7 Austrian Ski Brands for Jackets, Clothing & Equipment: Our Favorites

7 Austrian Ski Brands for Jackets, Clothing & Equipment: Our FavoritesPin

Over the years, Austria has offered the world many brands in the skiing and snowboarding niche.

Probably this is because of the country’s geography and the excellent craftsmanship, skills, and vision of those who have founded these brands.

We think that staying on top of the latest and most functional outdoor clothing and equipment, is a good idea if you want to practice these sports.

Skiing and snowboarding are not only difficult for beginners, but they also need the right equipment while keeping an eye on your budget.

And knowing all your options is a good place to start.

That’s why today we have picked 7 of the best Austrian Ski (and Snowboarding) Brands that will provide you with jackets, clothing, and equipment.

So you will hopefully be prepared and ready for the next skiing season.


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* Note: The availability of products mentioned on this page may change at any time. Please check the materials, features, colors, and sizes in the various shops before buying, because sometimes our articles may contain errors.

1. Zanier

Zanier websitePin

Main ski products: Gloves.

Let’s start off with the first one on the list, which is Zanier. This brand was founded in 1969 by Gabi and Werner Zanier when they began producing and selling gloves. Zanier is now headed by their son, Markus, who is the CEO of the company.

Being a family business, the brand’s vision is to preserve the natural environment as much as possible. They do this by partnering with like-minded companies.

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One of the main materials Zanier uses is Gore-Tex, the waterproof and breathable fabric technology that we have featured many times here on our website.

One of their products that uses the Gore-Tex active technology is Zanier’s Aurach.gtx, which are lightweight gloves for women.

These ski gloves are quite impressive due to their elegant appearance and practical features. They use the lightweight Primaloft insulation technology while its material can easily adapt to women’s hands. The Aurach.gtx around $95.

Meanwhile, the Aviator.gtx, is another Zanier Gore-Tex product. This pair of gloves has an electronic control system that provides wearers with the ability to heat up the item for up to 10 hours.

These gloves are a bit costly at more than $400 but can be significantly useful at extreme heights.

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We focus on a new era. 50 Jahre ZANIER Handschuhe.

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2. Atomic

Atomic websitePin

Main ski products: Boots, Helmets, Skis, Ski bindings, Goggles, Bags and packs, Jackets, Pants, and Apparel.

This Austrian brand is known for its ski models, such as the Nomad Blackeye Ti, Vantage 90, and the Punx.

However, the brand also sells other skiing items to interested buyers. People can purchase alpine, touring, and Nordic skiing products from their collection.

Atomic was founded in 1955 by Alois Rohrmoser. The company started slowly, building a second factory only about 16 years later after its founding.

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However, Atomic became the first brand from the western bloc to open up a plant in an eastern-bloc country when it began production in Chepelare, a city in Bulgaria.

The brand uses various technologies to create its top-of-the-line products. For their skis, they use Servotec, which Atomic calls the first power steering available for skis. The types of wood that they use come from trees such as beech, poplar, and ash.

The Vantage ski model is one of the best-selling all-mountain ski designs sold by Atomic. It is known to be a flexible, all-condition ski that incorporates the revolutionary Prolite frame from the brand.

The Prolite technology allows the Vantage to be lighter and stronger at the same time. The Vantage skis cost around $220 to $420 depending on the type of model desired.

Meanwhile, the Hawx Ultra is one of the lightest alpine ski boots made by Atomic. Its lightweight nature allows its wearers to be exceptionally agile up in the mountains.

These boots offer the best combination of power and snow feel. Its smallest size is 98mm, which allows even those with narrower feet to take advantage of the Hawx Ultra.

At this time, many Atomic products cannot be bought online. You will have to visit one of their retailers to purchase the desired ski products from the brand.

Everyday Adventure – Atomic backcountry skiing with Ray Demski.

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3. Komperdell

Komperdell websitePin

Main ski products: Poles, Gloves, etc.

Komperdell is a brand that specializes in manufacturing skiing poles, apparel, and snowshoes. The company was founded in Vienna in 1922, where it began producing hiking, walking, and billiard poles from hazelnut wood.

Today, the brand produces break-proof and lightweight carbon tubes for their poles.

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One of their best-sellers is the Komperdell C3 Carbon Compact. This carbon fiber pole is said to be one of the lightest and most compact poles tested. The C3 Carbon Compact costs about $140 and comes with a three-year warranty.

Komperdell is also known to provide top-quality gloves. Their four-layer Alpine Merino waterproof gloves offer seamless protection for outdoor adventures.

