35 Best Ski Jackets for Men, Women and Kids

During the winter season that here in the northern hemisphere usually comes with snow and low temperatures, the best way to find some entertainment while maintaining a healthy body in the same time, is practicing an outdoor sport.

It could be skiing, snowboarding or hiking, you can choose what you like but the most important thing is that you keep moving. And, of course, this should be done with proper clothing, that not only keeps you warm and protected from water, snow and wind, but is also stylish and beautiful to see.

With these thoughts in mind, today we have created a big list with 35 of the best ski / snowboard / mountain jackets where you can find some ideas and some inspiration for your next jacket to practice your favorite winter sport.

The jackets presented here are divided in three categories, men, women, kids, and come from different brands like Ultrasport, Nebulus, Geographical Norway, Cox Swain, Mountain Warehouse and more.

We have selected only the best, the most beautiful and with the best user reviews that we could find, and we are certain you’ll like them. Here they come:


Men Ski Jackets

Nebulus Freestyle – Ski Jacket for Men

Nebulus Freestyle - Ski Jacket for MenAnapurna Wesc Platinum by Geographical Norway - Men Ski JacketUltrasport Everest - Ski Jacket for MenUltrasport - Men Ski JacketCox Swain Elevation - Men 2-Layer Ski JacketNebulus Rocket - Ski Jacket for MenNebulus Maestro - Ski Jacket for MenNebulus Davos - Men Ski JacketFifty Five Jamie - Men Ski JacketCox Swain Titanium - Men Ski Snowboard JacketCMP - Ski Jacket for MenFifty Five Forester - Men Ski Winter JacketUltrasport Zermatt - Men Ski Outdoor JacketMountain Warehouse Dusk - Men Ski Snowboard JacketMountain Warehouse Polaris - Ski Jacket for MenMountain Warehouse Gelid - Water Repellent Men Ski JacketBlack Crevice - Men Ski JacketVittorio-Rossi-Ski-Jacket-MenKilltec Soverato - Men Softshell Ski JacketWantDo - Men Ski JacketUbon - Waterproof and Windproof Mountain Ski Jacket for MenMountain Warehouse Shadow - Printed Ski Jacket for MenCox Swain Titanium Lydia - Women Outdoor Ski JacketUltrasport - Women Outdoor Ski JacketUltrasport Serfaus - Women Softshell Outdoor Ski JacketIcepeak Tuwa - Women Ski JacketUltrasport Kitzbühel - Women Ski JacketCox Swain Titanium - Women Ski and Snowboard JacketIcepeak Caia - Women Ski JacketNebulus Freestyle - Women Ski JacketUltrasport Zürs - Kids Ski JacketCMP - Girls Ski JacketO Neill PB Hubble - Boys Ski JacketNebulus Rocket - Kids Ski JacketQuiksilver Mission - Boys Ski Snowboard Jacket Printed Y

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