated.

The seams are sealed to help against rain and snow and the back hem is split, but comes with snap buttons for closure. The exterior is smooth, while the quilting is done on the inside to keep the down properly distributed. There is a removable hood with faux fur trim around it and a high collar.

The main zipper is covered by a storm placket and the waist is adjustable. There are five pockets on this jacket, providing plenty of storage space. The colors available include: Graphite, Vaporous grey, Juniper teal, Forest night green, TNF black, TNF medium grey, Deep garnet red heather, etc.

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Alpinetek Women’s Mid-Length Down Parka

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To bring this article to end, we have another double selection by Alpinetek. The first is this lovely mid-length parka, made of 83% Polyester and 17% Cotton, with an insulation of 80% duck down. It comes with a removable hood, with thick and fluffy artificial fur trim, also removable.

To keep you safe and visible outdoors, there are reflective strips on both front and back of the jacket. The sleeves come with wrist gaiters, which have thumbholes in them and the main zipper is covered by a storm placket. This is a water-repellent jacket, with great insulation to help keep the warmth inside.

There are two side pockets, two chest pockets, one sleeve pocket and two inner pockets, providing considerable space for your belongings. It is available in the color Turquoise, Red and Grey.

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Alpinetek Women’s Long Down Parka Coat

Alpinetek Womens Long Down Parka CoatPin


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And lastly, the longest of them all, this elegant parka is made of 83% Polyester and 17% Cotton, with 80% Duck Down insulation. The collar is high and the jacket has a main zipper, which is covered by a storm placket with large buttons and it is not full-way, which adds to the look of the jacket.

The front hem is split, making walking and movement easier when wearing the jacket. There are inner cuffs in the sleeves and the outer shell is water-repellent.

It has 4 pockets placed on the outside and a removable hood, with faux fur trim decoration around. The waist is adjustable with a belt, there are reflective strips on the body and it comes in three colors: Cobalt, Black and Red.

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