Columbia Women’s Lay D Down Ski Jacket – Review

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket review

Just when you think that maybe, just maybe the weather will soften up a bit and warm up, the temperatures drop again. And you know what that means for us: jacket hunt.

After an extensive look all over Amazon, for a ladies’ jacket that will completely stun anyone running into this review, we are pleased to announce that we have, indeed, found it.

Ladies, meet Lay D, possibly one of the best winter jackets! We sound a bit cocky, don’t we? Well, what if we told you that this jacket was designed by Columbia, a sportswear company based in Portland, Oregon.

This brand manufactures a variety of outdoor clothing, for any weather and any sport. Whether you are a fan of hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, camping or just plain and simply enjoy the outdoors, this is definitely the brand.

They take pride in their quality of products, which are tested under extreme conditions to guarantee that the outcome is nothing short of perfect and gets the “Tested Tough” seal. With their motto being “It’s perfect, now make it better”, it should come as no surprise that they receive stellar reviews and are held at such a high standard.

Don’t believe us? Well, you will after we take an in-depth look at Lay D. But if you are up for it, this video will give a general look on the brand, and possibly make your day:

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With all of that being said, let’s get right into it.

* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors.

Where To Buy The Columbia Lay D Down Jacket

Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:



When To Wear It

Lay D is a down jacket, which is designed for the harshest of winters and comes with several technologies implemented into the design, in order to provide the best protection and comfort. This is a highly functional jacket which is designed for ease in movement, so when it comes to winter sports, it is a really good choice.

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket black

The design itself is very feminine, with lines that complement the body shape and because there are no crazy patterns or flashy colors, it is definitely suitable as a daily jacket, to wear throughout winter.

Moving on to the features, this is a durable jacket, with quality materials both in and out and with a very resistant outer shell, which guarantees a long wear and means that you can enjoy yourself out in nature, without having to worry about trivial things.

A fully insulated jacket, which has the Omni-heat thermal reflective technology on the inside, it will warm up quickly and maintain the heat for as long as it is worn. The insulation is also aided by several key features, such as the collar, elastic cuffs and the bottom hem.

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket black

The collar is high and stand-up, lined with fleece on the inside to keep it warm and soft, so it will not irritate the neck area and cause discomfort. It is also adjustable, so it can be completely fitted around the neck to prevent any cold wind, snow or rain from getting in.

The elastic cuffs have thumbholes in there and start at the wrists. They are especially necessary in winter jackets, because the thumbholes will make them fit properly around the hands and wrists, stopping cold drafts from getting through. The outer part of the cuffs have Velcro fasteners and if gloves are also on, then everything is absolutely sealed.

As for the bottom hem, it has drawstrings on the inside, to the left, which make it possible to tighten the hem around the hips and avoid any issues with the wind or snow.

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket black

If you love snow, but it doesn’t really care much for you and you spend a good deal of time falling in it, then go ahead and have fun. The snow skirt on the inside is easily accessible, it can be put together in no time and you will be protected at all times.

There is a detachable hood, which can be adjusted to the front, as well as on the back, with a Velcro flap. It is lined on the inside, to keep the head warm and for added protection to the face, there is an artificial fur trim around it, which will minimize the contact with snowfall and wind.

The jacket comes with a number of pockets, that do not simply serve as storage space, but the two outer pockets are also lined with Omni-heat reflective technology, to keep the hands warm, especially if gloves are not really your thing. On the inside there is an mp3 pocket on the left side, with an earphone duct, which can also serve as a security pocket. On the right side there is also an inner mesh pocket, designed for snow goggles or glasses.

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket black

Because this is a weatherproof jacket, the zippers are waterproof as well, while the main zipper is also protected by a storm flap. The zipper toggles are metallic and easy to grab onto, even when wearing thick gloves.

On to the last feature, we did mention that it makes a very good jacket for sports and it is not just because of how easy it is to move around while wearing it, but also due to the inner breathable fabric and technology and the armpit ventilation areas, which can be opened or closed with zippers, in order to balance out the heat generated by your body.

This video gives a nice look of the jacket and all of its features:

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket -

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In itself, the jacket is practically made of 100% Polyester for the outer shell and inner lining. However, we did briefly mention that there are several technologies that make this jacket what it is.

Firstly, let us elaborate a bit on the Omni-heat reflective lining. It is a metallic-colored lining, with tiny silver dots that make it easier to reflect your body’s warmth. So, this jacket does not just keep the heat in, it also reflects it, keeping everything warm and cozy despite the craziness of the weather. This lining is also highly breathable, which helps in maintaining a perfect balance of temperature, preventing overheating.

The outer shell is Omni-shield, a waterproof lining that works by repelling water, while also keeping the jacket stain-free, because of its stain-repellent quality.

On to the down filling, which is a combination of 80% duck down and 20% feathers. For those concerned with not just the quality of the down, but also how it is collected, it is done by the highest standards and it is responsibly resourced, as explained in this video by the brand itself.

Another key design feature are the irregular quilting lines, which are not simply done to make the jacket look better, but because it manages to distribute the down and feathers flawlessly, without any risk of it bulking together or leaving uncovered spots that will allow the cold to get through.

The fleece collar is also 100% Polyester, as are the elastic cuffs.

Color Selection

This is a jacket that can be worn as a daily jacket and it comes in a very elegant and feminine design. The color selection includes several options: white, black, red, abyss, purple, violet.

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket white

The White and Black are the main colors that this jacket can be found, easily combined with any outfit, so you won’t have to waste any time trying to find clothes that will go with it.

Columbia Womens Lay D Down Jacket red

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

Lay D certainly lives up to its good reputation, as you will see for yourself.

First of all, the comfort of this jacket is indisputable. It can be worn all day long and you can move around as much as you like, this jacket is right there with you.

Because the fabric technology might be new to you, don’t fret, it performs exactly as described. Mostly all of the feedback is about how well it withstands low temperatures and how much warmth it provides. The insulation is definitely top notch and does the job as it should, and the Omni-heat reflective technology makes it possible to go out with light clothes, so this is especially suited to those who just despise layering up during winter.

Other online reviewers have worn the jacket in damp conditions and yes, it is fully waterproof. So even if you are looking to spend the day face down in snow, you’ll remain completely dry and protected.

It is also very functional, making winter sports, such as skiing, a pleasure, without any concerns of getting wet or cold and instead focusing solely on having a good time. The high quality is quite mentioned in the reviews, you do, of course, get what you are paying for.

What some reviews say to look out for, is the sizing, which should be common sense with any jacket you purchase online. That’s it, the only downside, if even that!




In conclusion, Columbia’s Lay D, makes for a wonderful winter jacket for women, fully weatherproof and extremely warm, with several features that make this jacket able to withstand unstable weather, freezing temperatures and challenging conditions, ultimately becoming your best choice for many winters to come.

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