Pajar vs Canada Goose: Which Brand is Better?

Pajar vs Canada Goose: Which Brand is Better?Pin

We are back with another addition to the brand comparison series and this is one that you don’t want to miss.

This time, we are comparing two popular Canadian brands, Pajar and Canada Goose. Pajar is a newcomer in this series, whereas Canada Goose has been extensively featured.

Both brands have been around for decades and are still standing strong by focusing on customer satisfaction.

Let’s see which one would be the right choice for you.


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1. Pajar

A short history of the brand

This Canadian brand was established in 1963 in Montreal by Paul Golbert after emigrating from France. He took inspiration for the name of the brand by selecting the first letters of his own name, his son’s name, and his wife’s name.

Pajar official websitePin
Pajar official website

He began importing Italian, French, and Spanish footwear and launched his showroom in 1967. Golbert is referred to as a pioneer in the footwear industry in Canada. In 1973, he established his own factory.

In 1989, Pajar officially provided products for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. Gradually, Pajar expanded to outerwear as well.

Currently, this brand is one of the leading outerwear and footwear retailers and manufacturers in Canada, specializing in the distribution and manufacturing of high-quality products for women and men.

Pajar is a fully family-owned brand and at present, run by Jacques, Golbert’s son, and Michel, his grandson.

While the brand is still renowned for its Apres Ski boot, the Zig-Zag, and primarily for its footwear, its winter coats and other outdoor gear are also quite popular.

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Materials and Manufacture

Some products of Pajar are still manufactured in Canada while another part is made in their global facilities in Asia, Portugal, and Italy.

The outerwear and footwear use seam-sealed, high-quality waterproof textiles, and leathers. They use the Pajar-Tex waterproof technology that will help you in feeling snug throughout the winter.

Their jackets utilize genuine fur uppers that are created from goat, rabbit, and fox fur, as well as seam-sealed construction and hydro-repellent leather. They use eco-friendly down, which is hypoallergenic and sterilized.

Pajar supports animal welfare and ensures that the animals aren’t subjected to inhumane treatment. This brand also offers a one-year warranty, with jacket repairs free of cost.

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Popular designs

Because Pajar is a newcomer, we have featured two of their jackets in this comparison. The first design we have selected is the Charlotte Down Jacket for women.

Pajar Women’s Charlotte Down Jacket

Pajar Women's Charlotte Down JacketPin
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This elegant jacket is made of 100% Nylon and features quilting details. It has a front zip and includes a detachable hood. The faux fur trim is removable and it has a standing collar. It has a slimming fit so it fits closely to your body for maximum protection and comfort.

This jacket also features elastic sleeve cuffs to give you a snug fit and ensure that you stay warm. It also has two zipper side pockets to keep your hands warm or to be used as cargo pockets.

Pajar Men’s Wells Long-Length Parka

Pajar Men's Wells Long-Length ParkaPin
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For men, we picked the Wells Parka, a 100% Nylon jacket, lined with 100% Polyester on the inside. It comes with a detachable and adjustable hood that has Bleached Fox fur trim around, which is removable.

This is a practical design, equipped with several outer and inner pockets, and comes in thigh length, for better coverage and protection.

It is insulated with white duck down and has a water-resistant shell, as well as ribbed storm cuffs.


Pajar utilizes materials of the highest quality, which results in enhanced comfort and durability. The prices of their products range from affordable to expensive, depending on the design and features of the product.

There are options available for around $200, as well as those that go upwards of $600.

Are these jackets worth the price?

Many online reviews indicate that they are worth their price, and we agree with them. The jackets are durable and stylish and can keep you warm and safe from the elements.

2. Canada Goose

A short history of the brand

Canada Goose was established by Sam Tick in 1957.

Initially, it was launched under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd. Tick spent years working as a cutter in multiple factories until he created this company in a tiny warehouse.

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The brand started with outerwear, including snowmobile suits, raincoats, woolen vests, and others, before it introduced its down-filled outerwear during the 1970s.

canada goose logo on jacketPin
Image: Canada Goose logo on a jacket

The brand focused on creating heavy-duty parkas and down-filled coats for the Ministry of Correctional Services, Ministry of Environment, municipal workers, Ontario Provincial Police, city police departments, and Canadian Rangers.

Their most renowned design to date is the Expedition Parka, which is considered to be the warmest parka there is, as it was designed for Arctic expeditions and made to withstand the freezing temperatures of those areas.

In 2010, the brand started expanding internationally. Currently, Canada Goose sells gloves, shells, hats, vests, parkas, and jackets, as well as other clothing via numerous avenues, both direct and wholesale through their own retail stores.

Canada Goose’s products are known for style, functionality, and quality. Their travel-inspired, technical, down-insulated outerwear offers protection during harsh weather.

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Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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Materials and Manufacture

The main materials used by Canada Goose are Down, Fur, Wool, Polyester, and Nylon. The brand utilizes down because it is the best insulator. Their down is primarily sourced from mature geese, but duck down is also part of some designs.

