11 Sustainable Outdoor Clothing Brands for Your Adventures

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The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, with the production of one cotton t-shirt requiring up to 2,700 liters of water.

Sustainable fashion brands are working to reduce this impact by using eco-friendly materials and ethical labor practices.

This is great news because this will be our focus for today’s article!

We will discuss sustainable clothing brands you can buy from for your adventures while helping preserve the natural environment.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we love exploring nature and all it has to offer, and at the same time we know it’s important to preserve our planet for future generations.

We have reviewed various outdoor brands that have sustainability programs and use sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, like Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Fjällräven, etc.

But, we wanted to create a comprehensive list including all the best sustainable brands that you can use as a reference if you, like us, prefer wearing sustainable outdoor clothing in your adventures on the trail or up in the mountains.

We’ll talk about their history, main products, features, and prices. So, here it goes!


1. Patagonia

Patagonia official websitePin
Patagonia official website

Patagonia is an American outdoor clothing brand that was established in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard. The brand is widely recognized for its high-quality, long-lasting products and its dedication to sustainability.

Patagonia offers a broad range of products, including jackets, pants, shirts, hats, and more, with a focus on using recycled materials and contributing a portion of its profits to environmental causes.

The company is also committed to fair labor practices and has a strict code of conduct for its suppliers.

Patagonia’s products are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and are known for their functionality and durability, with many jacket options available for different weather conditions. Popular jackets include the Nano Puff, Nano-Air, and Torrentshell.

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2. Fjällräven

fjallraven kanken backpackPin
Woman wearing Fjällräven Kånken backpack

The Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven, established in 1960, is renowned for its high-quality outdoor gear and clothing, particularly its backpacks and jackets. Fjällräven is committed to using eco-friendly materials such as G-1000, a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton, and Eco-Shell in its production process.

One of Fjällräven’s most popular products is the Kanken backpack, which is available in various sizes and colors. This backpack is made from Vinylon F material, which is durable and features a spacious main compartment and front pocket. It also has padded shoulder straps and a top handle for easy carrying.

In addition to backpacks, Fjällräven offers a range of clothing, including jackets, pants, and shirts. Their clothing is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions while keeping you comfortable and protected.

Fjällräven is a great option for those seeking high-quality, eco-friendly outdoor gear and clothing. Their products are stylish, long-lasting, and built to endure years of use.

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3. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Mens Toyama Pass Down ParkaPin
Columbia Men’s Toyama Pass Down Parka

Columbia Sportswear, an American outdoor brand established in 1938 by a family who fled Germany, provides a broad range of outdoor clothing and gear, including jackets, pants, shirts, and footwear.

Columbia is widely recognized for its high-quality products that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and its affordability.

Columbia’s clothing is designed to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry in any weather. The brand also offers a range of sizes and styles for any body type.

Columbia Sportswear’s commitment to sustainability is another distinguishing feature of this company. They utilize recycled materials in many of their products and are continuously working to reduce their environmental impact.

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4. Mammut

Mammut official websitePin
Mammut official website

Mammut is a renowned Swiss company that specializes in outdoor clothing and equipment. The company was established in 1862 by Kaspar Tanner, who initially produced ropes.

Mammut is recognized for its premium products that cater to mountaineering, climbing, skiing, and casual city wear. Its product line includes backpacks, jackets, pants, and footwear.

Mammut is committed to sustainability and uses only top-quality materials in its products, including apparel and ropes. The company is affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation, ensuring fair working conditions for its employees. Also, Mammut employs recycled materials in some of its gear, such as recycled polyester.

The company uses innovative technologies to enhance the performance and durability of its products, such as the Gore-Tex Pro fabric, which is a three-layer fabric that is waterproof and breathable. However, the brand’s high prices remain a drawback, with some of Mammut’s jackets costing up to $900.

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5. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi official websitePin
Cotopaxi official website

Cotopaxi is a US-based outdoor gear and apparel brand that was established in 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand derives its name from the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador and is dedicated to producing high-quality outdoor gear while also giving back to the community.

Cotopaxi is a certified B Corporation, indicating that it adheres to stringent standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

The brand prioritizes sustainability in its products by using recycled materials whenever possible and collaborating with organizations worldwide to support humanitarian and environmental causes.

Cotopaxi’s product line includes backpacks, jackets, pants, and other outdoor gear, with the Teca Fleece being one of its most popular items. The Teca Fleece is made from 100% recycled fleece and repurposed water-resistant polyester taffeta, available in different colors, and suitable for layering in cold weather.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Cotopaxi is known for its distinctive and vibrant designs that feature bright colors and bold patterns, making them eye-catching on the trail.

