7 Leather Jackets Ideas for Women


After our first article where we gave you some ideas of leather jackets for men, today we will continue with 7 more proposals, this time for women.

Leather jackets have been around for a really long time and they were firstly worn by men, and even today, people mostly picture leather jackets worn by bikers, or the classic movie type of “bad boy”. As the trend of wearing them gained popularity, wearing leather jackets crossed over to women’s fashion as well, and they became a unisex item, worn by both genders. The style also developed and nowadays it is not just for the biker or rocker style.

These jackets not only look very edgy and carefree, they are also quite comfortable to wear and go well with a lot of different styles. Even when it comes to matching them with different clothes, they fit right in, whether it’s pants, skirts or dresses.

Usually, leather jackets come in dark colors, but there are a multitude of styles and selections out there, which range not only in color but also in patterns and designs, as you will see in this article.

We have done our research and here we present seven jackets with the best user reviews, each different from the other. So if you are just getting into wearing them, or are a fan of this kind of jacket, these proposals will definitely catch your eye.

ONLY Bandit Jacket


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