Geographical Norway Calcul Men’s Winter Jacket – Review

Geographical Norway Calcul Men's Winter Jacket - ReviewPin

A quality jacket is a winter wear essential as it provides not solely warmth and comfort but much needed protection as well.

That is the reason why we are continuously looking for some of the best jackets available online, so that any of you who come across our selections and reviews can find the best quality jacket without having to spend hours upon hours of searching the web.

Today we bring you yet another single review, this time it’s Calcul by Geographical Norway.

It’s been quite a while since a Geographical Norway jacket has made it into our reviews so let’s get started without any further ado.

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Where To Buy The Geographical Norway Calcul Jacket?

Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:


When To Wear It

Calcul is a jacket suitable for cold winter days, as it comes with top notch insulation and a very comfortable design.

Weather-wise, you could wear it in rain or light snowfall as it is water-resistant, but this jacket was actually intended more as a layer to protect against the cold rather than weather conditions, that’s why you should keep that in mind.

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It is a very stylish cut and what we really liked about it is that it can be quite versatile as it passes for a very casual and trendy winter jacket, while at the same time it provides the warmth and protection of a heavy winter parka.

Without the bulkiness, of course, which is a huge plus as bulky jackets tend to be a tad impractical. Another great feature of this jacket is the number of pockets. There are two oversized pockets on the sides and two half-pockets on top of them, two on both sides of the chest and one on the right sleeve.

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It comes with a detachable hood, which is lined with faux fur trim around, that serves as a face protector against the wind and snow. Because the fur trim is synthetic, this makes Calcul an optimal option for those of you who are not fans of jackets that sport animal fur.

The hood is quite oversized and adjustable with drawstrings, as well as front flaps that close over the chin. The jacket closes up by a full-length zipper that is covered by a storm placket for added protection.

It adjusts at the waist with drawstrings for a better fit and comes with ribbed sleeve cuffs.

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Calcul is an entirely synthetic jacket, which means that, although it is padded and very well-insulated, there is no down insulation, nor any other animal-based product on the jacket. The upper shell is 100% Polyester, quite sturdy and resistant, as well as protective.

The lining is also made of 100% Polyester, which comes in two forms. The main body lining is smooth fabric, which makes for a comfortable wear that keeps you warm without it being excessive. This is a good thing if you are active during the day as it minimizes overheating to a considerable extent.

Geographical Norway Calcul Men's Winter Jacket - blackPin


The other form is teddy fleece, which is a fuzzy and very soft polyester fabric that comes with the coziness and softness of fleece, but amplified. The teddy fleece is used as a neck liner on the collar, which will keep the neck extra warm and also help prevent the cold from getting inside the jacket.

Lastly, the padding is also Polyester, which, in combination with the shell and the lining, create a really insulating jacket that is able to withstand below zero temperatures without any issue.

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Color Selection

When it comes to men’s jackets the color range is, unfortunately, quite limited and brands like Geographical Norway like to stick to the classic jacket colors.

In the case of Calcul, there are 3 options available:

  • Black,
  • Navy,
  • Beige.

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User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

Calcul does not come with numerous online reviews like we are used to seeing in some of the previous jackets that have been included in our single reviews, but the feedback available is fully positive.

The men that tried this jacket out report that it is indeed extremely warm, as it claims to be. It withstands temperatures as low as -15°C without the need for layering excessively underneath. It being a slim cut and overall on the low end of bulkiness is also another plus as it is a lot more comfortable to wear and move around in.

The style is exactly like the pictures and the quality is commendable. This is to be expected with a Geographical Norway jacket and it’s good to see that such is the case for Calcul, too.

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The number of pockets is also a good feature, according to the reviews, as they provide plenty of storage space without having to carry a bag. They are also quite spacious pockets and very secure so there won’t be any worry over your belongings falling out and getting damaged.


Calcul is a versatile winter jacket that comes in a very flattering style and provides warmth and protection. For what it delivers, the price is on par with the quality and reviews back up the design claims for this jacket.

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