Cotopaxi | Women's Cielo Rain Anorak | Spring 22

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6. Passenger Clothing

Passenger Clothing official websitePin
Passenger Clothing official website

Passenger Clothing is a UK-based company that designs clothes and gear for those who like spending time outdoors, whether it’s at the beach, in the woods, or just strolling around town.

The brand was established in 2013 in New Forest, UK, and caters to those who enjoy traveling and exploring. Passenger Clothing emphasizes quality clothing that is not only fashionable but also comfortable, allowing you to feel good while enjoying the great outdoors.

One of the brand’s primary features is its dedication to nature. Passenger Clothing is committed to planting a tree for every order it receives, enabling you to support an environmentally conscious brand.

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7. Marmot

Marmot official websitePin
Marmot official website

Marmot is a technical clothing, climbing, trekking, and outdoor equipment brand founded in 1974 in the United States. The brand was created by Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntly, who were students at the University of California.

During a school trip to Alaska, they came up with the idea for Club Marmot. With the assistance of Tom Boyce, they converted an old building into a store that sold outdoor clothing and equipment, launching the Marmot Mountains Works brand.

Marmot is known for producing high-quality outdoor gear for climbers, hikers, and campers, which undergo rigorous testing by athletes and mountain guides to ensure innovation. Today, Marmot offers a range of clothing and accessories for both men and women who enjoy outdoor activities.

As for sustainability, Marmot is dedicated to producing high-performance outdoor gear and apparel in a socially and eco-friendly manner.

The company understands the importance of innovation and uses it as a powerful tool to reduce its carbon footprint, promote conservation efforts, and advocate for humane working conditions.

Marmot’s commitment to sustainability is driven by its People/Product/Planet™ philosophy, which focuses on the well-being of its employees, the quality of its products, and the impact on the environment.

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8. Finisterre

Finisterre official websitePin
Finisterre official website

Since 2003, Finisterre has been a British adventure-wear brand that creates sustainable and long-lasting clothing for outdoor enthusiasts.

The company is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester and organic cotton, and collaborating with suppliers who share their values of sustainability and ethical practices.

Finisterre’s waterproof jackets are a standout product, with a new line featuring a fluorocarbon-free (FC-Free) durable water-repellent (DWR) finish, making them both waterproof and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the brand offers a range of outdoor clothing, including fleece jackets, base layers, and accessories.

Aside from its commitment to sustainability, Finisterre is also focused on community and education. They host events and workshops to teach people about sustainable living and outdoor activities, as well as partner with organizations like Surfers Against Sewage to protect the environment.

Finisterre is a great choice for those seeking sustainable and durable outdoor clothing. With their dedication to eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, outdoor enthusiasts can feel good about supporting this innovative brand.

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9. prAna

prAna official websitePin
prAna official website

Prana is a sustainable and functional American clothing brand and is a subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear. The brand offers clothing designed for adventure seekers and travelers, made with eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled materials.

Prana’s clothing is versatile, comfortable, and stylish, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The Stretch Zion and Brion pants are standout products, made with durable and stretchy fabric. The brand also offers a range of tops, shirts, and jackets perfect for layering, designed to be functional and comfortable for activities like hiking, rock climbing, and yoga.

Aside from their sustainable clothing, Prana is also committed to sustainability in other areas of their business. The Responsible Packaging Movement program aims to reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly packaging materials. Prana also partners with various organizations to support environmental causes and promote sustainable practices.

This company is a great choice for those seeking sustainable and functional clothing for travel and outdoor activities.

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10. Kathmandu

Kathmandu official websitePin
Kathmandu official website

Kathmandu is a brand that may not be as well-known as others, but it is definitely worth exploring. Established in 1987 in Christchurch, New Zealand, the brand primarily serves the outdoor markets of Australia and New Zealand, offering clothing and gear for a variety of outdoor activities, including mountaineering, camping, and hiking.

Kathmandu is committed to preserving nature and the environment, which is reflected in its wide range of products designed to help you enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably.

The brand’s manufacturing process and material selection prioritize sustainability to reduce environmental impact. For instance, recycled polyester and responsible down are two materials that follow this philosophy.

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11. Arc’teryx

Arcteryx official websitePin
Arc’teryx official website

Arc’teryx is a Canadian company that was founded in 1991 and is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The brand takes inspiration from the Canadian Coast Mountains, where they also test their products, and focuses on precise design and innovation.

Sustainability is also a top priority for the company, which has helped them become one of the most popular companies in the outdoor sector.

Arc’teryx offers streamlined and modern designs for mountaineering, skiing, and winter sports. While their prices are high, the quality of their products is also high. For a more detailed discussion of their prices, check out our article here.

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