Marmot EVODry Water-Repelling Technology: Review and Performance

Marmot EVODry Water-Repelling Technology: Review and PerformancePin

Being out in the woods is a favorite pastime for many people. Nature does wonders for the mind and body, but sometimes the weather does not really permit for a good time.

Enter waterproof clothing, developed specifically to keep you dry in the worst rain and snow.

These past years, we have tried our best to bring you the top performing waterproof technologies and jackets, so that your time outdoors will be safe and enjoyable, without worrying about what weather has in store for the day.

Fabric technologies have come a really long way and we have included several of them in our selections, reviews and comparisons.

Today, we will take a look at another waterproof technology and learn more about its qualities and how it works.

We chose Marmot’s EVODry waterproof technology for this review.

Let’s get started!


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1. Marmot: The Brand

Marmot is an American brand established in 1974, by a trio of friends that spent a great deal of their time outdoors and required a puffy jacket that would withstand the harsh conditions they had to deal with.

Because the market at the time was lacking, they took it upon themselves to design the puffy jacket they needed, which was then named the Golden Mantle. This jacket would then go on to become their most renowned product.

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However, their big breakthrough was after they started to use Gore-Tex fabrics in their products, which ensured that they would remain dry and breathable regardless of how bad the weather conditions.

Marmot is most renowned for its outdoor apparel, but their bags and tents are said to be some of the best on the market and in great designs that are easy to set up.

2. The EVODry Water-repellent Technology

EVODry is a waterproof technology that is developed by Marmot with the purpose of providing protection against the elements, without burdening the environment.

As we have seen with other brands, there are great strides being made by many of them to lessen the environmental impact of their manufacturing and production means.

This is done by using recycled or upcycled materials, such as nylon and polyester, incorporating technologies that utilize less chemicals and waterproofing garments by using water-repellent coatings that are PFC-free.

Marmot has done all three for their EVODry technology. It was created sustainably, through the use of upcycled nylon, with less water and dyes to produce, and coated with PFC-free water repellent finish.

EVODry: Rainwear Reinvented #NoBadWeather

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We referred to EVODry as a water-repellent technology because of its DWR finish, but it is indeed fully waterproof and made to last for many years, without requiring re-application of its water repellent coating.

While Marmot continue to use Gore-Tex in a number of their products, EVODry was created as an eco-friendly alternative that performs similarly.

It is primarily used in jackets designed as rainwear, to provide full protection against wet conditions.

Does the EVODry Technology Work?

Before we delve deeper into how EVODry works, to answer the question of whether it works or not, we have to say that it does.

In fact, online you will find numerous reviews of their popular Eclipse jacket (featured below), which utilizes the EVODry technology and is regarded as one of the best jackets to wear in rainy weather.

Marmot EVODry #NoBadWeather

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As a technology, EVODry does not rely solely on its PFC-free DWR coating. Its water-repellence goes much deeper than that, right down to its fibers.

This is done through the use of Green Theme Technologies’ AquaVent technology, which uses high-pressure gas on the surface of the fabric in order to push the water repellent product into the fabric and then polymerize it through heat so that it bonds to the fibers.

By doing so, the DWR coating does not just bond to the surface of the fabric, which would make it easier to break down and weaken as time goes by.

Using AquaVent technology, the fibers are instead covered with DWR, which makes the fabric much more durable against the elements and the water repellent coating to last for a very long time.

This is a water-free process, too.

As you can see, AquaVent is an eco-friendly technology which, in combination with Marmot’s sustainable manufacturing, makes EVODry also eco-friendly and less taxing for the environment.

Aside from its resiliency in wet conditions, EVODry is also breathable, which is really useful when you are looking to wear a jacket that will provide a well-rounded and comfortable experience.

After all, there is no point in staying dry on the outside while you are soaked on the inside.

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3. Products That Use the EVODry Technology

Marmot Eclipse Jacket

Marmot Men's Eclipse JacketPin


Men’s Version – check it out on:

Amazon DEAmazon UKAmazon US

Amazon ESAmazon FRAmazon IT

Amazon CA

Women’s Version – check it out on:

Amazon DEAmazon UKAmazon US

Amazon ESAmazon FRAmazon IT

Eclipse is the best representative of Marmot’s EVODry technology. This is a lightweight design, which comes in options for both men and women.

Eclipse is a hooded jacket, with a high collar and water-resistant zippers that keep the body and pockets dry.

Made to be breathable aside from being fully waterproof, with sealed seams, Eclipse has pit zips that help with ventilation when activity is high and when temperatures increase.

It has a drop-tail hem that can be adjusted, and it provides better coverage to the back when moving, sitting and hiking. Its sleeve cuffs are adjustable with Velcro tabs and the fit is loose in order to allow for better movement and easier layering.

The only difference between the men and women’s versions is the slightly cut waist, which provides a better and more flattering fit for women.

Marmot Eclipse Jacket

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Marmot Men’s Bennu Anorak

Marmot Men's Bennu AnorakPin


Men’s Version – check it out on:

Amazon DEAmazon UKAmazon US

Amazon FR

The second design is the Bennu Anorak, which is made with the MemBrain® Eco Waterproof Fabric, utilizing the EVODry technology. It comes with fully taped seams and with a kangaroo pocket in front.

The collar is hooded and adjustable with drawcords. It buttons up from the middle of the torso. There are two side pockets on this design, as well as a pocket on the right sleeve.

The sleeve cuffs are elasticized and the hem is in a drop-tail design, which provides better coverage to the legs and back.

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4. Conclusion

person hiking in the mountainsPin

Marmot is a brand that makes really impressive apparel and outdoor gear. Their EVODry technology is an innovative creation that is designed to provide great protection against the elements, without the cost on the environment.

It utilizes a waterless manufacturing and PFC-free water repellent combination that does not harm nature and is far more eco-friendly and sustainable.

From what we have seen so far, this technology works impressively and it is said to be highly durable and resistant, requiring no re-application and no effort on the wearer’s part to maintain.

If you are looking for a breathable, waterproof and eco-friendly, sustainable product, those that rely on EVODry would be a recommended choice by us.

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