8 Quality Brands like Carhartt: Our Top Picks

8 Quality Brands like Carhartt: Our Top PicksPin

Carhartt is an American brand with a long and rich history that begins in 1889. The brand is popular for its high-quality workwear and is globally known for the durability of its products.

Their massive line of options almost entirely satisfies every need, not just for working clothes, but also outdoor apparel and gear for different types of activities.

The brand also includes production lines for women, kids, and pets.

One of the reasons people like Carhartt, apart from the quality and durability, is the brand’s history. The company realizes this edge and takes pride in it. As you can see on their website, one of their mottos is: “Outworking them all”.

But, when one finds a good brand, usually some online research follows and, a part of this research is looking for alternative companies with similar products to have a wider view of the available options for the next purchase.

And that’s what we are here for today! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best brands like Carhartt.

So, if you’re looking for a collection of reliable outdoor clothing brands, here is a selection that will make your day a little easier.


1. Dickies

dickies websitePin

Offering a wide range of working clothes, shirts, and denim jeans, this American manufacturer has grown to be a frontrunner in the market of work apparel.

Founded in 1922, the company has expanded into the European countries, Middle Eastern markets, and then throughout the world.

The brand stands for toughness and quality. A pair of Dickies classic pants will cost around $25.

Given the affordability and the good quality, the brand has expanded to include customers other than workers. Many turn to Dickies for everyday clothes.

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2. The North Face

the north face websitePin

There are brands that are able to sustain quality thanks to their styles and their ability. The North Face is one of these brands. Founded in 1966, The North Face has been on top of the list when it comes to highly durable clothes.

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The brand has become increasingly known for its sportswear as well. However, product prices range from expensive to moderately priced to suit different purposes. One of the brand’s icons is the Retro Nuptse jacket and it costs around $200-$250, depending on where you purchase it from.

The North Face has become popular for its integration of technology in products. One of the most famous innovations is the ThermoBall technology that you can find in their jackets. They’re eco-friendly as well.

FUTURELIGHT: Made to Defy | The North Face

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3. L.L. Bean

ll bean websitePin

This brand is one of the oldest in the market. Founded in 1912, the company specializes in durable casual wear and is famous for its reasonable prices. It also offers a wide range of recreational products such as hunting gear, tents, and sleeping bags.

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The brand offers a guarantee that allows you to replace the product if it breaks or rips and their customer service is famous for being timely and attentive.

Throughout the years, L.L. Bean has managed to change the concept of durable clothing. With its unique and trendy designs, the brand attracts customers who are looking for style as well as quality.

L.L Bean is a brand that might seem pricey for some products, but if you’re looking for something durable, it’s definitely worth it. A pair of classic jeans can cost around $50.

L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary

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4. Patagonia

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Patagonia is famous because of its unique mix between style and durability. With its advanced business model that focuses on what the customers care about most, the brand has positioned itself as an environmentally responsible company.

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They have programs to ensure the welfare of the environment and animals. It’s important to note that 72% of their manufacturing uses recycled materials.

The use of quality material and technology has made them mark their products at relatively higher rates. The average jackets prices start at over $100 and go quite up there.

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Why Waste It? | Powder Bowl

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5. Levi’s

levis websitePin

This is a brand that has managed to survive for more than 150 years. Today, Levi’s is still a formidable brand. In fact, they have the world’s highest share when it comes to the jeans’ market.

Its longstanding commitment to authenticity has carved the red tab stitched on Levi’s jeans in the hearts and minds of everyone.

With more than 500 stores in more than 100 countries, Levi’s is a market leader when it comes to apparel and jeans. A regular fit jeans will cost around $50.

Recently, the brand has started taking serious steps towards a more sustainable denim production. The company aims to achieve its goal of producing 80% of the denim products using the Water<Less™ technique.

6. Wrangler

wrangler websitePin

Identified as an American icon, Wrangler has been producing high-quality workwear and jeans since 1947.

Since the very beginning, the brand has positioned itself as the ultimate western-style guide. Until today, this line has done well in terms of sales and variety. An original pair of jeans would cost around $40-$50.

Wrangler is now producing a variety of clothing lines including shirts, belts and denim jackets. It’s particularly famous for making jeans that are flexible and fitting to different body types.

The company has also released a fit guide to help everyone find their best fit for their body size.

7. Timberland

timberland websitePin

This brand has gained special popularity for its shoe line. However, its clothing line is still as impressive. In slightly over 50 years, it has managed to be one of the top-performing brands in its category.

Like some of the brands we mentioned before, Timberland has risen from its working-class beginnings to be adopted by trend-setters.

Today, this brand designs and engineers premium clothing and footwear all over the globe. A typical Timberland leather boots would cost around $150.

The company has also started integrating technology, such as the SensorFlex™ Comfort System, which makes the shoes incredibly flexible for responsiveness on all surfaces. In addition, the brand has recently launched a new collection of travel gear.

Welcome to Timberland | Timberland

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8. Eddie Bauer

eddie bauer websitePin

Since 1920, Eddie Bauer has been offering innovative outdoor clothing at reasonable prices. Named after its founder, Eddie Bauer, it has patented a number of designs, including the famous quilted jacket.

This brand uses fabric technologies including eVent and WeatherEdge®, which is developed by them. Eddie Bauer is considered one of the most affordable brands, given the technology incorporated.

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Looking closely at their winter products, we can see that they specialize in waterproof designs that are built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

One of their most popular designs is the Downlight StormDown Hooded jacket, with a shell that is made of 50% recycled Polyester. The jacket costs around $150-$170.

A few years ago, Eddie Bauer has signed onto the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) which is concerned with the conditions of animals raised for their wool.

Eddie Bauer Sport Shop: How It All Began

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That’s all for today! What do you think about these brands? Would you choose any of them instead of Carhartt?

Do you have any other brand suggestion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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