5 Types of Vibram Soles that You Should Know About

5 Types of Vibram Soles that You Should Know AboutPin

The Vibram company knows how important a high-quality shoe sole is. They keep your feet safe, comfortable, and protected from the ground below.

Whether it’s your work boots, a hiking shoe, or a general walking shoe, finding a sole material that provides excellent grip and keeps you comfy is important for your health.

But no two situations are alike, which is why Vibram decided to create a line of soles for every situation – giving specific traction, protection, and comfort for every possible situation.

Here are the 5 Main Types of Vibram soles you can choose from depending on your specific needs.

1. Lightweight

Lightweight soles are desirable for those who spend a lot of time on their feet during the day. Vibram’s line of lightweight products was designed to eliminate foot fatigue while keeping your feet safe with innovative traction technology.

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In 1994, Vibram created the first eco-friendly, lightweight sole. This product has a minimum of 30% recycled material that provides a solid grip and controlled footing.


The Gumlite sole is the perfect bottom for any walking shoe, especially for long walks, uphill hiking, or those who are on their feet all day long. This is due to the optimal cushioning added to the construction of the soles.


The Vibram Litebase sole is designed 50% thinner and 30% lighter than other products. This is great for running shoes and can enhance the performance of athletes without weighing them down.

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Morflex soles are extremely shock absorbing and comfortable, made from EVA-based compounds. This product is intended for anyone who needs a lighter sole and energy conservation, with excellent traction.


Newflex soles are engineered to offer high-performance footwear with lightweight soles that have optimal grip, high shock absorbency, and flexible mobility.


N-Oil is a highly eco-friendly product, manufactured with more than 90% natural materials. These soles offer the same high-quality performance and benefits as the rest, but with a much more sustainable approach.


The Vi-lite soles were designed for those who enjoy taking long walks or work in an environment where you are on your feet all day. They are extremely light as well as durable and slip-resistant.

2. Safety

Sometimes the only barrier between you and a dangerous situation is the shoes on your feet. That is why Vibram created a line of soles dedicated to safety in all sorts of working environments.

Arctic Grip Pro

The Arctic Grip Pro soles were specifically designed for added safety when walking on wet ice. This sole was created through new innovative technology that prevents slips and holds up in extremely cold temperatures.

Vibram Arctic Grip Pro

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Vibram ESD soles are created with a special compound designed to dispel electrical discharge away from the person wearing the shoes or boots.

MegaGrip Pro

The MegaGrip Pro was designed with a unique and extremely strong material for work soles. This product meets the PPE requirement and will hold up in some of the toughest situations.


TC4+ soles are highly recommended for those working in the service and industrial industries. They are oil, heat, and tear-resistant while still maintaining excellent grip and comfort.

XS Work

XS Work products were designed with superior slip-resistant formulas great for anyone looking for work safety soles meeting the ISO 20345, EN13287, and PPE standards regulations.

3. Grip

Grip is the most important part of a quality sole. This is what provides safety and top-performance in every type of situation. No matter what activity you partake in, grip and traction are essential and will look different in each circumstance.

Vibram has taken the time to research and conduct studies to provide top-notch gripping compounds that provide the best performance in specific environments, weather, and ground conditions. Here is what they came up with.

hiking shoes with Vibram solesPin
(a pair of hiking shoes with Vibram soles)

Arctic Grip

These soles were specially formulated to keep the wearer from slipping and skidding across wet ice. They even provide a thermochromic lug that will change from white to blue, indicating when temperatures are reaching the freezing mark.

Arctic Grip All Terrain

The Arctic Grip All Terrain soles are created with an advanced gripping compound used to prevent slipping on all types of surfaces. The XS Trek Evo keeps your feet planted and the shoes durable.


CityPlus soles are great for urban life, they are designed with a unique compound that will easily move across flat and polished surfaces, keeping your feet comfortable while you walk.


Designed with small lugs and large surface support, IceTrek soles are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


Inspired by free-climbing rubber, the IdroGrip soles are specifically designed to resist slipping when in contact with water. These are perfect for trail hiking or fishing footwear.


MegaGrips are perfect for any active person that is constantly on the go. This is a high-performance product ready for any outdoor activity with superior slip resistance and comfort.


Mont soles are the ideal traction option. Tested on the shoes of mountain climbers, these soles are designed with maximum support, long-lasting durability, for difficult terrain.

