Best Plus Size Jackets and Parkas for Women: 7 Ideas To Try Now

Best Plus Size Jackets and Parkas for Women

Those in the Southern hemisphere, oh how we up here in the North envy you right now. If you are still currently looking for a good jacket to make it through the winter, you have come to the right place.

As for the fellow northerners, we think it’s better to be prepared beforehand. Winter is not too far away and judging by Summer 2017’s temperatures, we are in for a really cold one this year.

This article is for the curvy ladies, who want a top notch jacket that is not only stylish, but of great quality, too.

We have selected seven jackets by different brands, to take a look at together. They will fall into two categories: Jackets and Parkas. The reason for this is to have options for both Autumn and Winter, as well as provide choices for those of you who prefer layering rather than a heavy parka.

And not only that! A short guide on some key things to keep in mind while shopping for a plus-size jacket will also be included and we hope it will be useful.

Let’s get started with what to look for in a jacket for plus size women first.

* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors.

What To Look For In a Plus Size Women’s Jacket?

1. Fit

plus size jackets parkas for women

First and foremost, take a look at the size labels. Especially if you are online shopping. This goes without saying for clothes, but it is a common issue for plus size women.

Do not go a size smaller thinking it will make everything appear slimmer, this is a big NO for jackets. If anything, go a size bigger. That way you will be able to layer underneath, for when the cold really kicks in.

TIP: Judge by shoulder width and sleeve length. This will show whether the jacket will button in front, as well as how easy it will be to move while wearing it. Sleeves should be at least an inch long from the wrist, for better coverage while moving.

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2. What type of “Plus size” are you?

There are three types of plus size bodies:

  • Top-heavy;
  • bottom-heavy;
  • and both.

This is important when it comes to jacket styles, as some are more flattering than others on different body shapes.

TIP: Opt for jackets with a slightly cut waist, to complement the shape of your body.

3. Cut over Color

Despite the popular belief, that curvy women should stay away from bright and vibrant colors, it all comes down to the design and cut of the jacket.

If you are wearing a proper fitting jacket (or any clothes, for that matter), that also helps bring out the best features of your body, then the color is just a preference at this point. Go as bold or as classic as you’d like, it will look great.

4. Quality

When it comes to quality, the price is a big factor. However, the purpose you need the jacket also plays an important role. Quality does not always equal performance, so keep that in mind.

Also, one thing that people tend to not pay much attention to, is the quality of the zipper and buttons. This is especially important if it is a jacket you will be wearing often.

TIP: Two-way zippers are the best option for plus size women.

5. Fabric

plus size jackets parkas for women

We left fabric for last, because it is a bit more technical. Now, when it comes to jackets, the fabric options are numerous. From leather and wool, to synthetic and blends, it comes down to two things: performance and preference.

By performance we mean what you need in a jacket, such as weather-resistance, warmth and breathability. Whereas by preference we mean what you want in a jacket, such as style and design.

TIP: Opt for Polyester or Nylon for versatility, as they make great fabrics for everyday and sports jackets.

Best Plus Size Jackets and Parkas for Women: Our Proposals

Time for the selection!

Columbia Women’s Plus-Size Big Arcadia II Jacket

Columbia Women's Plus-Size Big Arcadia II Jacket



Arcadia II is a minimalist jacket by Columbia. The brand is popular for making some of the best outdoor gear and they continuously improve on their designs, striving for nothing less than perfection. Such is the case with Arcadia II, a beautiful and elegant jacket. It is great for outdoors lovers and those looking for a day-to-day option.

The fabric is in two layers:

  • The outer one is 100% Nylon Omni-Tech membrane, which is waterproof and highly breathable.
  • The inner layer is 100% Polyester, great at maintaining body heat.

It comes with a hooded collar and a water-resistant zipper, covered by a Velcro-fastened flap. There are two side pockets for small belongings, both lined on the inside to help warm up the hands quickly. To further help with insulation, as well as fit, the cuffs are Velcro-fastened.

Arcadia II is available in 10+ colors, some of which include: Stormy blue, Lychee, Bright plum, Ruby red and Wild geranium.

