Marmot Montreal vs Montreaux Coat: A Comparison

Marmot Montreal vs Montreaux Coat: A Comparison

Coats in the middle of July are not something most people concern themselves with. Well, that is not the case for us.

In our efforts to find the best jackets and gear for your next adventure, we are constantly on the lookout for jackets that pique our interest.

Our numerous selections, reviews and comparisons of jackets are proof of our work and today we will further add to that collection.

We have done several jacket comparisons in these past few months, including comparisons of jackets by the same brand, such as the Arc’teryx Alpha vs. Beta and Thorium vs. Cerium comparisons.

It is time for another comparison between a brand’s products and we have picked the beautiful Montreal and Montreaux coats by Marmot.

Let’s first learn a bit more about Marmot as a brand, and then move on to the coats we have chosen.


1. Marmot: The Brand

Established by three mountain climbers, in 1974, Marmot is the brand that began as a venture to create a great puffy jacket that could withstand the cold.

Its founders, who were friends, designed Golden Mantle, the jacket that fulfilled their requirements and that would go on to become one of the brand’s all time best-selling designs.

Aside from the great quality garments that they make, Marmot also design some of the best bags and tents. They excel in both setup and quality.

Another interesting thing about the brand is their use of Gore-Tex fabrics. In fact, Marmot was one of the first brands to partner up with Gore-Tex, which greatly improved the performance of their outdoor gear and clothing.

Gore-Tex fabrics have been discussed in length by us (for example here and here), and are one of the most common fabric technologies that big brands rely on due to their durability, weather resistance and high breathability.

Aside from that, Marmot have also developed technologies of their own, such as the MemBrain®, NanoPro™, EvoDry and Eco Featherless.

We have discussed the EvoDry Technology here, if you are interested to learn more about one of Marmot’s best-performing technologies.

Marmot EVODry #NoBadWeather

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It is now time to turn our attention at the two coats we chose for this comparison. Before we begin, it should be said that both Montreal and Montreaux are designs with options only for women and come in a variety of colors, which we will discuss below.

2. The Montreal Coat

Design Features and Style

A winter coat in the true sense of the word, Montreal is a minimalist design that focuses more on functionality as opposed to fashionable details. With that being said, it is however quite modern and easy to style.

Starting from the top, its high collar helps keep the neck warm by not just simply blocking out the cold, but with the help of the fleece lining that covers the inside of the jacket, it also provides insulation.

Marmot Womens Montreal Coat


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High collars are essentials in winter coats and parkas as they block the cold from the top and prevent the elements from getting through.

Alongside the collar, to further provide protection against the cold and the elements, is the removable hood, which is adjustable and attaches to the base of the collar.

As it is usual with winter coats, the hood comes with a detachable fur trim lining that helps shield the face from cold winds and blizzards.

Montreal is a padded jacket, which is what provides the insulation in this design. Because of it, the shell is quilted in an irregular pattern that differs in the sleeves and shoulder area.

The same pattern is also present on the back of the coat, which goes to show that this is a completely padded jacket, including the sleeves.

This is a long coat, which ends at the thighs and comes with a two-way zipper that makes it easier to move around and sit down without having to take the entire coat off or having to unzip it all the way down.

There are two outer pockets, both of which are lined with micro fleece that helps the hands warm up quickly and remain toasty warm in below 0 temperatures.

To further help with keeping the hands warm, as well as providing some protection against the elements, the cuffs come with micro fleece gaiters that are very soft and comfortable.

On the inside, there is one pocket that has a zipper closure and another one which is a drop pocket for storing small belongings.

Marmot Women's Montreal Jacket 2016-2017

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Materials and Other Details

Montreal is not simply a padded winter coat. It is also made to be water-resistant thanks to its 100% Polyester shell, which is DWR-coated to repel water and prevents it from letting water pool on the surface.

The inner lining is also 100% Polyester, in the form of Plush fleece, which is mainly placed on the torso area to provide better comfort, insulation and an additional barrier against the wind.

The insulation is provided by the 700 fill power down, which is also treated with Down Defender, a product that helps down resist moisture.

Down and wet conditions do not mix at all, as it loses all of the loft and thus all of its ability to trap heat and keep you warm, which is why Down Defender is an important step in guaranteeing that you remain warm regardless of weather.

