Carhartt vs Dickies, Work and Outdoor Wear: A Comparison

Carhartt vs Dickies, Work and Outdoor Wear: A ComparisonPin

There is nothing better than wearing comfortable and reliable clothes, especially at work and during outdoor activities.

Carhartt and Dickies are two well-known brands that closely compete with each other. They will surely catch your attention for their practical, durable and comfortable apparel.

In our selection of 8 quality brands similar to Carhartt that we made a few weeks ago, Dickies was one of these brands.

And so, today we thought to compare the outdoor gear and workwear of these two brands and see which would be the best choice.

Who is going to win this time, Carhartt or Dickies? Let’s try to find out!


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1. Carhartt

A Short History of the Brand

Dating back to 1889, founded by Hamilton Carhartt, the Carhartt brand started its legacy just like any startup company.

By using simple tools in a loft hidden somewhere in Detroit, Carhartt began sewing workwear for railroad workers.

Carhartt started expanding in 1910, both domestically and internationally. It had workshops in Georgia, Dallas, and several other places. Carhartt also included mills in Liverpool, Vancouver, and Toronto.

photographer wearing carhartt jacketPin

Carhartt’s logo is cleverly designed to demonstrate the name of the brand. The “car in heart” was one of the initial designs of the brand’s logo and has officially made its debut early in the twentieth century.

Although there was a design before the “car in heart” logo, it wasn’t around for a long time. Carhartt’s current logo is different from its previous emblems.

It features a circular, yellow figure that’s similar to a wave. It is speculated that the logo indicates Carhartt’s growth over the years and how the brand transitioned into the international workwear markets.

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How To Break In Your Carhartts

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Materials and Manufacture

One material that Carhartt is famous for is its Duck fabric that was first launched in 1915. It was known for its durability and breathability among railroad workers.

However, duck fabric is prone to damage when it absorbs water and it needs to be combined with water-repellent materials for outdoor usage.

Carhartt has created different versions of the Duck fabric for various needs and requirements.

Nike Air Force 1 x Carhartt WIP shoesPin

Another technology that Carhartt uses widely in its products is the Force Extremes┬« 37.5┬« Technology. It dries faster than other fabrics, it is lightweight, fights odors and can regulate your body’s temperature.

Much of Carhartt’s manufacturing process is done in the US. The brand’s products are designed in Michigan and their “Made in the USA” line is manufactured in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Made by Hand: Carhartt Made in USA

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Popular Designs

Now let’s take a look at some popular Carhartt’s products, to see in detail what they offer. We will do the same for Dickies later in this comparison.

Carhartt Men’s Quilt Lined Zip-To-Thigh Bib Overalls R41

Carhartt Mens Quilt Lined Zip-To-Thigh Bib Overalls R41Pin


Check it out on

We couldn’t include some of Carhartt’s products without mentioning their iconic Bib overalls.

The overalls are made of ringspun cotton duck, nylon and polyester fabrics. This combination of textiles can maintain the warmth of your body even in cold weather.

Carhartt Men’s Midweight Sleeve Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Carhartt Mens Midweight Sleeve Logo Hooded SweatshirtPin


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Similar to the overalls, this Carhartt’s sweatshirt is made out of a cotton and polyester blend. It has quite a reputation for its flexibility, as it has spandex rib-knit cuffs and waistband that can be stretched without damaging the fabric.

The kangaroo pocket is wide enough to hold up your belongings like keys and cellphone.


Carhartt’s products are affordable, with some of them costing as little as $15. Their workwear ranges between $20 and $75, and it typically doesn’t exceed $150.

Are Carhartt’s Products Worth the Price?

Judging by the quality of their materials, Carhartt’s products are worth their price in our opinion. The brand offers durable and convenient outdoor and work apparel at fair prices.

2. Dickies

A Short History of the Brand

Previous to establishing the famous workwear brand Dickies, C.N. Williamson and E.E. Dickie started their careers in the “vehicle and harness” business in Texas.

In 1918, they decided with some friends to start the U.S. Overall Company, thus entering the workwear market. In 1922 the company was renamed “Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company”.

dickies logo on pantsPin

The brand later expanded to include international markets. Dickies entered both the European and Middle Eastern markets, the latter through oilmen who presented the brand in those places.

Up until the 1970s, Dickies sold only men’s workwear. However, with the beginning of a new decade, the 1980s, the brand decided to widen its audience and enter the women’s and kid’s wear market.

The 1970s’ logo and the current logo are quite similar. The Dickies logo still holds the brand’s name in a blue or white-colored stylized rectangle with a horseshoe in the background.

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Materials and Manufacture

Many of their clothes, for example work pants, are made of polyester / cotton blends.

For their workwear, Dickies uses water repellent and moisture wicking fabric technologies and materials, that keep you dry and cool.

The brand’s textiles combine flexibility with breathability, which enable the wearer to work and be active outdoors without worrying about unpleasant odors.

The manufacturing process used to take place in the U.S, but with the remarkable growth of the brand, many of the production processes were moved to facilities in Mexico, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Japan, and China.

The Evolution of Denim Workwear: The Dickies Denim Story

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Popular Designs

Now let’s take a closer look at two Dickies’ products:

Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant

Dickies Mens Original 874 Work PantPin


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Dickies’ Original 874 work pants are both wrinkle and stain resistant, made of polyester / cotton blend. What’s notable about these pants is that they are easy to care for.

They are high-quality, sturdy, and available in many colors.

Dickies Men’s Short Sleeve Heavyweight T-Shirt

Dickies Mens Short Sleeve Heavyweight T-ShirtPin


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This Dickies t-shirt comes with a crew neck design and it is durable and soft, made of heavyweight, 100% cotton jersey knit. The neck and shoulder seams are taped and more durable.

It features a long tail that looks good and keeps you concealed, and has a divider in the chest pocket to place a pen.


You can find a Dickies T-shirt for as low as $10, and a pair of pants would cost around $25. Quite affordable, don’t you think?

Are Dickies’ Products Worth the Price?

Most definitely, in our opinion. Taking in consideration their products’ durability and comfort, Dickies has one of the best price-quality ratios in the market.

3. Which Brand is Better?

Two Lumberjacks sawing wood trunk wearing work clothesPin

It’s a tough call to decide which of these two brands “surpasses” the other. Both of them are long-lasting, reliable and made of comfortable, high-quality materials.

In terms of quality and prices, they strongly compete.

So, which one is better?

It all boils down to your personal preference. If you enjoy colors and versatility in designs, then Dickies would be the brand for you.

On the other hand, Carhartt keeps it simple and classic. Most of their products are solid colored with little to no design.

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