10 Outdoor Brands like The North Face that You’ll Love

10 Outdoor Brands Like "The North Face" That You'll LovePin

We are continuing with another selection of brands that are similar to a famous outdoor company.

We did a selection of brands like Patagonia a few days ago, and today we will continue with 10 brands like “The North Face”, that can prove to be valid alternatives.

The North Face is a famous and popular brand mainly for offering a wide range of products, from casual clothing to sportswear. Also, the brand has a wide range of prices, from affordable to more expensive, allowing you various options to choose from without renouncing quality.

Here we have selected different brands with different price ranges: from affordable ones such as Columbia and Under Armour, to high-end ones such as Bogner.

In addition, these brands have in common the fact that they almost all have sustainability programs that guarantee 100% sustainable products. The North Face has a similar vision and similar programs too.

So, let’s see what we have picked, hoping that this selection will help you find your way among the numerous options in the outdoor products market.


1. Patagonia

patagonia websitePin
Patagonia official website

Let’s start with the first brand: Patagonia. It is an American brand renowned all over the world for the vast choice of equipment they offer: from clothing to outdoor gear and various accessories.

Attentive above all to guarantee a low environmental impact, they have developed specific programs for environmental sustainability.

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They use 100% recycled feathers and many of the materials used have this characteristic. The average price for a jacket is around $150. Patagonia’s outdoor clothing, just like that of The North Face, is also suitable for everyday life.

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2. Eddie Bauer

eddie bauer websitePin
Eddie Bauer official website

Founded in Seattle 100 years ago, in 1920, Eddie Bauer now has about 275 stores in North America.

If you want technical outdoor clothing at good prices, Eddie Bauer can be what you need. For their products, the main materials used are Polyester and Nylon. In addition, for their jackets in particular they use several innovative technologies such as the Thermafill® synthetic insulator.

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They use WeatherEdge® also, which is another technology developed and used by this brand. Unique in its kind, Eddie Bauer uses an Italian down fabric, Thindown which helps withstand bad weather conditions.

They also have sustainability programs that guarantee certified products following precise quality standards.

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3. Arc’teryx

arcteryx websitePin
Arc’teryx official website

From the suggestive name that evokes that of the oldest known bird, this brand of outdoor clothing and equipment was born in Canada in 1989. For their jackets and garments, they mainly use Gore-Tex, a membrane that ensures durability and resistance over time.

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From the beginning, Arc’teryx has paid particular attention to sustainability. They use rigorous protocols to ensure a low environmental impact when creating their products.

And that’s why their aim is to produce long-lasting garments and accessories. Prices are around $200-300 for jackets, while there are special products that can even reach $700.

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4. Mountain Hardwear

mountain hardwear websitePin
Mountain Hardwear official website

Mountain Hardwear has been producing high-performance outdoor clothing and equipment since 1993. Among their equipment, they have numerous variants of tents.

Among others, the best-selling products certainly include jackets, with an average price of around $150-$300, but also technical fabric shirts and trousers.

To ensure the impermeability of materials, Gore-Tex is the most used technology, while to insulate from atmospheric agents, they use for example, Pertex® Quantum Air (we have compared Pertex to Gore-Tex here).

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5. Marmot

marmot websitePin
Marmot official website

Marmot is an American brand founded in 1974 by a group of friends whose aim was to produce jackets that would withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Since then, Marmot has seen several professional successes and reached several goals.

One of the reasons the brand has become popular for example is that it was one of the first in the US to use Gore-Tex.

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The prices of their jackets and clothing are quite variable, considering that the most expensive are the down-insulated garments. For other products, prices start at around $100.

Marmot’s products last over time and are specifically made for the lowest temperatures and climates.

6. Helly Hansen

helly hansen websitePin
Helly Hansen official website

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand born in 1877. It provides clothing, equipment, and accessories for sports such as skiing, sailing, and outdoor activities in general.

Helly Tech® is one of the technologies used to guarantee the waterproofness and breathability of garments, such as jackets, which have various prices: ranging from $150 to $700 for a parka. For more technical clothing, prices tend to rise of course.

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In their “DNA”, however, there is the sea, the water, and the sports that have to do with it. For this reason, care and protection of the environment are particularly important. Their mission is therefore to design garments that last over time and use the best technologies and materials for this purpose.

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7. Spyder

spyder websitePin
Spyder official website

Spyder is another option among the outdoor brands which have mid-range prices. They specialize in skiing and their jacket prices vary from about $200 to $400. In their range of offers, in addition to jackets, you can also find trousers, layering clothes, accessories, etc.

There are many technologies used to make their garments waterproof, including Gore-Tex, and everything else that can help their consumers have great outdoor experiences.

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8. Columbia

columbia websitePin
Columbia official website

Columbia is born in Oregon in 1938 and boasts a large offer of outdoor products. It is popular all over the world for the quality of its products which have affordable prices considering their technical characteristics.

Since the beginning, the brand has produced quality and innovative clothing, thanks to various technologies such as Omni-Heat™ 3D, Omni-Heat™ Reflective, Omni-Tech, Outdry Extreme™, etc.

These technologies are used to make the garments retain body heat, eliminate humidity and ensure waterproofness.

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9. Under Armour

under armour websitePin
Under Armour official website

Under Armour was born in 1996 with the desire to create and innovate the sportswear marketplace, “It all started with a T-shirt” they say, in particular the creation of a “simple” T-shirt, and after that, they continued with the creation of technologies to protect from the elements and to isolate from cold and heat.

The prices of Under Armour products are quite affordable. Also specialized in the footwear sector, they offer hiking, running, and training, but also golf, basketball, and football clothing. In a few words: almost everything that has to do with sports and outdoor activities.

10. Bogner

bogner websitePin
Bogner official website

Bogner was born in Germany in 1932 and is positioned among the high-end brands of this selection. In fact, if we take a look at their prices, they can be considered a “luxury brand”.

They produce ski apparel but also casual outdoor clothing, suitable for everyday life. Whether you are a sports fan or an outdoor enthusiast, Bogner has a solution that is definitely worth a try if you have the budget.

They use the best materials, for very fashionable, comfortable, and certainly suitable clothing for everyone’s needs. They also have a wide selection of shoes and accessories like sunglasses.

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