Its fur trim is synthetic, made from a mix of Acrylic, Modacrylic and Polyester. Despite the differences with genuine fur trim, it still manages to provide protection and it also makes the coat more stylish.

The cut of the jacket is also quite comfortable, which further adds to the qualities of this design. As for the fit, it is a True-to-Size fit, but the narrow top can potentially present issues for women that are busty.

As per usual, it’s best to refer to the sizing tables provided as opposed to just the size label.

3. The Montreaux Coat

Design Features and Style

Montreaux is a long coat, the style of which is made for the modern woman that requires comfort and elegance in her outfit.

Marmot Womens Montreaux Coat


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It is a minimialist design, without flashy colors, logos or patterns. The only pattern is that of the quilting that helps to evenly distribute the padding and also holds it in place.

The quilting pattern is symmetrical on both sides and it is made to resemble an inverted V-shape on the body and back, while on the sleeves it is the standard rectangular shape.

To protect the head and face, there is a zip-off hood, which adjusts with drawstrings to fit better, and there is a fur trim, too. Fur trims, as we mentioned previously, are not solely in place as a fashionable accessory, but they also help protect the face from the wind and snow.

Montreaux comes with two outer pockets, both of which are lined with micro fleece that is intended to keep the hands warm, while for additional storage there are two inner pockets. Just like with Montreal, these pockets are a drop design and a zippered one.

To make movement and sitting down easier, there is a two-way zipper that you can put to use without having to zip down the coat itself.

The torso is lined with plush fleece, which is incredibly soft and comfortable, to keep you warm and cozy.

Along the same lines, the sleeve cuffs have wrist gaiters in them, made of micro fleece, which are soft and help to keep you warmer.

Marmot Women's Montreaux Coat 2016-2017

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Materials and Other Details

Just like Montreal, Montreaux is also made of 100% Polyester Ripstop fabric for the shell and also 100% Polyester inner lining. The inner lining in the front is in the form of Plush fleece, and smoother on the back.

The shell is shiny in some of the color options, while more matte for others. It is also coated with a DWR finish that repels water and prevents the fabric from getting soaked through.

The fill is made of natural goose down, which is 700 fill power down treated with Down Defender to help it withstand wet conditions better.

The fur trim is synthetic and made of Acrylic and Polyester, which help it resemble natural fur in softness and in the way it looks.

4. Montreal vs. Montreaux – What’s the Difference?

At first glance, these two coats are quite similar to each other.

Both of them are long, filled with 700 fill power down and they are quilted on the outside. They both have similar hood designs, lined with faux fur trim, and come with two-way zippers placed on the center of the coat.

But there are differences between the two, which include the length, quilting pattern, color options and weight.


The difference in length is considerable as Montreal has a 33 inch (~84 cm) center back length and ends at the thighs, whereas Montreaux has a 39 inch (99 cm) center back length, which ends just above the knees.

snowy street

Quilting Pattern

While the pattern of quilting is not too different, to some the mixed style of Montreal might be more appealing than that of Montreaux.

Montreal has an inverted V-shape pattern on the body, similar to Montreaux, but the difference lies in the height of each part, which shortens at the waist and widens at the shoulders and below the hips.

Montreaux’s pattern is quite uniform on the body, with regular inverted V-shape quilting.

Color Options

Both of them share similar color options, which include the color Black, Jet Black and Midnight Navy.

Montreal comes with a total of five options, which include Glacier Grey and Dark Steel aside from the ones mentioned above.

Montreaux also comes in five colors, which include Berry Wine and Arctic Navy aside from the aforementioned ones.


In terms of weight, Montreaux is the heavier one, weighing around 2lbs 5.2 oz (1054.6 grams), whereas Montreal weighs 3 ounces less, at 2lbs 2.2 oz (969.6 grams).

The difference is not too substantial, but for those who prefer a lighter coat it should be taken into consideration.

5. Which One is Better?

In terms of performance, they are quite similar. Both are water-resistant, come with adjustable hoods and fur trims, are lined with fleece on the inside and insulated with 700 fill power down.

They provide nearly identical insulation and the cut is comfortable on both.

Which one would be better for you is to be determined considering whether you prefer a longer or shorter design, whether weight is important to your choice and which color you would like your coat to be.

Both of them are stylish and modern designs that come with stellar reviews regarding their comfort, protection against the cold and quality.

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