9 Best “Cheap” and Affordable Outdoor Clothing Brands

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It’s good to have a piece of high-performing outdoor gear from a high-end brand. We mean, we feel good at the moment of its unboxing and when we’re testing it after that.

But we also think that it’s better to get a more affordable brand if you’re just starting out with an outdoor activity, or if you practice it rarely.

The benefits are that you save money while testing different products and brands and learning more about which features you like most. You also learn if you really like the outdoor activity or sport.

You can then later choose to move to a more expensive brand or remain with the affordable one.

To help you with that, today we have put together a selection of 9 of the best outdoor clothing brands that have quite cheap and affordable prices.

And what about quality? – you’re probably thinking. Well, it’s true that you get what you pay for, but for general products, these brands don’t fall behind quality-wise if compared to other brands.

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section.


1. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear official websitePin
Columbia Sportswear official website

In 1938, a family who escaped Germany and settled in Portland, Oregon established Columbia Sportswear, or simply Columbia. Despite its global presence, Columbia has always maintained its identity as a small family-owned business.

The brand offers a comprehensive selection of outdoor products, and its popularity has increased over the years due in part to its reasonable prices accessible to different types of people.

Although it has cheap prices for many products, Columbia is not far behind other outdoor brands in terms of materials and technologies. The brand has introduced a range of innovations over the years. For instance, the Omni-Tech fabric is both waterproof and breathable, while the Omni-Grip outsoles provide good performance to Columbia’s hiking shoes.

As for prices, you can get a pair of Columbia hiking shoes or a good jacket for $70-$80.

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Tested Tough | Columbia Sportswear

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2. Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin official websitePin
Jack Wolfskin official website

Let’s now shift our focus to Jack Wolfskin, a German company established in 1981 by Ulrich Dausien.

The brand’s primary objective is to motivate people to venture outdoors and enjoy it with loved ones, and their products are tailored to facilitate this in a secure and comfortable way.

Jack Wolfskin provides an extensive range of outdoor apparel and gear, making it very popular in Europe. This popularity is also due to their reasonably priced products, allowing you to acquire all the essentials for your next outdoor expedition from one place.

For example, you can buy one of their jackets for as low as $100-$120 and one of their backpacks for around $70.

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3. Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse official websitePin
Mountain Warehouse official website

Most of you may recognize the British brand, Mountain Warehouse.

Since its start in the UK in 1997, Mountain Warehouse has produced functional equipment, sportswear, and footwear. Presently, the brand retails clothing and gear for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, skiing, cycling, running, camping, and fitness.

Their product range comprises a diverse selection of designs for jackets, pants, shoes, and accessories.

Mountain Warehouse currently has numerous stores across the UK, North America, Europe, and New Zealand. Their affordable pricing is among the factors that have contributed to their popularity.

How affordable? Well, you can get a Mountain Warehouse jacket for $50!

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4. Decathlon

Decathlon official websitePin
Decathlon official website

Decathlon is a brand group with many subsidiaries. Founded by Michel Leclercq in 1976 in Lille, France, it took only a decade for the company to expand globally. Presently, there are over 1500 stores in 40+ countries worldwide, alongside the brand’s official website for online purchases.

Decathlon’s subsidiaries are brands established and marketed by the company itself, and they are numerous in number. These are classified as “passion brands,” focusing on their particular niche sport and activity.

Some examples include Caperlan (Fishing), Quechua, Inesis (Golf), Outshock (Combat Sports), and Domyos (Fitness and Gym), among others. The brand takes pride in its reasonably priced and high-quality products that are durable and offer a good performance overall.

Decathlon: Explore our Design Centers

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5. Dickies

Dickies official websitePin
Dickies official website

Dickies was established in 1922 in Fort Worth, Texas, and the brand has gained popularity over the years, mainly for producing workwear, but also for outdoor apparel and accessories.

Many years after its inception, Dickies began expanding into different countries in Europe and the Middle East, and it can now be found in over 100 countries worldwide, setting the standard for workwear.

Today, when one thinks of this brand, they immediately associate it with durable clothing crafted from high-quality, sturdy materials, available at an accessible price.

For example, one of the brand’s jackets that stands out is the Insulated Eisenhower Jacket, which is highly practical while also featuring an elegant and classic design. It cost around $70!

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6. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer official websitePin
Eddie Bauer official website

Since 1920, Eddie Bauer has been delivering innovative outdoor gear at reasonable prices. The brand is named after its founder, Eddie Bauer, and has patented several designs, including the renowned quilted down jacket.

Eddie Bauer employs the latest fabric technologies, such as eVent, as well as its own technologies like WeatherEdge.

For the high-end technology it uses, Eddie Bauer is considered one of the most affordable brands. A closer look at its winter products reveals that the brand specializes in water-resistant designs that are designed to endure harsh weather conditions.

This brand offers an extensive line of products, ranging from pants and shirts to jackets and parkas, providing you with everything you require for any kind of weather.

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7. Merrell

Merrell hiking bootsPin
Merrell hiking boots

Established in 1981, Merrell is an American brand that specializes in crafting hiking and outdoor footwear.

Merrell has long been acknowledged as one of the top outdoor equipment manufacturers, with comfort, durability, design, and versatility being among its core values.

M-Select Dry, a commonly employed technology by the brand, is comparable to Gore-Tex in that it ensures a waterproof membrane that insulates and also permits the feet to breathe. Several technologies, such as Vibram, provide excellent traction to Merrell’s shoes for a variety of terrains.

The company is also highly committed to sustainability, as evidenced by its use of natural and recycled materials in its products.

As for prices, you can buy a pair of Merrell Moab hiking shoes for $100-$120 which is very accessible if we compare it with other hiking shoe brands.

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8. Carhartt

Carhartt official websitePin
Carhartt official website

Hamilton Carhartt established Carhartt in 1889 in Detroit, USA, initially producing workwear for railroad workers, soldiers, and marines. It subsequently expanded to include a women’s clothing range.

Today, Carhartt is recognized for its premium work and outdoor apparel, available in all sizes for all genders and ages. Carhartt provides a broad selection of workwear, as well as outdoor clothing and accessories including jackets, pants, and shirts.

Despite the superior quality of the materials, prices are very budget-friendly. A pair of pants, for example, will cost you $50-$60 at Carhartt.

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9. Trespass

Trespass official websitePin
Trespass official website

Trespass, established in Glasgow, Scotland in 1984, is a prominent name among those passionate about skiing and outdoor enthusiasts.

Their product range includes options for men, women, girls, and boys, including not only clothing and jackets but also equipment, footwear, and essential accessories for a secure and pleasurable outdoor experience.

Although the brand primarily concentrates on ski clothing and waterproof jackets, we believe their other products are also worth exploring. For example, you can buy a beautiful puffer jacket from them to use every day for around $70.

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