9 Danish Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Top Picks

9 Danish Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Top PicksPin

Danish footwear brands are known for their precision, attention to detail, and for their wide variety of products.

Today they offer a myriad of shoes and boots on the market suitable for every occasion and characterized by colors and shapes able to satisfy even the tastes of the most particular customers.

In this selection, we have researched and chosen 9 Danish brands that we believe are some of the best, not only for the high quality of the shoes and boots they produce but also for their attention to every single detail.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!


1. Ecco

Ecco official website mens bootsPin
Ecco official website: men’s boots

Ecco is a brand of footwear and accessories for men and women and its objectives are very particular. This company, first of all, wants to satisfy all possible customer tastes, creating products of every type of shape, color, able to adapt to any occasion.

There are in fact elegant shoes and boots, some are modern and perfect to be worn every day, while others are perfect for special events.

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One of the main purposes of the brand, however, is to emphasize the importance of respect for the environment, but also respect for every person, every type of language, every habit, and every nation. These are very important values, which are vital for the brand.

Ecco was founded in 1963 by Birte and Karl Toosbuy, who was a shoemaker and had the dream of opening his own shoe factory. With great sacrifices, including the sale of the house, this dream came true and today the brand is very famous.


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As for the models of shoes and boots, we can mention the ECCO ST. 1 HYBRID LITE Men’s GTX Boot, which is perfect to be worn on an elegant evening, but also for every day, to maintain a refined look. This boot was made paying attention to sustainability and respect for the environment, a main focus of the company.

2. Ilse Jacobsen

Ilse Jacobsen official website bootsPin
Ilse Jacobsen official website: boots

Ilse Jacobsen is not only the name of the Danish company famous internationally for the production of clothing and footwear but also the name of the entrepreneur who founded it in 1993. Ilse loves her small town Hornbæk, the head office of the company, and it is precisely in this city that she draws inspiration to make all the products.

The brand specializes in the typical Danish climate and has become famous for its products’ resistance to rain, wind, and cold temperatures. Another feature that has made the brand popular is its attention to detail, elegance, and refinement.

There is also simplicity, another main characteristic of the shoes and boots by Ilse Jacobsen, as can be seen from these Brown High Heel Ankle Boots, which are elegant, comfortable, stable, and with a sturdy heel.

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3. Ivylee Copenhagen

Ivylee Copenhagen official websitePin
Ivylee Copenhagen official website

Ivylee Copenhagen is a Danish company well known for the production of shoes and boots of all kinds and its main goal is to make each product perfect for every situation.

In fact, its creators want every pair of shoes purchased not to go in the closet, but to be worn every day, because it is perfect for any occasion.

An example of boots from this company is the Frances-off-White, also available in other colors on the brand’s website and representing classic cowboy boots. Stable and elegant at the same time, they are robust, very comfortable, and designed to be lightweight.

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4. Arkk Copenhagen

Arkk Copenhagen originated in 2014, thanks to Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Høj Rasmussen, two friends who had a brilliant idea: to create a sneaker that is not particular but based on comfort. For the company, in fact, the most important thing is comfort, which represents the main purpose of the brand.

Besides these features, there is also functionality and simplicity. In fact, after the first products were made, the brand had great success and started to give life to an ever-increasing number of shoes.

ARKK Copenhagen | We Love Sneakers

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The aesthetic details are also very particular, as can be seen from the model Avory Mesh W13, which has a truly original and perfect shade to be combined with different types of outfits.

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5. Roccamore

Roccamore produces shoes that are designed by Frederikke Antonie Schmidt, who has worked for several luxury companies. The philosophy of the company is based on the fact of wanting to offer comfortable products to their customers and in addition to reduce pressure on the forefoot and on the foot’s arch.

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For example, the Roccamore’s Saga Beige boot manages to combine simplicity and elegance, but also strength and stability. By wearing these boots you will be able to enjoy a high level of comfort.

In addition to this, the design is handmade in Italy using sustainable materials, another characteristic of the company, which is committed to respecting the environment.

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6. Woden

Woden official websitePin
Woden official website

Woden is attentive to lower its impact on the environment and for this reason, it uses sustainable materials, but this is not the only feature that distinguishes the brand. Another feature is represented by simplicity, but also by the comfort and durability of the products over time. Woden was born in 2013 and was founded by a shoemaker named Carsten Holm.

An example of boots that best represent the characteristics of this company is the Magda Rubber Track Boot, which in addition to presenting particular colors that easily match different outfits, is extremely comfortable and stable.

The high quality of the materials, which guarantees a good level of waterproofness, makes it possible to wear them in winter and when it rains.

Woden offers a wide variety of products to satisfy every type of customer that needs footwear for many different occasions. Their shoes and boots are based on Scandinavian design, which combines simple elements to create original products.

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ANGULUS official website womens bootsPin
ANGULUS official website: women’s boots

ANGULUS is a family-owned company that was born in 1904 by Willy Madsen’s father. Willy Madsen’s innovative ideas came when he noticed that the shoes worn by children at that time were very uncomfortable and with an inappropriate structure.

For this reason, he decided to create revolutionary and perfect footwear to help the natural movement of the foot. Willy decided to leave his teaching profession to become a shoemaker and from that day, he began a path that led him to the success of ANGULUS.

The success was even greater when the founder married a beautiful and talented ballerina, very famous in those years: Else Højgaard, who wore the models made by her husband helping with the recognition of the brand.

A characteristic of the company is that each product is handcrafted in the brand’s factory in Portugal and the designers have different objectives: first of all, comfort, but also the durability of the materials over time, stability, and sturdiness.

Among the many designs that ANGULUS offers, we can mention these Boots with elastic, which are elegant and comfortable, and their rubber sole allows you to have a good grip even on rough terrain.

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GANNI official website bootsPin
GANNI official website: boots

GANNI is a company that focuses on practicality and comfort. Proof of these characteristics are the thick, rubber soles that are present on various shoe designs and that can guarantee a good grip and traction on different types of terrain.

The brand was founded in 2000 when Frans Truelsen created a line of cashmere clothing and since then, the company has become more and more famous and popular.

As an example of boots by GANNI, we have chosen the Calf Leather High Chelsea Boot, which is practical, very comfortable, and perfect to be worn on different occasions.

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9. Garment Project

Garment Project official websitePin
Garment Project official website

Garment Project was born in 2013 and its main objective is to be able to create better products, both from an aesthetic point of view and for their comfort, but also for the choice of materials.

Another characteristic that distinguishes the brand is the creation of a series of designs to give everyone the opportunity to find their favorite shoes.

Among these, we can mention the design Elise Chelsea Off White Rubberised Leather, perfect to be worn in light rain and in cool weather, thanks to it being water-resistant and offering a good level of protection from the elements. Being lightweight is another feature of this boot.

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