Fjällräven Greenland No.1 Jacket for Men: Review

Fjallraven Greenland No.1 Jacket for Men: ReviewPin

Continuing our series of reviews, today we will introduce you to a new jacket and its specifics, the Greenland No.1 Jacket for men by Fjällräven. Much like in the previous article, we will also divide this one into categories, which include the material of the jacket, when is it suitable to wear, the color selection and feedback from those who have tried this jacket for themselves.

For those who enjoy hiking and getting out there in challenging weather conditions, this jacket will most certainly interest you. The design for the Greenland No.1 was originally created in 1968 and its purpose was to provide comfort and warmth while being outdoors.

Today, this jacket’s design has developed both in style and features.


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Where To Buy The Fjällräven Greenland No.1 Jacket

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When To Wear It

As mentioned above, this jacket’s original design was intended for it to be worn in outdoor activities. It is a down jacket and comes in a combination of cotton and polyester, which we will detail in the other paragraph. The purpose of this jacket is to keep you warm and dry and it being a Swedish jacket says quite a bit about the kind of weather it can withstand.

It is very suitable to be worn during most mountain activities, such as hiking and camping, since it’s a very durable jacket, with waterproof and wind resistance qualities.

The reviewer in the video below wore it in -24° Celsius, and it fared pretty well, allowing him to remain warm despite the low temperatures.

Fjällräven Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket: Tested & Reviewed

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However, something that needs to be mentioned, is the lack of hand pockets. There are breast pockets, for carrying small items such as phones, music players, keys and wallet, and also an oversized inner pocket, but no traditional side pockets.

This jacket closes up with a zipper and buttons, so it has a double protected closure, for insulation, which is also aided by the high collar, and oversized hoodie.

When taking a look at the style alone, this jacket gives the impression of an oversized casual shirt. This is important, because it allows the user to wear it in casual occasions and even daily, thus eliminating the need for purchasing several jackets.

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The material combination, is made up of 40% Cotton and 60% Polyester. The polyester is recycled and the cotton organic, making this jacket eco-friendly. It has a layer of down feathers both in the body as well as in the hood, providing considerable warmth.

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