Traction Lug

The innovative Traction Lug gives athletes the extra traction and support needed to reach maximum potential, through high-performance soles.

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SpringLug Tech

The SpringLug Tech is composed of low-density polyurethane and a rubber shell, giving the wearer utmost protection, traction control, and comfort possible for all types of urban and outdoor surfaces.


Wavegrip is the ideal sole for those who love to set sail on the open sea. This rubber compound is specifically designed for boating and water sports, gripping to any wet surface with ease.

XS City

These XS City soles are made to take on the city, even when it is raining. This product was designed to grip to slick smooth surfaces, while still providing comfort and durability.

XS Trek

XS Trek makes the perfect option for multisport shoes. The traction is optimal whether you are on a bike, hiking on a wet and muddy trail, or skiing on the slopes.

4. Flame Resistant

Many rubber soles can not hold up to high temperatures and will begin to melt once they get hot enough. That is not the case with Vibram Flame resistant soles.

These products have been formulated with revolutionary technology, allowing the sole to sustain an incredible amount of heat without being destroyed.

Fire & Ice

The Fire & Ice sole design can withstand extreme temperatures from both ends of the thermometer. This unique compound protects your feet in conditions ranging from -20°C to 250°C (-4°F to 482°F).


The Vibram Flame soles are flame resistant and recommended for firefighters and any other person who deals with fire on a daily basis up close and personal. These soles meet the requirements of EN15090 and NFPA and still provide superior traction in all situations.


Superwork soles are created with extreme durability and oil and shock-resistant materials. These soles are high-performance products that provide heat and flame-resistant properties.

5. Climbing

Due to the unique flexibility and traction needed while climbing, Vibram created a line of soles specifically made for those who enjoy scaling mountains.

XS Edge

Thanks to the distortion-resistant compound, your feet will have the flexibility and support needed to grip onto the toughest areas. These soles are durable and great for edge climbing.

XS Flash

The non-marking compound used when creating this sole was designed to prevent scuffing when scaling across indoor climbing walls. The soles are made to keep you from slipping across the slick platform while still capable of fitting into the manufactured divots and grooves.

XS Grip

The XS Grip is the first rubber specifically designed to prevent slipping while scaling uneven surfaces. This high-performance rubber is made for climbing, gripping, and edging.

XS Grip 2

These soles are made for extreme climbing, gripping, edging, and slope holds. It is durable and sustainable in all types of weather. This product provides total friction and maximum hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vibram sole made of?

Vibram soles are made from a combination of foam and rubber. This gives the shoe a comfortable bouncy spring while also providing traction and durability.

Can you replace Vibram soles?

Vibram’s motto when it comes to shoes is “Repair, don’t replace”. Instead of replacing your favorite pair of shoes or boots, just have the soles replaced. You can have this done through the Vibram website by clicking on the link “repair and customize“.

Vibram Virtual Cobbler – Free Shoe Repair Consultations

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How are Vibram rubber soles different from other rubber soles?

Vibram soles are designed with a custom rubber lug sole that has specific threading and indentation, depending on the type of shoe, that creates a slip-resistant and resilient shoe.

How long do Vibram soles last?

Vibram soles are built to take a beating and suffer through weather and hard work, this makes them durable and they can last up to 15 years.


  1. Hi,
    I have a pair of Salewa, Mountain Trainer, mid goretex boots in need of resoling. Can you recommend the best Vibram sole replacement, with particular regard to hard-wearing, as i use the boots more on tarmacam on the flat. Tnx

  2. Can you tell me which of the two vibram boots are most durable, the Belleville or the Rocky? Thanks

  3. Your information is enlightening and needed by purchasers of hiking or walking footwear. Unfortunately, the message and enlightenment has not reached sales outlets or sales persons and is not available to the average buyer of footwear. I have purchased Danner hiking boots that are not inexpensive and learned that they wear prematurely – because the Vibram sole is formulated to grip in wet and dry conditions and is therefore less durable than another formulation. Kletterlift is said to be durable Fuga is said to wear sooner. I asked for names and classifications but Vibram said there were too many to list – so no one has access to what is in a sole except Vibram.

  4. i would like to know if a Vibram sole will allow the wearer to ground while wearing them. Are they considered an Earthing Sole?

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