9 Sustainable Brands like Tentree (Best Alternatives)

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With today’s selection, outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize sustainability will have a wider range of options beyond the popular Canadian brand Tentree, known for its eco-conscious apparel.

In this brands collection, we’ll explore 9 brands that mirror Tentree’s commitment to high-quality, environment-friendly clothing.

The selection features brands like PrAna, which focuses on functional and sustainable wear; Cotopaxi, which marries exceptional outdoor gear with social responsibility; and Finisterre from the UK, renowned for its eco-innovation.

Each brand offers durable, versatile garments suitable for outdoor pursuits, travel, and even everyday work environments.

Let’s explore them all!


1. PrAna

PrAna official websitePin
Image: PrAna official website

PrAna, part of Columbia Sportswear and based in the United States, is renowned for its approach to fashion, merging practicality and environmental consciousness. Apparel from this brand is particularly crafted for an array of outdoor pursuits, travel endeavors, and yoga sessions.

The brand’s commitment to the planet is evident in its choice of materials. They prioritize recycled textiles and organically grown cotton in their production. The result is clothing that boasts not only an aesthetic appeal but also exceptional comfort and versatility, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Their catalog’s highlights include the Zion and Brion lines of trousers, recognized for their toughness and stretchability. PrAna also presents a selection of jackets, tops, and shirts engineered for effective layering suited to trekking, yoga practice, and alpine excursions.

Behind the scenes, PrAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement aims to undo the ecological harm brought about by packaging waste. In this endeavor, PrAna joins forces with industry peers to further eco-friendly practices.

For those in pursuit of clothing that is as adaptive as it is mindful of the environment, PrAna emerges as a great option.

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2. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi official websitePin
Image: Cotopaxi official website

Founded in 2014 in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, this environmentally conscious outdoor apparel and equipment company draws its name from the iconic Ecuadorian volcano, symbolizing its rugged and adventurous spirit.

Cotopaxi stands out for its commitment to excellent outdoor products that leave a positive impact on both the planet and its people.

The company is steadfast in maintaining high standards for ethical business practices and environmental stewardship. Every step, from design to production, is taken with intentionality to support sustainability.

A central element of their philosophy is the extensive use of repurposed materials to craft their line of products, which range from thermal outerwear to versatile backpacks.

Their popular Teca Fleece demonstrates the brand’s innovation, composed completely of recycled fleece and featuring water-resistant qualities. Offered in an array of colors, it’s a staple for outdoor layering during cooler months.

The brand’s flair for vibrant, attention-grabbing aesthetics is evident across its product lines, which boast beautiful patterns and a palette of bright hues, ensuring users stand out in nature.

The brand’s alliance with like-minded organizations further reinforces its mission to foster community well-being and ecological efforts.

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3. Passenger Clothing

Passenger Clothing official websitePin
Image: Passenger Clothing’s official website

Passenger Clothing is an outdoor apparel brand founded in 2013 in the New Forest, UK. They have created a niche in the outdoor clothing market by emphasizing an eco-conscious philosophy. Notably, they pledge to plant a tree for every purchase made, upholding their commitment to the environment.

Passenger designs their products with the active outdoor community in mind, catering to hikers, urban adventurers, and backpackers. Their clothing line aims to blend style and comfort to enhance the experience of nature enthusiasts.

With its environmental pledge and focus on the outdoor consumer, Passenger Clothing has differentiated itself in the apparel industry since its inception. The brand caters to those who lead an active lifestyle and value sustainability.

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4. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear official websitePin
Image: Columbia Sportswear official website

By 1938, a family of German immigrants had established an outdoor company in the United States, which has evolved from a hat-focused business to a broad manufacturer of outdoor gear, including insulated outerwear, pants, tops, and footwear.

Columbia Sportswear is celebrated for offering durable and reliable outdoor clothing at reasonable prices. The brand designs its products with an emphasis on comfort, heat retention, and ventilation, making them ideal for various outdoor pursuits.

They feature an extensive selection of sizes and styles to accommodate different personal preferences and body shapes.

