Geographical Norway Expedition Brand: What You Need To Know?

Geographical Norway Expedition Brand: What You Need To Know?Pin

We have talked a lot about the Geographical Norway brand here on our website. This is a beloved brand among many outdoor enthusiasts and among those who work outside, especially here in Europe.

We have done reviews of many of their jackets, along with showing you many of their collections.

Today’s article is a bit different though!

Our aim with this article is to create a sort of “wiki” with information on the Geographical Norway brand, that will help you answer all the questions you might have before purchasing one of their products.

Also, we will update it as we find more information.

So, let’s begin!


1. Which is the Official Website of the “Geographical Norway” Brand?

The official website of Geographical Norway is

2. Where is the “Geographical Norway” Brand From?

Geographical Norway is based in France.

3. Where are their Jackets and Products Made?

Many of their jackets, like softshells and parkas, are made in China.

4. Are “Geographical Norway” Jackets any Good?

Geographical Norway jackets have a good price-quality ratio. You can get one of their softshell jackets for $50-$90 (about 70 euro), and one of their parkas for about $100-$120 (about 100 euro).

Their softshells are water-resistant and breathable. Their parkas are very warm, heavy, waterproof, and windproof. The materials they use are usually synthetic, mainly Polyester, Nylon, and Elastane (Spandex).

The brand doesn’t have the history and recognition of other famous outdoor brands, but at these prices, it is worth a try, in our opinion.

If you want to learn more, we have reviewed their Alaska parka here and their outdoor softshell jacket here.

5. Are “Geographical Norway” Jackets Waterproof?

Geographical Norway parka jackets are waterproof, while Geographical Norway softshell jackets are water-resistant.

You can learn more about the difference between “waterproof” and “water-resistant” jackets here.

Geographical Norway Vantaa Softshell Outdoor JacketPin
(A Geographical Norway Softshell Jacket)

6. Where Can I Find Some Reviews of their Jackets?

Here are all the in-depth Geographical Norway jacket reviews we have done.

7. How to Avoid Buying Fake or Low Quality “Geographical Norway” Products?

We have received many questions on this matter and we believe we can offer a few suggestions that we have learned over the years, to increase the chances that you get a good product from this brand, and also good support.

Here they are:

– Don’t buy from sellers who don’t respond to your questions, have bad reviews, or their website doesn’t look credible.

– If you buy on eBay, check the seller’s profile, their reviews, and the type of products they have sold in the past.

– We’d personally avoid private discount websites, normal discount websites, and social media sellers, if you haven’t heard of them before and if they don’t have a good reputation. We’d also be careful if they don’t have a reputation at all.

– If buying locally, we’d avoid local bazaars if you are not sure that you can find the seller again, should you have a problem with the product in the future. Instead, we’d buy from an established trusted local store.

– If buying online, we’d recommend Amazon at this moment as we think it offers good customer support and a good return policy. Of course, check the product and seller’s reviews there too, and don’t buy if in doubt. There are also country-specific online stores, but we haven’t tried them so do your own research before buying.

– Lastly, we think that if Amazon doesn’t ship to your country and if there isn’t any trusted local or online store available, you should try with another brand. Most probably there are other quality outdoor brands available in your country.

8. Any Other Articles or Information on this Brand?

Sure, here is a comparison of the Geographical Norway Atlas men’s jacket with the Napapijri Skidoo.

And here is all we have written about Geographical Norway jackets.

More articles:
The Best Geographical Norway Men’s Softshells for Autumn

9. Conclusion

We hope this article will help you with your next purchase!

We will update it as soon as we find new information or examine other jackets and products from this brand.

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  1. I have a Geographical Norway fake down jacket (Degree Lady 54) which I bought second hand. It was waterproof but after I washed it (low temp like indicated) it is no longer waterproof and leaking at the seams. What can I do to have it waterproof again?

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