Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: 4 Jackets Compared

Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: 4 Jackets ComparedPin

We are back with another comparison this week, where we will be looking at Jack Wolfskin vs. The North Face.

The North Face is an American brand renowned for their outdoor gear and we often include some of their best jackets in our reviews and selections.

This is the third time in a row that The North Face has been featured in a comparison review and just like in the previous one, Apex Bionic is included once again, to be compared with Northern Point by Jack Wolfskin.

As a preface, before we get into the jackets themselves, we like to include a short introduction to each brand.

You got to know about The North Face, so let’s move on to Jack Wolfskin, which is a European brand. Their headquarters are in Germany and they have a rich history of great outdoor gear and clothing, since 1981.

Another thing to note about the brand is their involvement in different projects that aim to help out the youth and children from different countries.

If this is the first time reading one of our comparison reviews, what we do is take a look at either two jackets total or, such as today, four jackets in a 2 vs. 2 setup.

After going through each jacket separately, then we get started on comparing them based on their specifics and how they differ from each other.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the first two.

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1. Jack Wolfskin Iceland vs. The North Face Evolve II

We are starting out with two 3-in-1 jackets.

A 3-in-1 jacket, just as the name suggests, is a jacket that performs as 3 separate ones, depending on how you decide to wear it. They come in two layers which are put together either by zippers or Velcro, depending on the design.

These two layers are usually a waterproof shell and a fleece jacket worn underneath the first. They are either worn alone or together, depending on the weather.

This makes these kinds of jackets versatile and quite practical as you won’t have to purchase multiple layers, and if you are planning on travelling with them, they spare quite a bit of space.

1.1 Jack Wolfskin Iceland 3-in-1 Men’s Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Iceland 3-in-1 Mens JacketPin

Image: pinterest.com

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Iceland 3-in-1 is by Jack Wolfskin and comes in a simplistic design, in medium-length. The outer jacket is a hardshell made of Texapore material.

Read our in-depth review here.

Texapore is Jack Wolfskin’s exclusive membrane that consists of a waterproof and highly breathable layer, lined with PU on the inside, in order to completely guarantee weather resistance.

Another great feature of the Texapore membrane is being windproof, too, which is very important if you spend time outdoors in harsh conditions, or are a cyclist.

This outer jacket has a high and hooded collar, which is also adjustable by drawstrings. The main zipper is water-resistant and covered by a storm placket to further prevent rain, wind and snow from getting to you.

For adjustment, there are Velcro fasteners on the sleeve cuffs, along with drawstrings in the hem, which help to completely close off the jacket. There are also two pockets on the sides.

The inner jacket is made out of Nanuk 200 fleece, which is soft and very warm. It provides great insulation, while being easy to maintain. Nanuk is also a fabric created by the brand. This layer is also simple in design, with two side pockets and a medium-height collar.

It is not highly resistant against damp conditions, but works great as an indoor layer or in dry weather, especially during late autumn.

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TEXAPORE (English) | Jack Wolfskin

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1.2 The North Face Evolve II Triclimate Men’s Jacket

The North Face Evolve II Triclimate Mens JacketPin

Image: pinterest.com

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The jacket we will be comparing Iceland to is the Evolve II Triclimate by The North Face. The upper jacket is made of DryVent fabric, which is fully waterproof, windproof and highly breathable.

The outer layer is treated with a water repellent finish and then each layer is designed to maintain the fabric’s ability to be breathable. The seams are also fully seamed in order to ensure that no rain or snow get through.

It is a regular-length jacket, with a high and hooded collar, which, of course, is adjustable. The sleeve cuffs and hem are also adjustable, the former with Velcro fasteners and the latter with drawstrings. There are two outer pockets on this jacket.

As for the inner jacket, it is made of soft fleece, which is very light and comfortable to wear. Both jackets have chin guard to prevent zipper chafing.

1.3 Comparison: Iceland vs. Evolve II

Appearance and Wear

Both these jackets are quite similar in style as they are simple, without flashy logos or stitching details. They both have two outer pockets, adjustable cuffs and hooded collars.

The thing that sets them apart is the length, since Iceland is slightly longer. Of course, the color options are also very different.

