Are Adidas Casual Sneakers Good? (Our 2+ Years Experience)

Are Adidas Casual Sneakers Good? (Our 2+ Years Experience)Pin

Adidas sneakers’ history has its roots as far as the 1950s and 1960s with the first models launched by the German brand in those years.

My girlfriend and I, on the other hand, purchased our first casual sneakers from them in 2020-21. I got the Adidas Grand Court while my girlfriend chose the Adidas Advantage.

In this article we will talk about our experience with Adidas casual sneakers, we’ll show you some pictures of how we wear them, and we’ll answer some questions about them.

Hint: our experience has been very positive and we intend to purchase again the same or similar models from this brand.

So, let’s get started!

Are Adidas Sneakers Good for Walking?

Yes, they’re quite good. They may not seem so, but their outsole is quite comfortable when compared with sneakers of similar brands.

In fact, I got them as a replacement for my old sneakers from another brand and I was not expecting a pair of this type of sneakers to be as comfortable. I remained pleasantly surprised.

man wearing Adidas Grand Court sneakersPin
Image: man wearing Adidas Grand Court sneakers

Are Adidas Casual Sneakers Comfortable?

Same as above. Yes, they are comfortable thanks to their outsole. You can’t expect them to be as comfortable as a pair of cushioned running shoes, but for being a casual sneaker they offer a great amount of comfort.

Adidas mens Grand Court ee7904 outsolePin
Image: Adidas men’s Grand Court model EE7904 – outsole

Are Adidas Shoes and Sneakers Durable?

Yes, they are quite durable. I’ve had mine for 1 year now. My girlfriend has had hers for two years. We both are still using them almost daily.

They will make a few creases and wrinkles from the natural bending of your feet in the first few weeks, but they will stop there and maintain (almost) the same look for the next years that you’ll wear them.

Adidas mens Grand Court ee7904 1 year oldPin
Image: Adidas men’s Grand Court model EE7904 – 1 year old

Are Adidas Sneakers Good for Running?

Casual Adidas sneakers like the ones you can see in the pictures in this article are not recommended for running. Or at least we don’t recommend them.

Yes, you can make a few short runs, maybe while playing with your kids in your favorite city park, but if you’re serious about running you better get a pair of shoes that are specifically made for running. Adidas has some great running shoes.

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Are Adidas Sneakers Good for Flat Feet?

We don’t have flat feet but after a quick online research, it seems that the key word when choosing shoes for flat feet, either for running or for wearing them casually, is comfortability.

They have to provide optimal comfort for your type of foot. This can be translated into a more cushioned outsole or more arch support. Either way, it’s important to try a few pairs and better yet, to talk with a specialist when choosing your shoes for flat feet.

Having said that, if you have flat feet, we think the Adidas sneakers that we are showing you here are good for short casual walking because of their not-so-thick outsole. Anyway, try them yourself in a local store and decide.

Are Adidas Sneakers True To Size? Do They Run Big or Small?

Generally, they are marketed as true to size. But in my case, I have a wide forefoot, so they run a little small and I got them 2 numbers bigger.

After using them for 1 year almost daily they are now a bit larger, but that’s how I like them because they’re now very comfortable. I tend to walk a lot and I need them large enough in the forefoot area so they don’t cause me blisters during hot summer days.

So, the size will also depend on your foot type, your preferences, and how you will use them.

Do Adidas Sneakers Get Bigger Over Time?

Yes, they get a little bigger over time in my experience. As I said above, if you will do a lot of walking they’ll become wider so you’ll have to adjust your lacing.

Are Adidas Sneakers Non-Slip?

It depends on the model, what it has been designed for, and the type of terrain you’re going to use it on.

For casual sneakers, like the ones you can see in the pictures in this article, I’d say they’re “normally” non-slip. I mean you can use them in the city in your day-to-day life, but I’d not depend on them being non-slip on slippery surfaces.

