Best Down Jacket Cleaner: Our 7 Favorite Products Reviewed

Best Down Jacket Cleaner: Our 7 Favorite Products ReviewedPin

With winter almost upon us, it will soon be time to take out the heavy coats. Parkas are usually the coat of choice and preferably those that come with Down insulation.

Down jackets are like no other when it comes to providing warmth and comfort in the harsh temperature that winter brings, and the coziness more than makes up for the high expensive price tag.

However, with such a quality jacket and especially at that price, proper care and maintenance are key in ensuring that your jacket will last for many seasons and perform as good as new.

In the case of down insulated jackets and parkas, however, this is even more important because down is a bit fussy when it comes to cleaning and caring for it.

That’s not to say that you should wear it rarely for fear of having to clean it often, because if you know the correct steps of how to clean a down jacket, then there is nothing to worry about and not much that can go wrong.

A few weeks ago, we did a guide just for that, so that you can take matters into your own hands and have a clean and long-lasting down coat. You can check it out here.

Now, onto today’s selection, which is that of down cleaners. Why down-specific cleaners are important you can find out in the aforementioned guide, now it’s time to take a look at some of the best and essential products needed to properly wash a down-insulated coat.

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Nikwax Down Proof and Down Wash Direct Twin Pack for Waterproofing and Cleaning Down Jackets

Nikwax Down Proof and Down Wash Direct Twin Pack for Waterproofing and Cleaning Down JacketsGear Aid ReviveX Down Cleaner

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ReviveX by Gear Aid is a down cleaner that comes with a 4 times concentrated formula and at 12 ounces, it is enough for cleaning up to 24 garments. It is suitable for all types of down insulation, regardless if it is duck, goose, treated or untreated down, and even down mix insulation.

The formula is very gentle and delicately but thoroughly cleans down, without affecting loft and shape, therefore not damaging it in the slightest. It also washes out easily and quickly, with no residue left.

You can use this cleaner in all types of down-insulated clothing and gear and due to such a concentrated formula, a single wash will be enough for an entire season. This, in turn, will mean less washing frequency and therefore minimized risk of damage, as well as less stress for you.

Revivex Down Cleaner by GEAR AID

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Le BlancĀ® Green Meadows Downwash

Le Blanc Green Meadows DownwashNikwax Down Wash DirectGrangers Down Wash KitWhitmor Dryer Balls Eco Friendly Fabric Softener AlternativeSmart Sheep Reusable Wool Dryer BallsPin


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The last product on our list is by Smart Sheep, a set of 3 reusable dryer balls that are made of 100% Premium New Zealand wool. They shorten drying time and help to naturally soften fabrics without the need of the harsh chemicals contained in fabric softeners.

They are able to last for nearly a thousand loads and are sturdy enough to break down clumps without much effort.

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