Name It Softshell Jackets and Suits for Kids: 8 Beautiful Designs

Name It Softshell Jackets and Suits for Kids: 8 Beautiful DesignsPin

Winter is right around the corner and cold weather will come with it, too. It’s important to stay safe and dress appropriately so that you won’t compromise your health and comfort during such weather.

This is especially important for the little ones as they are far more susceptible to cold temperatures. To make things easier for those of you who are on the lookout for some great winter jackets for kids, we came across “Name It”, a brand founded in 1986 which specializes in children’s and teenagers’ clothing.

The winter garments we have chosen for today are a mix of jackets and full snowsuits for young children, which come at very affordable prices and good quality.

Let’s take a look!

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Name It Girl’s Nkfalfa Softshell Flower Fo Jacket

Name It Girls Nkfalfa Softshell Flower Fo JacketPin
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