The company places a significant focus on environmental responsibility, frequently incorporating recycled materials in its product lines. Columbia Sportswear actively strives to decrease its ecological footprint, highlighting its dedication to sustainability.

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5. Patagonia

Patagonia official website womens insulated jacketsPin
Image: Patagonia official website, women’s insulated jackets

Established by American innovator and climber Yvon Chouinard in 1973, Patagonia has become synonymous with high-quality outdoor apparel and sustainability. Renowned for their commitment to durability and eco-friendly practices, they cater to those with a passion for the great outdoors.

Their product line encompasses a diverse selection of gear including:

  • Water-resistant outerwear: such as the praised Nano Puff and Torrentshell jackets
  • Clothing essentials: offering pants, tops, and headgear
  • Versatile equipment suited for a variety of outdoor adventures

A pioneer in environmental stewardship, the company integrates recycled materials into its manufacturing. Furthering its ecological commitment, it allocates proceeds toward conservation initiatives.

They maintain rigorous ethical standards across their supply chain, assuring fair treatment and wages for workers. This commitment to both social responsibility and quality resonates within every article of clothing, promising endurance in both apparel and the values it stands for.

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6. Finisterre

Finisterre official websitePin
Image: Finisterre official website

British apparel brand Finisterre, established in 2003, champions eco-conscious production and durable wear for outdoor enthusiasts. Their garments, recognized for sustainability, utilize materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Committed to ethical operations, the brand aligns with suppliers upholding similar humanitarian and production standards. They have innovated their outerwear, particularly jackets, with a pioneering water-resistant coating that eliminates the use of fluorocarbons, underlining their environmental commitment.

Finisterre’s product line encompasses a variety of adventure-ready items, ranging from insulating fleece jackets to essential base layers and various accessories designed to withstand the elements.

Beyond its product line, Finisterre fosters a strong sense of community and actively participates in education on sustainability and outdoor pursuits. They have partnered with environmental groups such as Surfers Against Sewage to contribute to conservation efforts.

For outdoor gear with a conscience, Finisterre stands out as a supportive choice for the environmentally-minded consumer.

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7. Rhone

Rhone official websitePin
Image: Rhone’s official website

Established in 2014 in New Canaan, Connecticut, Rhone has carved out a niche in the American market with its men’s athletic apparel. Their focus on durable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and merino wool underlines their commitment to eco-friendliness.

With a philosophy of endurance, Rhone’s products are recognized for outlasting standard sportswear. The addition of motivational slogans to their clothing adds a unique touch, connecting with customers on a personal level.

Though their price points are toward the premium end of the spectrum, the brand’s rapid growth signals a customer base that values quality and sustainability.

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8. Orvis

Orvis official websitePin
Image: Orvis official website

Orvis stands out for its outdoor apparel and gear, particularly admired by those who enjoy fishing and embracing the great outdoors. Established over a century and a half ago in 1856 in Manchester, Vermont, this illustrious brand claims the title of America’s oldest mail-order company.

The company is popular in fly-fishing apparel, yet it also prides itself on offering garments that seamlessly adapt to a variety of outdoor pursuits. Customers trust Orvis for exceptional service, knowledgeable care, and garments that echo the spirit of the wilderness.

Now a fashionable name in outdoor wear, Orvis caters to both men and women with an extensive collection of attire and accessories that meet the rigorous demands of outdoor adventures. Additionally, the brand extends its expertise to crafting top-tier products for dogs.

Committed to excellence and affordability, Orvis continually strives to craft merchandise that embodies pride, performance, and the pioneering spirit of outdoor exploration.

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9. Lands’ End

Lands End official websitePin
Image: Lands’ End official website

Launched in Chicago in 1963, Lands’ End distinguishes itself with its array of comfortable and simple apparel for the entire family.

  • Original Products: Sailing gear
  • Evolution: Transitioned to a broad spectrum of clothing items for men, women, and children.

Due to an early print error in the brand’s name, the company adopted the name “Lands’ End” instead of the intended “Land’s End.” Despite this, it has risen to international acclaim, offering a rich variety of fashions and designs.

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