8 Best Reflective Vests for Running and Cycling in 2020, Men & Women

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The great outdoors were meant to be enjoyed and we wholeheartedly believe that. While there isn’t much that can go wrong if you are out for a jog or cycling, it is best to make sure that everything will be under control.

Those who exercise at night are at a higher risk, if they don’t have the right clothing and gear. The solution to this are reflective jackets or other similar options.

Several weeks ago, we wrote a piece on reflective jackets that will keep you safe while outdoors. In this selection, we will be looking at some reflective gear, which are a bit different.

These are vests, that we have selected this time, and the reason for that is simple. They won’t be an extra layer on and they will not affect mobility and comfort. They are unisex vests, specially designed for safety in dim light and especially at night.

Time to take a look at what we picked for you:

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FREEMOVE Reflective Running Vest Gear

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The first vest is by FREEMOVE and it is a highly rated item online. It comes in 360° visibility, providing total safety because nothing will miss you in such high visibility. When it comes to wear, it is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and adjustable. It is put on from the top and fastens on the sides.

To keep your hands free and the phone within reach, there is a mesh pocket that you can zip. It is made of mesh fabric for breathability, which will go hand in hand with your breathable sports jacket.

Another reason this particular vest is so well-received, is the size options. It comes in 6 different sizes, suitable for both kids and adults, so everyone you love will be safe. To add to the great features, it comes with its own packing bag and with adjustable bands. These bands can be worn on your wrists, arms or ankles.

24-7 Viz Reflective Vest with Hi Vis Bands

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By 24/7 Viz, this reflective vest is not only practical, but also quite interesting in design. The reflective strips are highly visible both during daytime and night-time. This is a Military Base approved vest, which goes to show how well it performs. It provides 360° visibility at night and for daytime, it is really bright in color.

What makes this vest so great is the strap design, as it will feel as if you are wearing nothing. It can be worn over shirts, jackets, coats, tank tops and any other top you own. The shoulder straps are adjustable, as is the waist strap, for a snug fit and a safe wear.

It has an ergonomic buckle that you can easily work with. With the vest, you will also receive two reflective bands for additional safety. There are three size options: Regular, XL and Child, as well as 3 color options: Neon Pink, Neon Orange and Neon Green.

Roadrunner Reflective Vest for Running / Cycling

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A very lightweight vest, this design is by Roadrunner. Unlike the two previous options, it comes with reflective strips placed in key areas of the vest. These areas are the chest, shoulders and waist. This is an adjustable vest, with Velcro fasteners and it comes in 3 sizes.

It also has a zipper pocket so you can carry your essentials. This is a vest rated at 400 candlepower, which guarantees visibility from 200m by cyclists and drivers. It is made of mesh fabric for breathability and comfort. Apart from the vest, you will also receive two reflective bands, as well as a matching bag.

Flectson Reflective Vest for Running / Cycling

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Another mesh vest, this design is by Flectson. It is made of 100% knitted Polyester, very comfortable to wear, breathable and also lightweight. It has reflective strips placed on the shoulders, chest and waist, as well as a zipper pocket on the inside for your phone or keys.

There are four size options available, each of them adjustable so you can fit it according to size. This vest will make you visible from 650ft or roughly 200m, which will keep you a lot more safe. It is suitable to be worn by kids as well.

The Rocky Peak Reflective Running Vest

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(not available at the moment)

Next we have a vest designed not only for overall safety at night, but specifically for athletic people. It is a lightweight design that comes with wide opened sides for better movement. It has an inner pocket to carry your money, phone and keys and comes in high visibility due to the reflective strips in front and on the back. You are visible from 2 football fields away when wearing this vest.

It is adjustable at the waist with Velcro and is made of mesh fabric to reduce weight and increase breathability. There are four sizes available and you can also adjust it to fit children.

Nathan Streak Reflective Vest

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Streak is an athletic vest by Nathan Performance Gear. It comes in a cross shape, so the arms are free to move without hindrance. It also fits so well around the waist that it won’t ride up during movement.

The reflective strips are so powerful that you will be visible from 1200 feet (365m). The fabric is breathable and quite thin for comfort and reduced weight. There are two size options available, both of which adjustable at the waist with Velcro fasteners.

24/7 Viz Reflective Vest

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(not available at the moment)

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Also by 24/7 Viz, this wide and super bright vest will keep you visible at any time of day. You are visible from 1000ft (305m), a considerable distance that will guarantee your safety, especially at night. It is fully adjustable at the waist and comes with several reflective strips placed all over the body, both front and back.

Apart from that, the fabric itself is brightly colored, so you will be visible at daytime too. This vest has a front pocket for your phone and you will receive two reflective bands with the vest. It is available in three colors and 4 sizes.

EvoLike Premium Reflective Vest

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(not available at the moment)

Last but not least it is this vest by EvoLike, made of EvoClimate fabric. This fabric is breathable, lightweight, washable and quick-drying. The vest is adjustable, comfortable and designed for movement.

It is highly reflective and comes as a set of 6 pieces: The vest, the pouch bag, two Velcro bands and two slap-on bands, all reflective. It provides 360° visibility and has an inner pocket for storage. There are three colors available and four sizes, which includes a size for children, too.

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