A video presentation of the Arcadia jacket:

Columbia Women's Arcadia Rain Jacket

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BILY Plus Size Anorak Safari Hoodie Jacket

BILY Plus Size Anorak Safari Hoodie Jacket


By B.I.L.Y comes Safari, an anorak-style parka. It is made of 100% Cotton, in a comfortable design. The collar is hooded and adjustable, while the main zipper is covered by a snap-button flap. This is a long jacket, adjustable both at the waist and hem. For this, it is suited for all plus-size type bodies, as it helps show off the curves beautifully.

It comes with long, slim sleeves and a trendy hem design, slightly cut open at the back. There are two side pockets on the outside, as well as a zip pocket on the left side of the chest. This is not a waterproof jacket, because it is made of Cotton. However, it is water-resistant, but best suited for dry, cold weather. It is available in the color Olive.

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New Look Curves Women’s Matte Raincoat

New Look Curves Women's Matte Raincoat



New Look Curves is a brand that manufactures plus-size clothing and this Black matte raincoat is a must-have. It is a great everyday jacket, especially if you live in damp and rainy areas. The material is 100% Polyester and completely weatherproof. The collar is hooded and the main zipper concealed.

The bottom hem is adjustable, to completely close-off the jacket from the elements. It is a loose fit jacket, great for those who value comfort above all. There are two oversized flap pockets on the sides, with plenty of room for your belongings.

It is also layered on the inside, making it well-insulated and able to maintain warmth for long periods of time.

Columbia Plus-Size Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

Columbia Plus-Size Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket Women


Also by Columbia, Benton Springs is a lightweight and super comfortable fleece jacket. Fleece jackets are always made of 100% Polyester and they are soft to the touch, as well as great for maintaining body heat.

This design closes with a water-resistant zipper and comes with a high stand-up collar. It is great for dry weather, or as an indoors option for really cold days. The cuffs are elastic for better fitting and there is also an interior drawcord at the waist for proper adjustment.

There are two hand-warmer pockets on the sides and it is available in 20+ colors. These include: Stormy blue, Bluebell, Bright plum, Spray, Bright rose, Harbor blue, Canyon rose and Deep marine.

Just My Size Plus-Size Fleece Hoodie

Just My Size Plus-Size Fleece Hoodie women



By Just My Size, this cute hoodie-style jacket is made of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester fleece. It makes a great indoors option during winter and it is also very suitable for mild temperatures and dry weather. There are two large, kangaroo-style pockets in the front, separated by the main zipper, which is concealed.

It comes with a hooded collar and banded cuffs, as well as hemline. The inner fleece lining is brushed, to remain soft and provide a comfortable wear. You can find this jacket in 10 colors, including: Ebony, Slate, Navy, Violet splendor and Dark aquamarine.

Charles River Apparel New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket

Charles River Apparel New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket women


New Englander is another lovely raincoat, made of 100% Polyurethane and designed by Charles River Apparel. It is waterproof and windproof, with heat-sealed seams, suitable as an outer layer for rainy days, or as a sole jacket during Autumn.

The inside is lined with breathable mesh lining and on the outside there are reflective strips to keep you visible in dim light and bad weather. It comes with a hooded collar, adjustable by drawstrings, and elegant cuffs that adjust in a hook-and-loop style.

The jacket closes with a two-way zipper, which is concealed, and there are two outer pockets on the outside. This is a beautifully-designed jacket, for both casual and sportive wear. It is lightweight and highly breathable, while having great insulation, to prevent heat-loss during low temperatures. New Englander comes in 10+ colors, such as: Wave, Aqua, Violet, Coral, New Purple and Pink.

Fashion Boomy Women’s Military Anorak Jacket

Fashion Boomy Women's Military Anorak Jacket


And lastly, we have another military anorak-style jacket, this one by Fashion Boomy. The outer shell is 100% Cotton, while the inner lining is 100% Polyester. It is a slim fit jacket, with a really cut waist to highlight the curves. You can easily adjust it to size with the drawstrings placed in the waistline.

It closes with a zipper, which is covered by a snap-button flap. On the outside, there are two oversized flap pockets on the sides and two on the chest. The collar is hooded and it comes with detachable fur, for warmth and style.

It is a lightweight and thin jacket, suited for Autumn and best worn in dry weather. There are more than 40 color variations and lengths, including: Olive, Black, Burgundy, Navy, Mauve and Blush.

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