Adidas mens Grand Court ee7904 outsole bottomPin
Image: Adidas men’s Grand Court model EE7904 – outsole bottom

Are Adidas Sneakers Waterproof?

I’d say the majority of Adidas sneakers are water-resistant to some degree, not waterproof. This is mainly because of the construction of their upper which is usually made of leather, faux leather, canvas, mesh fabric, or a mix of these.

For example, leather, being a natural material, tends to absorb water. It resists water for some time but it will eventually leak over time.

Are Adidas Sneakers Good for Rain?

As I said above, most Adidas sneakers can resist water for some time, but they’re not waterproof. You can use them for a few minutes if you get caught in the rain while going to work, but don’t expect them to resist heavy Autumn rain that lasts hours.

Do White Adidas Sneakers Get Dirty?

Yes. Being white they will eventually get dirty, but surprisingly not as much as you’d expect from a pair of white shoes.

If you use them mainly in the city as we do they’ll get some dust that you can easily clean with a damp cloth. Take a look at the pictures in this article to get an idea.

Are Adidas Sneakers Washable?

Depending on the materials that your sneakers are made of, the cleaning procedure will vary. In most cases, the washing machine is not recommended as the shoes can get damaged. Instead, you can use a damp cloth with some delicate detergent to remove the dirt and stains.

In some other cases, for example, if you are trying to clean Suede shoes, Adidas recommends also avoiding water, as water can leave marks and can alter the appearance of your suede shoes.

To learn more, Adidas has a guide here on how to clean your sneakers that you can check out.

What Are White Adidas Shoes Called?

We don’t know what you mean specifically, but Adidas has different models of white shoes. For example, the Stan Smiths, the Superstars, the Advantage, the Nizza, the Grand Court, etc.

They also have many running and training shoes that you can get in white and similar shades.

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How Much Do White Adidas Sneakers Cost?

We got our white Adidas sneakers for around $60-$80 USD. The price varies depending on the model and you can also get various offers from local stores. My girlfriend and I bought them on sale too.

Take a look at the official website here to get an idea of what the prices for Adidas white sneakers are at this moment.

Are Adidas Sneakers Worth the Price?

Absolutely! Paying around $60-$100 USD (in the majority of cases) for a quality brand and having a pair of sneakers that can last a few years is worth it in our opinion. Adidas sneakers are also fashionable and you can combine them with different outfits for both men and women.

Are Adidas Sneakers Still in Style?

Definitely! Adidas sneakers have been in style for decades and still are today! There are various models and colors that you can purchase and combine with your favorite clothes depending on your style.

But don’t just take our word for it, open your favorite social network and you’ll see hundreds of people wearing this brand in the most different ways.

Below are some of our photos to give you an idea.

couple at a party man wearing Adidas Grand Court sneakersPin
Image: a couple at a party – man wearing Adidas Grand Court sneakers

woman at a city park wearing Adidas Advantage ee7510 sneakersPin
Image: woman at a city park wearing Adidas Advantage model EE7510 sneakers

Are Adidas Sneakers Made of Leather?

There are many Adidas shoes and sneakers that use leather or suede in the upper. For example, the Adidas Superstar‘s upper is made of leather, while the Busenitz uses suede leather.

On this page on the official website, you can see some of Adidas’ leather sneakers.

What Are Adidas Sneakers Made Of?

Adidas sneakers are made of a variety of materials depending on the model including leather, suede leather, faux leather, mesh fabric, and canvas for the upper; rubber and foam for the outsole; and Nylon and Polyester on various parts of the shoe.

What’s also important is that the German brand uses a lot of recycled materials in its footwear in an effort to be more sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Where Are Adidas Sneakers Made?

Adidas sneakers are mostly made in different countries in Asia, like China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Our shoes that you can see in this article are made in Indonesia.


In this article, we shared our experience and knowledge of Adidas sneakers. We are big fans of this German brand because of its rich history and the fact that it always brings cutting-edge technology to the footwear market while also trying to be as sustainable as possible.

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you have any other questions.

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