TACVASEN Military Softshell Tactical Men’s Jacket – Review

TACVASEN Military Softshell Tactical Men's Jacket - ReviewPin

For today’s single review we have once again picked a jacket that was previously featured in one of our selections. As you saw in the title, it is the Military Tactical jacket by TACVASEN.

We chose this jacket because it has considerably good ratings on Amazon and because the design really caught our eye last year. Another added plus for this design is its very affordable price. And it is a softshell jacket, nonetheless!

From what we could gather, TACVASEN manufactures its products in China, hence the very affordable price.

Now, what we are interested in is to see how this price translates to the quality of this jacket and its performance, so let’s get started right away.

* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.

Where To Buy The TACVASEN Military Tactical Jacket

Here is a list of the various online shops from different countries where you can purchase the jacket:


When To Wear It

Being a softshell jacket, the main purpose of which is for outdoor activities, the Military Tactical jacket was designed for exactly that. It can be worn for a variety of outdoor sports and activities, such as hiking, fishing, hunting or camping.

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Image: pinterest.com

The design is quite light, so it is very comfortable to wear and it is also ergonomic, which means that the jacket will not get in the way while you are out and about, and especially if you will be moving a lot.

It comes with a hooded collar, which adjusts with draw cords in front. The collar itself is quite high and the hood closes around the face, leaving a very small area exposed, which is always a plus for very cold days.

The main zipper is concealed and there is a back placket to help protect against the rain by preventing it from getting through and inside the jacket.

The sleeve cuffs are adjustable with Velcro flaps, so you can wear them as loosely or tightly as needed. Also adjustable is the bottom hem, which you can tighten to fully close the jacket off from the elements and for as a better fit.

The sleeves themselves are cut quite loosely, which allows for plenty of movement and especially layering. This is very important if you are intending to wear this jacket in really cold weather, as layering underneath is an essential step to prevent hypothermia.

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Now, the name of the jacket refers to it being a military tactical jacket, and that is clearly noticeable when you look at this jacket. Not only does it comes in military-like colors and camo options, which we will discuss below, but there are many features that make it quite practical.

One such feature is the number, style and placement of pockets. Let’s begin with the body, where you will find two oversized vertical pockets on both sides, which can be used for slightly sizeable gear, such as flashlights.

Then there are smaller pockets on both sleeves, including one on the left cuff. On the back there are two zip pockets as well, and the low-high design of the hem can also be seen.

Another feature is the presence of Velcro patches on both sleeves, where you can attach your military patches and logos easily.

So all in all, this is not a casual style jacket, so we would recommend you wear it for tactical outdoor activities and sports rather than as the go-to daily option.


This jacket is made of Polyester mostly, with 95.5% of the shell consisting of it and the other 4.5% being Spandex, as it is typical with softshell jackets. Spandex is added for comfort during movement as it makes the jacket more elastic and easier to move around in, which is an essential quality of softshell jackets.

The inner lining is, of course, Polyester fleece, which is very insulating and comfortable, as well as breathable.

Now, we left the weather-resistance and breathability performance out of the previous part on purpose, because we wanted to discuss it in relation to the materials.

Being made of Polyester, softshell jackets in general are not very weather-resistant, unless they come with a waterproof shell such as DryVent, Gore-Tex, eVent and so on.

In the case of the Military Tactical jacket, the shell is solely Polyester and Spandex, so weather-resistance is very minor. You can work around it by waterproofing the jacket yourself with waterproof sprays and wash-in products and we would highly recommend you do that.

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Image: pinterest.com

The manufacturer claims that the jacket is indeed both water and windproof, but judging from the online reviews, materials and most importantly, price, we would advise you take matters into your own hands to ensure that there won’t be any issues when it rains.

As for breathability, this is indeed a breathable jacket, especially since it also comes with pit vents on both sides.

Color Selection

There are seven colors available for this design and they are military-like colors, which is what makes this jacket so suitable for activities such as paintball or hunting.

These colors include:

  • Gray,
  • Acu,
  • Black,
  • Green,
  • Cp camo,
  • Khaki,
  • Sand.

User Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

Purchasing this jacket can go both ways. However, as most online buyers mention, you cannot really expect wonders from a jacket with this price.

Weather-wise, the issue of it being permeable to water is very noticeable, as we said before. It is in fact very well-insulated and quite warm, while also being very comfortable to wear.

Probably its best design feature is the number of pockets, which reviewers raved about as it comes in handy when needing to carry small gadgets and gears that you need while outdoors.

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Image: pinterest.com


What surprised some of the online reviewers, especially considering the price, is the durable fabric. Since this is a tactical jacket, most of them bought it to wear outdoors, without minding too much if it got ripped here and there, and noticing that it held up quite well is a huge plus.

The main issue, as some mention, is the size, which is usually a problem with Asian clothing.


The Military Tactical jacket by TACVASEN is a very affordable softshell jacket that performs well in different weather, but is best suited for dry conditions.

If you are in the market for a seasonal jacket, that you won’t mind being rough with and which won’t really hurt your wallet, then this design is worth considering.

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