Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket for Men: Review

Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket for Men: Review

The next article in our jacket review series will be featuring the Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor jacket for men.

For those of you who have not come across the term “softshell”, it typically refers to lightweight sport jackets, that are highly breathable and mildly weatherproof. They provide protection against the elements to a considerable extent.

Usually a softshell jacket is used as a middle layer, underneath a heavier winter jacket, such as a parka, for example. But most of the modern designs can be worn as jackets on their own, provided that the temperatures are suitable.

The jacket of this article comes from Geographical Norway, as we mentioned above. This brand has made its mark when it comes to sportive clothes and jackets. Ranging from polo shirts and pants, to heavy winter jackets, they offer a considerable amount of designs, styles, colors and items. So if you are looking to completing a whole outfit, this brand is a good option to take into consideration.

As with the previous reviews, there will be four separate paragraphs, which will give you a more in-depth view at this jacket’s features and qualities.

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Where To Buy The Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket

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When To Wear It

This softshell jacket is ideal for outdoor activities. In warm or mildly cold weather, it will prove to be a very suitable item, especially considering the high breathability of the material, which is at a rating of 5000. This will ensure that any perspiration will leave the body and not cause any dampness.

There is proper insulation as well. The high collar to protect the neck, the hood for the head, an inner layer of fleece to provide and maintain warmth, the full-length zipper, and the Velcro on the cuffs for proper adjustment. All these prove essential, especially in cold weather where staying warm is a necessity, and more importantly, retaining the warmth and not allowing it to leave the inside of the jacket.

Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket Men

There are two side pockets and two breast pockets for carrying your items of choice, and also two inside pockets, all zipped. For those who might prefer listening to music while exercising, there is an earphone opening on the inside.

As for being weatherproof, it has a water resistance rating of 3000mm, this taking into account zippers, as well. The jacket is also windproof.

Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket Men

So, all in all, you can wear it for sportive activities, such as a mid-layer for skiing or skateboarding. Or you could wear it as a jacket on its own while jogging, running, walking, or hiking during warm weather.


The material for this jacket is a combination of 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex. This means that not only will the jacket have the weatherproof qualities mentioned previously, it is also very durable, will last you for a long time and fares quite well in different environments.

There is an inner fleece lining as well. Fleece is well known for being a breathable and water-repellent material, very good at providing warmth and maintaining it.

The spandex percentage ensures that the jacket, with its ergonomic cut, will fit properly on the body and will allow for maximum mobility. This is very important when it comes to sports, especially during those that require fast and sharp movements, such as skiing.

Color Selection

The design for this jacket is focused on having a main color for the body and sleeves, with details added on the zippers and drawstrings. Also, there aren’t many logos on it, apart from the signature logo of the brand: its name.

Geographical Norway Softshell Outdoor Jacket Men

The colors available and the combinations for the zippers and drawstrings are: Black and Red, Red and Black, Dark grey and Red/Black, White with Red and Black.

Since this is a typical sportive softshell, the color selection offers the most common and preferable choices, which are also easily combined and matched with your outfit.

User Reviews & Feedback

Because we firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, user reviews are always taken into consideration, in order to leave you with a truthful and more detailed review.

Based on their reviews, this jacket fares pretty well in rain, with the hood being not only helpful in keeping your head dry, but it also does not hinder sight, since it fits properly around the head. This is quite a good thing, considering most people wear softshells while being outdoors, where there might be cars approaching, and a hood that limits your side vision, could prove dangerous.

Others comment on the jacket’s cut and how it fits and looks quite nicely, but most suggest that you order a size larger, due to its slim cut.

As for when in cold weather, the jacket provides adequate warmth and insulation, just as it should.




As a conclusion, we can say that this softshell outdoor jacket from Geographical Norway, is a good choice and a very suitable item for your activities immersed in the nature, despite if you are a sports aficionado, or simply enjoy a brisk walk.


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