The RDS certification guarantees the full traceability of the down used, as well as the humane treatment of the waterfowl it is sourced from.

All of their down blends include Canadian Hutterite down, which is known as a top-quality down in Canada. This creates lightweight jackets without compromising warmth.

The wool used by this brand is taken from sheep raised without the process of mulesing or other inhumane practices.

Canada Goose uses Coyote fur in their jackets, which is sourced from the U.S. and Canada, and are now striving to move away from designs that feature the fur trim.

All the products by Canada Goose come with a full warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials. In case of any defects, the brand offers to repair or replace the product free of charge.

The brand is meticulous in its manufacturing process and its products are renowned for the high quality of the stitching and the finishing.

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Striving For Excellence | Canada Goose

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Popular designs

By Canada Goose, we have picked the Camp Hoody for women.

Canada Goose Women’s Camp Hoody

Canada Goose Women's Camp HoodyPin
Check it out at

This jacket provides wind protection and warmth, because of its ripstop shell, drop down tail, and hood. This is an ideal jacket to be used during a wilderness camping trip or skiing adventure. You can also compress it, making it easier to pack.

It has a slim fit and comes with a windproof shell that offers enhanced protection from the wind and cold. The jacket has also an adjustable hood.

It includes zipper pockets, which can keep your hands warm or offer a space to keep your belongings safe. It also features an adjustable hem, internal mesh pocket, and Power Stretch cuffs to seal out the cold.

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Canada Goose is a high-end brand offering outerwear of outstanding quality that provides you with the highest wind and cold protection. The prices of their products are considerably high, averaging at around $600 and going above that.

Are these jackets worth their price?

If you live in a place with harsh cold weather, then these jackets are definitely worth their price. Their quality is impeccable and they are said to last for many years.

Here we have an in-depth article on this topic: Why is Canada Goose so Expensive? Are their Jackets Worth the Price?

3. Which Brand is Better?

woman wearing parka in city streetPin

Pajar and Canada Goose are both well-established brands providing high-quality outerwear for their customers.

Both brands use quality down and source their raw materials from responsible and traceable sources. They both offer a good warranty on their products.

The decision as to which is better comes down to your preference.

Pajar offers quality jackets that are more stylish than those by Canada Goose. Pajar jackets are also more affordable.

However, down jackets by Canada Goose are some of the world’s best jackets when it comes to protection from low temperatures. These jackets are also extremely durable, which means you get your money’s worth out of them.

So, opt for Canada Goose jackets if you live in extremely cold areas, otherwise, Pajar is the way to go.

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  1. I have a Pajar puffer coat (forgot name) and the Victoria parka from Canada Goose. I’ve had my goose for about 4 years now and I love it! It held up its value and technology. It’s worth the splurge. I purchased a Pajar this year because I wanted an alternative winter coat and didn’t want to spend 1k on another goose. I find my Pajar has been slowly losing its feathers more which is a little disappointing given that my goose over 4 years hasn’t. Both keep me warm during cold nyc walking weather, hot even. Either way you go, both brands are great. If you can afford a goose, worth the investment. If you want something more affordable, go with a Pajar.

  2. I would vote for Pajar hands down. I bought a Cougar 5 years ago and wear it every day in the winter. It is warm, durable and stylish and looks the same as it did when I first bought it. The features are great and they have invested in trip upgrades like leather. I just nought a 2nd Pajar in another color and 40″ instead of the 36″ I have already, not because I need a new coat but because after 5 years, I’m ready for another option:)

  3. I love my Pajar winter coat. Have been wearing it for 4 years now and it’s likely to last me 4 more. Super warm and cosy and the material is very durable. I also got it on sale and it’s been worth every penny. For the price of 1 Canada Goose which never goes on sale, I could have bought 2 Pajars. I will continue to stick with Pajar.

    • I have a M size parka and I find them on the larger side. Lose on the waist. I actually need to take the waist in 2 inches to get a better fit.

  4. i just bought a pajar coat with goose down. Just opened the box as it came in. Its a heavy coat to wear and doesnt fit great either. Thinking of returning it and going for something else. Any comments or suggestions?

  5. I live in boston where everyone walking around has a Canada goose…
    I find it extremely silly that everyone is wearing the same coat like if they were going to work at the same place.. lol.
    I, on the other hand have worn a Pajar down coat for the past 5 years and it’s stylish, so comfy, and warm even the most extreme days.
    I’m really surprised at all the issues people are having on this thread because I’ve had no issues at all with mine and it’s my go to coat…. Not to mention I get compliments on it everywhere I go because it’s a really cool looking coat with a fur hood and it’s not the usual Canada goose.

  6. I bought a Pajar in Canada when I went to get married in Lake Louise, December 2015 (-22). I love it, it’s comfortable, warm and is still as good as ever 6 years later… I love it when winter arrives and I can get it out to wear again

  7. I purchased a Pajar and let me tell you it is great. I only wear a t-shirt when wearing my coat because it keeps me so warm that I sweat. I love it and look forward to purchasing another hopefully one that comes to my news for those cold days.

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