Canada Goose Logo: Meaning, Symbol, and History

Canada Goose logo meaning infographic

Canada Goose is a Canadian brand famous for its winter parkas and down jackets that are great for protecting you from cold weather, just like that of Canada in winter.

Canada Goose jackets are made in Canada, under a strict manufacturing process and a 13-step quality-control process.

This results in a well-made and high-quality jacket, which will perform flawlessly under harsh conditions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Canada Goose logo, its meaning, and its history. Really interesting things to learn if you’re a fan of the brand!


1. Logo Meaning

If you’re familiar with the Canada Goose brand, you probably know the meaning behind its iconic logo.

The logo itself is a circular design that features a white mass in the center, which is actually meant to represent the ocean. The blue parts within the white mass symbolize islands.

On the outer ring, you’ll see the words “Canada Goose┬«” and “Arctic Program” embroidered in red, opposite of each other.

The logo also features five red maple leaves on each side, which are Canada’s national symbol. These leaves represent Canada Goose’s roots and its commitment to manufacturing its products in Canada.

While the text and maple leaves are pretty straightforward, the white mass is often mistaken for the outline of Canada’s map.

But, that’s not the case! In fact, the design is actually an inverted North Pole. It was created by David Reiss, the former CEO of Canada Goose and the father of the current CEO, Dani Reiss.

Dani himself explained what the logo symbolizes in an interview with “The Independent.”

2. A Short History of the Brand

Did you know that Canada Goose has been around since 1957? Originally known as Metro Sportswear Ltd, the brand got its current name when it expanded into the European market.

The name “Canada Goose” is actually related to the insulation used in their down products, which comes from geese. At least, in the beginning. Because now they use also duck down in many products.

When Canada Goose first started out, it focused on making raincoats and woolen vests.

Over time, they’ve expanded their product range to include a variety of items. Despite this, it’s their down jackets that have really put Canada Goose on the map and made them the beloved brand that they are today.

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Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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3. Logo History

Along with the many changes that the company has gone through over the years, its logo has also changed over time and has had many versions.

For example, below you can see one of Canada Goose’s previous logos embroidered on the internal part of one of their older jackets:

Canada Goose old logo

4. What Side Is the Canada Goose Logo On?

The Canada Goose logo is typically located on the left upper arm of their jackets. However, the placement may vary depending on the specific style of jacket.

If you’re asking this question to tell if the jacket you’re buying is original and not fake, just make sure you get it from a trusted seller, like the official website of the brand, or a reputable physical store, and you should be ok.

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