Geographical Norway Atlas vs Napapijri Skidoo: Two Men’s Jackets Compared

Geographical Norway Atlas vs Napapijri Skidoo: Two Men's Jackets ComparedPin

The previous two articles were all about guides and tips, whereas today it’s time to look at two jackets and how they compare to each other. It’s another comparison review, this time between Atlas by Geographical Norway and Skidoo by Napapijri.

Neither of the brands is a first timer in our reviews and selections, nor are the jackets. Both of them, Atlas and Skidoo have been previously reviewed on their own. That’s why we thought it would be interesting to look at their qualities and how they compare to one another, after knowing each of their specifics and how they perform.

Geographical Norway is probably the most recurring brand in our website, along with a few others, so we doubt there is any need for long introductions. It is one of the top-selling brands online when it comes to outdoor clothing and gear, especially winter jackets.

Their designs are always impressive and highly functional, as you will also see in this review.

Napapijri is also a European brand, which not only designs winter jackets, but also casual wear clothes and apparel for everyone.

It is an Italian brand established in 1987 and now they are worldwide famous for their quality and unique clothing designs. Skidoo is their most renowned jacket design and the brand’s best advocate of quality and performance.

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Geographical Norway Atlas Men’s Parka

Geographical Norway Atlas Mens ParkaNapapijri Skidoo Mens Smock JacketPin
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