As for wear, they are also similar as they are designed to be comfortable and light. The fleece on Iceland, however, is thicker than the one on Evolve II Triclimate.

The North Face Evolve II Triclimate Mens JacketPin


They are both very well-insulated jackets, which plays an important role when it comes to how warm a jacket is. Since the construction of their designs is quite identical, the difference is very small.

The one that fares better in this regard is Iceland, as its fleece is much warmer and provides overall better insulation.

Weather Resistance

Typically we cover insulation and membranes separately, but since both Texapore and DryVent perform similarly, we thought it would be best to discuss them in regards to weather resistance.

There isn’t much to say as these are completely waterproof, windproof and highly breathable jackets. They have been tested by buyers in different conditions and neither let in a drop of water or caused excessive overheating.

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Because both brands are very comparable price-wise and these jackets are quite similar, you should go for the one you like best. We would only remind you to consider how low temperatures drop where you live, since Iceland would be better suited if it gets really cold.

2. Jack Wolfskin Northern Point vs. The North Face Apex Bionic

Moving on to two softshells, this will be interesting as they differ quite a bit.

2.1 Jack Wolfskin Northern Point Men’s Softshell Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Northern Point Mens Softshell JacketPin

Image: pinterest.com

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Northern Point is by Jack Wolfskin and like a typical softshell, it is made of 100% Polyester. The outer layer is water-repellent, causing rain droplets to roll off the jacket.

While it is not very suitable for neither heavy raining, nor snowing, it is, however, windproof and highly breathable. It comes with a hooded collar, which works both as a protection against rain, but also to keep the head and neck warm, especially due to the inner lining.

There are two side pockets on the outside and an inner pocket also. The performance of this jacket is effortless as it adapts to movement and does not get in the way. It comes with elasticized sleeve cuffs and being breathable is also a great thing as it prevents overheating.

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Here is a video about softshells by Jack Wolfskin:

Softshells | Jack Wolfskin (English)

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2.2 The North Face Apex Bionic Men’s Softshell Jacket

The North Face Apex Bionic Mens Softshell JacketPin

Image: pinterest.com

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Also made of 100% Polyester, Apex Bionic is a softshell with a high collar and regular sleeve cuffs. The outer membrane is WindWall, which makes it completely windproof and water-repellent, with DWR finish.

Read our in-depth review of this jacket here.

It has an adjustable hem and comes with two side pockets and one chest pocket. The fabric is designed to be a bit stretchy in order to make movement easier, as softshells are designed for sports and outdoor activities.

The inside of the back is lined with fleece, which helps the jacket maintain warmth better, making it suitable for cool weather.

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2.3 Comparison: Northern Point vs. Apex Bionic

Appearance and Wear

When it comes to appearance, they differ in a few areas.

Northern Point comes in a very stylish design, which makes it suitable to wear with casual outfits, too. On the other hand, Apex Bionic has the look of a sports jacket. It also lacks a hood, unlike Northern Point and its sleeve cuffs are not elasticized either.

As for wear and performance, they are very similar, both being softshells and all, but Northern Point, in our opinion, is a better design for those of you who are avid outdoor lovers. We will get to the reasons for this in a few.

Jack Wolfskin Northern Point Mens Softshell JacketPin


This is also a differing point as Apex Bionic comes with a fleece back that really kicks things up a notch, as it helps to quickly warm you up. In this regard, it is warmer than Northern Point.

However, Northern Point provides better breathability, so if you are a highly active person, this is the thing that should make the difference for you.

Weather Resistance

This is a tie. They are both highly water repellent and completely windproof, making them suitable for a variety of activities and practical in different weather conditions.


Choosing which one is best out of the two is solely a matter of what you are actually looking for. If you want a jacket that is best suited for colder weather, where insulation and adequate breathability is necessary, then Apex Bionic is the way to go.

But if you want a more versatile design both in performance and wear, which also comes with a hood, then we would suggest you take a look at Northern Point.

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That’s the comparison for this time. We hope you enjoyed it and that you now have a better idea about what to look for.

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  1. All I know is Northface are great but Jack Wolfskin are awesome. Finally, a zip that works straight up every time!!!! Congrats Jack Wolfskin.

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