French Hiking Boots & Shoes: Our 5 Favorite Brands

French Hiking Boots & Shoes: Our 5 Favorite Brands

The French brands that produce sports shoes are known for both their efficiency and their elegance. In fact, attention to detail distinguishes several companies based in France, but there are also many other characteristics that make up their products.

As for hiking boots, this type of footwear is used for backpacking, long hikes on rough terrain, or walking outdoors. Precisely for these reasons, these boots must be very resistant and allow the feet not to feel the heaviness of the footwear.

Many French brands aim to create hiking boots that can ensure a certain lightness for the wearer and at the same time guarantee the customer a good level of comfort and protection, while also offering beautiful designs.

Today we have researched and selected 5 French brands that create hiking boots with all these features. Let’s take a look at their history and the characteristics that distinguish them.


1. Aigle

Aigle official website hiking shoes
Aigle official website: hiking shoes

The French brand Aigle was born in 1853 in Montargis thanks to Hiram Hutchinson and deals with the production of sports shoes and in particular hiking shoes, but is also a manufacturer of clothing and accessories.

The element that distinguishes Aigle is elegance, which also characterizes their clothing items that can be worn on casual occasions. It is a brand that manages to make each of its products look elegant, while also focusing on simplicity and high-quality materials.

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A model of Aigle hiking boots is “The equestrian-inspired ankle rain boot“, which is very special because it has a design studied to reach the highest level of resistance. Another feature is that these boots also have a sole capable of offerings a good grip on all types of terrain, avoiding any possible risk of falling or slipping.

Aigle equestrian-inspired ankle rain boot
Aigle equestrian-inspired ankle rain boot – from

For this reason, they can also be used when the weather is adverse: they can be worn if it rains heavily, if there is snow, but also if there is a lot of humidity or if the temperatures are low. In addition, the design is quite particular, easy to combine with different colors, since the model is black and gray.

Thanks to this example of hiking boots it can be said that Aigle, as has already been mentioned, focuses above all on simplicity, but at the same time the company also aims to create products capable of guaranteeing the maximum level of comfort for the wearer.

These boots, as well as others from the brand, allow you to do long hikes without getting tired quickly. This is because of the lightness of the materials used to make these boots.

2. Lafuma

Lafuma official website hiking boots
Lafuma official website: hiking boots

Lafuma is a well-known brand for its production of outdoor clothing and footwear and its origin dates back to the year 1930, when Alfred, Victor, and Gabriel Lafuma, three brothers, started a brand that bore their surname.

Initially, the company consisted only of a small artisan workshop, but they had great success with the invention of a backpack with a metal structure. From there, the company became more and more known and important, until it became specialized for recreational and sports activities.

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Among the many hiking boots that Lafuma produces, we can mention the men’s APENNINS CLIM MID, which represent an important feature of the French brand: versatility. These boots are in fact suitable for hiking, but also for mountain activities of all kinds.


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Many models that the company produces are designed with the intention of being used for different types of outdoor activities and different types of terrain. This versatility is due to the materials, but also to the structure.

These hiking boots have extra support placed on the ankle, to ensure maximum protection for the wearer and also maximum safety. The customer who tries them will find that the foot will have a firm grip on the ground and this will guarantee greater speed, but also less risk of falling.

The Vibram sole is responsible for the excellent grip and in addition the front is flexible and light, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Among other things, Lafuma thinks of all the details, given that many models of footwear and especially those for hiking are also designed to prevent the customer from forming blisters.

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3. Millet

The history of the French brand Millet begins in the year 1921. This year, the two founders Marc and Hermance Millet, began to produce shopping bags. Today the company produces outdoor clothing and shoes and is based in Annecy.

Millet’s philosophy is based on the desire to satisfy every customer request, whether it concerns the design, the colors, but also the different types of models. For these reasons, the brand has created a wide variety of clothing and footwear, specializing above all on products for mountaineering.


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An example of hiking boots by Millet is this Men’s Friction M Low-cut Boot, which is very versatile. The Vibram outsoles guarantee good traction and grip, and the boot is a good option for varied terrain. The design is beautiful and perfect to be worn with colorful outfits.

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4. Salomon

unboxing a pair of Salomon hiking boots
unboxing a pair of Salomon hiking boots

Salomon was founded in 1947 and is based in Annecy. It is very famous for making many different types of shoes and boots suitable for different types of sports.

An example of hiking boots that can best show the characteristics of this French brand is the Quest 4 Gore-Tex, which is particular because it offers comfort, elegance, resistance, and sturdiness in a single product.

To these features is also added the fact that these boots are quite lightweight, which allows those who wear them to be able to use them on long hikes.

X ULTRA | Salomon Hiking

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Salomon is also focused on using high-quality materials and is always looking for innovative solutions that can amaze customers more and more. Some of these innovative technologies include the Gore-Tex membrane, Contagrip soles, etc.

Gore-Tex, as we have seen in previous articles, makes it possible to create waterproof boots that can be used in adverse weather conditions, and that are breathable at the same time.

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5. Decathlon

Decathlon official website hiking boots and shoes
Decathlon official website: hiking boots and shoes

Decathlon is a very famous brand for the production of sports and outdoor equipment of all kinds. From clothing to footwear to accessories and everything you need to practice your favorite sport or outdoor activity, you can find it in the Decathlon stores.

The company’s philosophy focuses on offering every customer a very wide variety of products to choose from: each product is versatile and available in different shapes and colors.

As for the origins of the company, it was founded in 1976 when it opened its first store in Lille, France. From there it expanded to other countries, such as Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, etc., in the 1980s and 1990s, and continued its expansion outside of Europe in the 2000s.

Decathlon’s hiking boots are usually resistant, suitable for long hikes, comfortable, protective, and with affordable prices. An example is their Women’s Quechua Mountain Walking Mid Shoes MH100.

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