Hardshell vs Rain Jacket: What’s the Difference?

Hardshell vs Rain Jacket: What's the Difference?

Weatherproof and weather-resistant jackets are a must-have for anyone looking to do hiking and backpacking throughout the spring and fall. A waterproof jacket, in particular, is essential.

In these seasons, the snow might be gone from winter and the heat might be gone from summer, but that doesn’t mean rain won’t just mess with your plans of going on certain hikes and trails due to the colder and more variable weather.

The easiest way to maintain your outdoor plans is by purchasing a good-quality jacket, such as an insulated jacket with a waterproof membrane and an adjustable hood.

There are two common directions that most hikers will go to protect themselves from the wet weather. The first is a traditional rain jacket, while the second is a more recent innovation of a hardshell jacket.

Both of these have their own strengths and benefits, but it’s important to know their differences so that you purchase the best jacket type for you.

We’ll be going through the main traits of each jacket on its own, and then we’ll give a full comparison to give you an idea of how rain jackets and hardshell jackets stand up to each other.

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Vibram® vs Salomon Contagrip Technology: Which is Better?

Vibram vs Salomon Contagrip Technology: Which is Better?

The technology behind shoe outsoles has advanced significantly in the past several decades, and it’s made outdoor shoes far more complicated for both new and experienced hikers.

Many might already be familiar with Vibram® soles, a classic exterior sole style designed to maintain traction and insulation during cold-weather hikes.

There have also been innovations by Salomon, a classic brand specializing in high-quality outdoor footwear and equipment.

They have provided a vast line of products featuring Contagrip, an extremely durable outsole with thick ridges capable of keeping a steady balance thanks to some sharp and thick ridges.

These two might seem quite similar in terms of the goals they aim to accomplish, but the decision between Vibram vs Contagrip is worth considering for most aspiring hikers and trail runners.

If you have to choose one, here are a few things you should know about each style of outsole and how they compare in the real world.

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Are Trail Running Shoes Good for Hiking?

Are Trail Running Shoes Good for Hiking?

Many casual hikers consider your typical heavy hiking boot to be the only standard style of hiking footwear. However, this is hardly the case, as different styles of hiking require different types of shoes.

Of these options, trail running shoes are one of the least understood. Even veteran hikers don’t always know the qualities and benefits of trail runners.

There are all kinds of things you can recommend trail runners for, and even some things that you should be cautious about. But it’s hard to know exactly who these are for, and what makes this kind of trail shoe better than other hiking shoes.

Whether you’re skeptical or curious about trail running shoes, these common questions should give you the answers to whether this type of hiking shoe is right for you.

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Polyester vs Rayon Fabrics: Differences and Comparison

Polyester vs Rayon Fabrics: Differences and Comparison

When it comes to fabrics and materials used in outdoor gear, polyester is one of the most common materials you’re bound to find.

From jackets to shoes to tents to even backpacks, you’re bound to see polyester fabric across all kinds of different pieces of equipment.

Rayon is not too common in outdoor clothing and gear, but you can find it in some bomber and biker jackets where it’s used for the external fabric.

For some gear, there’s still a debate between Polyester versus Rayon as the ideal fabric for certain products.

This makes the two materials worth comparing, as both are able to provide different perks to a piece of gear, while each also has its own weaknesses.

There could be an argument for either being a superior fabric, but there are several traits of each that can make an argument in either material’s favor.

Below is a broad summary of what each fabric is and how they’re both made, as well as some key things to consider if you have a choice between polyester and rayon products.

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What to Look For in Hiking Boots? 6 Important Things

What to Look For in Hiking Boots? 6 Important Things

Hiking boots are some of the most complicated pieces of footwear you can get, and it can be especially hard for less experienced hikers to know what to look for in a hiking shoe.

Even veteran backpackers can struggle with this type of question, as there are so many ways that different types of hiking footwear look and feel, making purchasing the right pair of hiking boots a massive challenge for nearly all hikers.

So, What Should I Look for in a Hiking Boot?

Thankfully, there are a few key things you can learn about hiking boots overall, as well as a few of the key differences you’ll find between each type and brand.

If you don’t know where to start and need to know what to look for in hiking boots, these are some quick questions that you might want to be answered, as they should help you pick the perfect product for your hiking needs, whether you’re going day hiking or night hiking.

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The 6 Types of Jacket Fabrics for Outdoor Activities

The 6 Types of Jacket Fabrics for Outdoor Activities

Finding a good jacket for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, backpacking, etc. – whether it’s a bomber jacket or a rain jacket – is a difficult task for people of all skill levels, as these can vary just as much as everyday jackets for wearing in the city.

Outdoor jackets need to have a perfect amount of breathable material while also fitting whatever weather condition the wearer is hiking or backpacking in. It’s finding that balance of comfort and resistance that can be extremely difficult.

If you want a little tip to finding the best outdoor jackets, the secret is in the different types of jacket fabrics you can find. Some will suit different weather conditions and activities, while others can be surprisingly well-rounded.

But so long as your jacket fabric type fits your most common outdoor activity, it’s likely that you’ve found the ideal jacket for you.

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The 5 Types of Hiking Boots that You Should Know

The 5 Types of Hiking Boots that You Should Know

When you think of hiking boots, you’re often going to have a single image in your head.

The stereotypical hiking boot is usually built with a thick leather exterior, large ridges at the bottom to keep you steady on rough terrain, and a comfortable interior to keep your feet comfortable and secure.

However, this hardly captures the wide variety of different types of hiking boots you can go for.

There are all kinds of ways that this traditional design can vary, depending on the given shoe you purchase. Some traits can be quite explicit and listed in the name or description, while there are other traits you need to look out for yourself.

Either way, any experienced hiker can tell you that knowing the different types of hiking boots is vital knowledge for any hiker, as knowing each trait will help you get a boot that gives you the right kind of support.

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