The product is non-slip and abrasion-resistant to provide the utmost comfort when worn. The gloves cost about $50-$60 and are available in XS to XXL sizes.

Head websitePin

Main ski products: Skis, Boots, Poles, etc.

For ski equipment and apparel, you can’t go wrong with the next brand, Head.

The brand, which was founded in 1960, caters to various divisions like winter sports, swimming, and racquet sports.

The mission of Head is to provide high-performance products to athletes around the world. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the brand wants you to be the best you can be with its items.

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The Kore 105 is one of the popular products sold by Head. This light powder ski model is ideal for backcountry enthusiasts. The product uses graphene, which is a lightweight but durable element that is said to be stronger than steel. Head’s Kore 105 skis cost about $700 – $800 per pair.

Another popular product sold by Head is the Kore 1 boots. This lightweight Freeride boot is known for its ability to move quickly and provide more balance when worn.

5. Frauenschuh

Frauenschuh websitePin

Main ski products: Ski jackets, Pants.

Frauenschuh‘s roots can be traced all the way to 1950, when the founder of the brand started a leather factory in Kitzbühel, Austria. The brand is known for its unique apparel designs and ski jackets.

The DamianMulti-SR is one of the jackets sold by Frauenschuh. It is made with lightweight yet functional ripstop material that provides it with a sporty and elegant feel.

The inner sleeves and the torso sides of this ski jacket are made of Schöller while its hood can be easily adjusted using a cord. The product costs about $1,300, thus placing the brand in the luxury market.

The designs that Frauenschuh provides are ideal to be worn on hikes or used as part of one’s daily outfit if you so wish. Their jackets are fit for use in various winter activities, especially for skiing.

6. Dynafit

I am DYNAFIT | Made by athletes for athletes | Brand | DYNAFIT

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Main ski products: Boots, Apparel, Equipment.

Although it is now a part of the Italian “Oberalp Group”, Dynafit started out with Austrian roots. The company made its first ski boots in 1950 and subsequently started seeing success during the ski World Cup.

Dynafit introduced the Tourlite design in 1983, which is a completely unique frame. It became known as the lightest ski boot in the world at that time.

A couple of years later, Dynafit introduced the CDE collection, which was the brand’s first Alpine ski boot at that time that used Gore-Tex Thermo Dry.

In the following years, Dynafit began introducing several more products that have made significant impacts in the ski mountaineering community. Dynafit launched the TLT Vertical binding in 2006 which was followed by the “Beast” Freeride binding by the year 2013.

One of the most well-known collections sold by Dynafit nowadays is the Carbonio. This collection incorporates the lightest yet most durable carbon material. The products in this lineup are made for bold ski mountaineers who want to achieve the best performance.

The Carbonio 89 ski, for example, is quite impressive with its unique weight-to-performance ratio.

It weighs a total of 1,200 grams and is made of full carbon construction. The product uses quality wood that is laminated to provide the best balance of durability and lightness. The Carbonio 89 174cm costs about $690.

Another popular product from the Carbonio collection is the Carbonio TLT7 boot. These ski touring boots weigh just under 1kg, allowing wearers to improve their ascent as efficiently as possible.

This boot uses a Lambda exoskeleton frame that provides wearers with significant front and lateral rigidity. It also incorporates a Pomoca outsole to provide excellent climb and grip characteristics.

7. Blizzard

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Main ski products: Skis.

Last, but not least, is the Austrian sports equipment company Blizzard. The company is based in Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria, and is currently a part of the Italian “Tecnica Group”.

Blizzard was founded in 1945 by Anton Arnsteiner. They specialize in manufacturing skiing equipment, such as skis and ski bags.

Some of the most popular skis sold by the brand are the Cochise 106 for all-mountain, the Firebird WRC Piston for racing, and the Zero G 105 for touring.

Blizzard skis are often made with a poplar or beech wood core to provide users with a lightweight yet durable ski. Their ski lineups are fairly priced ranging from about $790 for the Cochise 106 to about $850 for the Firebird WRC Piston.

As for boots, they come under the brand name “Tecnica”, and one of the latest designs that the company offers is Mach 1. This boot offers improved comfort and performance thanks to the new shell it uses.

It uses the T-Drive dynamic carbon connector technology, which allows for faster edge-to-edge transitions, improved lateral stability, and precision. The Mach 1 costs about $500-$550 and is available in a range of colors and variants.

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That’s all for today’s selection! Do you know any other brands similar to these? Let us know in the comments below.

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