Columbia Omni-Grip vs Vibram® Technology: Which is Better?

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Shoe companies worldwide are turning to advanced technology and unique compounds and formulas to specialize their gear, making it more marketable to all types of people.

This is especially true for sports shoe companies. Every year a new shoe or sole comes out claiming to be better, faster, or provide outstanding performance. These upgrades are great for athletes everywhere; however, it is difficult to decide which products are worth the effort.

In this article, we compare two brands of “slip-resistant” technologies offered by two different companies. Although they both offer similar performances and outcomes, they get there with two different technological options.

Let’s take a look at our competitors, shall we? Columbia Omni-Grip vs Vibram® Technology, who do you think offers the superior sole?


1. Columbia Omni-Grip

Columbia is a well-known sportswear company that manufactures sports apparel, shoes, and boots. It opened up shop in 1938 by founder Paul Lamfrom.

The company made its mark by providing some of the best sporting shoe and hiking boot options intended for the most difficult terrain.

They can do this with Columbia Omni-Grip technology. This formula ensures stability, traction, and the perfect grip for any surface.

Omni-Grip is a formula made to keep your foot in place and prevent you from sliding in all types of situations. Whether you are a runner, climber, hiker, or anything else, Columbia has a sole to help you achieve top performance safely.

Columbia Sportswear | Omni-Grip®

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This specially formulated compound can be used on all shoes to give the wearer. The multi-directional digging zones are perfect for runners who need a quick start with a little flexibility.

If you are a hiker and looking for a boot with a secure sole, Columbia Omni-grip will keep your feet on the path with hiking traction that will grab and lock on to dirt and gravel.

Columbia Omni-grip also provides the right traction and hold for walking across snow and icy surfaces with its dual-zone tread patterns.

The water solution keeps you on your feet even while crossing slippery wet surfaces with the two-zone of siping for the ultimate traction.

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Omni-Grip FAQs

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding Omni-grip technology and the best answers we could find.

Can You Clean Omni-Grip Soles?

You can clean Omni-grip soles by using warm water and a gentle toothbrush and gently scrubbing at the mess. Refrain from using any harsh chemicals or bleach.

What is the Main Feature of Omni-Grip Soles?

Omni-grip soles primarily use a rubber compound made of different-sized treads in specific zones to create the perfect traction for all terrain types.

Is Omni-Grip Good on Ice?

Yes, Omni-grip has a dual-zone tread pattern specially designed for walking across snow and ice.

Are Omni-Grip Soles Durable?

The Columbia Omni-Grip technology uses a high-quality rubber compound that is durable and long-lasting. The boot will hold up through just about anything you put them through and will last for a long time as long as you care for them properly.

2. Vibram® Technology

Sports shoes with Vibram solesPin
(Sports shoes with Vibram soles)

Vibram® is a top-quality sole manufacturing company that creates the perfect traction, treads, and fitted soles for all types of activities. Italian mountaineer Vitale Bramani, who wanted to create a sole flexible enough for mountain climbing and provided enough traction and durability, founded the company in 1937.

These soles use a different combination of an exclusive rubber compound (vulcanized rubber) for hyper-functional designs and optimal performance.

Vibram also adds other compounds and other inserts into the soles, depending on the activity the product is meant for to increase traction, grip, and performance.

You can even find Vibram Safety soles for hard, intensive, and dangerous work or soles that are fire and electric resistant. Giving you a shoe you can trust for your activities.

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Vibram® Technologies are continuously being tested and improved over time, offering newer products to customers in every sport.

Vibram also offers a line of minimalist footwear called the five-finger shoes. These are a lightweight and thin layer of rubber that fits your foot like a glove, allowing you to get through your favorite activities with the feeling that you weren’t wearing any shoes at all.

These shoes are perfectly designed with Vibram technology to keep your footing even when you are barely wearing anything on your feet.

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Vibram Arctic Grip Pro

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Vibram Sole FAQs

Are you looking for more information regarding the Vibram technology? If so, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by other soon-to-be customers.

What are The Main Features of Vibram Soles?

Vibram soles are created to fit real human feet. From there, the soles consist of multi-directional lugs. Many of these soles are also waterproof, durable, slip, and electric-resistant.

Can You Clean Vibram Soles?

Yes, you can clean Vibram soles with water and a toothbrush or throw them in the washing machine depending on the type of shoe or boot. These soles can be wiped down but refrain from using bleach or harsh chemicals. And as always, read the care label before washing them.

What are the Best Vibram Soles for Grip?

Some of the best Vibram soles for grip are Arctic Grip, IceTrek, IdroGrip, MegaGrip, Wavegrip.

Is Vibram Good for Ice?

Yes, Vibram makes soles specifically designed for walking across ice and snow. You will have to make sure you are purchasing the correct product for this particular situation. Such as their Arctic Grip or IceTrek options.

Are Vibram Soles Durable?

Vibram soles use high-quality rubber, which is tough and can last for quite a while. Teams of professionals constantly test these shoes to ensure they outperform the competition.

Vibram soles were made to last and will wear at a different pace, depending on how often you use them and the terrain you use them on. Either way, you will get at least a few years and up to 10 out of one pair of Vibrams.

3. Columbia Omni-Grip vs Vibram® Technology: Which One Is Better?

hiking shoes with Vibram solesPin
(a pair of hiking shoes with Vibram soles)

Drum roll, please! We are going to have to go with the Vibram technology sole. While the Columbia soles are fantastic, and we have found many great comments and reviews that will back this brand up, the Vibram sole offers many more options.

With the Vibram Technology, not only are you going to get a great grip, but you are going to get 25+ specific soles designed for superior traction on all types of surfaces. If you want a sole for excellent grip on slippery surfaces, you can pick the type of slippery surface you are facing, and they have a grip for that.

Many Vibram soles are also sold separately, which means you can mix and match your soles to your favorite upper on your shoe. Once your Vibrams are worn, have them professionally replaced through the company themselves.

4. Conclusion

Vibram® Technology may have got our gold medal, but Columbia Omni-grip took a very close second place. We feel both of these products were designed with high-quality materials and designed by professionals who know what is important in a high-performance, track-resistant sole.

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