Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Women’s Coat – Review

Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Women's Coat - Review

Fall is officially here and now it is the perfect time to look for jackets and coats, as the temperatures continue to drop. In this week’s single review, we will be looking at a beautiful jacket for the ladies, by Jack Wolfskin, called Iceguard.

We previously reviewed another jacket by the same brand, the Iceland men’s jacket. Jack Wolfskin is a recurring brand in our reviews and their products speak for themselves. Whether it is quality, design or performance, their jackets have it all.

Today’s selection is Iceguard, a lovely knee-length coat that can be worn in late Autumn and throughout Winter. That’s all we will be saying as an introduction for the jacket, so let’s get started with the review.

* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors.

Where To Buy The Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Jacket

Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:



When To Wear It

Iceguard, as we said previously, is a coat designed for low temperatures and suitable for different weather conditions. This is a waterproof and windproof jacket, with great insulation. Whether it is raining or even snowing, it will remain dry, warm and cozy the whole time.

Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Womens Coat dark teal

Being knee-length is another great design feature, as it provides a lot more protection than a regular-length jacket. The coverage is better and it will stop cold winds from getting inside the jacket. It also helps in snowy weather, to keep snow out and way from the body.

Since we are looking at the length, the bottom hem comes in a high-low design, with the back being longer than the front. This is helpful when bending or sitting down as it keeps the back covered. The design is intended as an everyday jacket, as it is comfortable and lightweight.

Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Womens Coat dark teal

It comes with a high stand-up collar and a detachable hood, which can be adjusted to fit snug on the head. To keep the neck warm, but also prevent heat-loss, the collar is double-layered and closes in front by the main zipper.

The main zipper is water-resistant and also covered by a storm placket, with snap-button fastening. The sleeves are slightly oversized to make layering underneath easier and come with short wrist gaiters to provide better protection.

Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Womens Coat dark teal

There are two zip pockets on the sides of the jacket, lined on the inside to quickly warm up the hands. And lastly, to keep the insulating filling in place and evenly distribute it all over the body, there are a variety of quilting patterns to help with that.

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Let’s start with the outer layer, which is made of 100% Polyester, with STORMLOCK ACTIVE membrane. This makes the jacket windproof and waterproof, as well as helps with breathability. Apart from that, it is also tear-resistant, which means a long-lasting jacket.

The inner layer is 100% Polyester as well, Microguard fleece, to be more precise. This is a soft and very warm type of fleece, which comes in handy during cold and windy days.

Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Womens Coat black

And lastly, the insulation is synthetic and despite being very lightweight and thinly packed, it performs beautifully. This, due to the metallic particles mixed with it, which help reflect body heat and maintain it at a constant level effortlessly.

Color Selection

Iceguard, much like most Jack Wolfskin jackets, comes in few color options and they are typically classic jacket colors.

Jack Wolfskin Iceguard Womens Coat mocca

The options for Iceguard are:

  • Dark Teal, a beautiful option for those of you who prefer a bit of color variation in their look.
  • Black, which is always fashionable and can be worn anywhere, anytime.
  • Brown Mocha, a gorgeous color, especially in Autumn.

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

We are at the last stop for this review: the feedback from those who gave Iceguard a shot and came back to report on their experience.

Let’s start with the size as it is a common issue with online-bought clothing. Reviewers are happy to report that the sizing table is very accurate and since this coat is a bit oversized due to the design, it will surely fit with no issues.

Those who were unhappy with it, have complaints about the sleeves being too big. However, if you are looking to layer underneath, that won’t be a problem.

Weather performance is near to perfect. It remains dry in rainy days and warm in cold ones. However, if you live in very cold areas, we’d recommend wearing a thick sweater underneath. It is indeed windproof and the quality is indisputable.

Being lightweight is also commended by reviewers as it makes this coat comfortable and practical.


Jack Wolfskin’s Iceguard is a great everyday coat for stylish ladies. High quality and great weather-resistance, you are looking at a long-lasting jacket for many years to come.

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