Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka for Men – Review

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For today’s review we will be looking at a new jacket, as well as a new brand for our site.

Caterpillar is a brand that most of you will recognize as the CAT brand that manufactures working machinery. You may have seen these in construction sites as they are by far one of the most used and high-performance machines out there.

Luckily, the brand thought to extend their expertise into the clothing industry and have created some top notch quality clothes for you to try out.

What we have selected today is their Heavy Insulated Men’s Parka. This is a jacket that comes at a very affordable price when taking into consideration the performance, quality and design. But, as always, you will get to see all of that for yourself in a minute.

* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.

Where To Buy The Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka

Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:


When To Wear It

This heavy insulated parka is designed for durability and challenging conditions. As the name suggests, it is highly insulated in order to prevent any heat loss. This works in two ways.

First by preventing low temperatures from creeping in through seams and blind spots, while also maintaining body heat at just the right levels. As a bonus, the breathable fabric also helps prevent overheating. This is an important feature for those of you who are highly active and really enjoy the outdoors.

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Weather-wise, the outer shell is very water-resistant, while also being windproof. The reason it is not completely waterproof is because if that were the case, it would hinder breathability, which would quickly become a problem with this jacket’s heavy insulation.

As for where to wear it, this is a great outdoors jacket for active men and also for casual wear. Because it comes with few logos and no patterns or bold colors, it is also a good option for work, especially if you have to work long hours out in the cold.

Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka Men blackPin



Now let’s get into the design and what you will come across when wearing it. It comes with a removable hood, which is also adjustable by drawcords. For further protection of the face, the hood comes with front flaps that close with drawcords too.

The collar is quite high and closes up by the main zipper, which is water-resistant and two-way. To help further prevent weather permeability, there is a studded storm flap covering the zipper.

Pockets are another interesting feature, as there are numerous included and each quite spacious. This will come in handy when camping or working outdoors, as you won’t need to have a bag with you at all times. There are six outer pockets on the body, four of which with stud closure and two of them with zippers.

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There are also two sleeve pockets on the left one. As for inner pockets, there are several ones, placed vertically and with zipper closures.

The sleeve cuffs and waist are also adjustable, the former with studded flaps and the latter with an inserted drawcord.

As a last feature to mention is the reflective webbing on the front and back. This will keep you safe in dim light and bad weather.


There are several key things to mention about this jacket’s fabric. Starting with the outer layer, it is made o 100% Polyester Oxford, which gives the jacket its water and wind-resistance.

Then, on the inside, including the hood, the lining is made of 100% Polyester Taffeta. This is a soft yet durable fabric, that further insulates the jacket and protects it against the wind.

The insulation layer is quilted in order to prevent blind spots and to lay better between the shell and inner lining.

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Color Selection

There are three colors available for this jacket and they include:

  • Black
  • Army Moss
  • Graphite

Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka Men army mossPin



User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

There is plenty to go through when it comes to this jacket’s online reviews. More than 1000 people have given Caterpillar‘s jacket a chance and let us tell you, they did not regret it.

Starting off with the downsides, the quality of the jacket is something that a few users have had issues with. From issues with the zippers and some seams being a little bit too loose, these are the customers that were slightly disappointed.

However, those that rave about how well-made this jacket is, are in considerably larger numbers, which goes to show that those incidents with the quality are very few and far between.

Now, when it comes to performance, it is indeed heavy insulated and withstands freezing temperatures without any issue.

The outer layer is also quite water-resistant and definitely windproof, as those who live in cold areas report. The number of pockets is also an added bonus, especially for those who are outdoor workers.

As always, check the size table carefully as this jacket is a true fit.

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Caterpillar’s Heavy Insulated Parka is an outstanding jacket designed for practicality and durability and is surely worth a look.

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