Is Rossignol a Good Ski / Snowboard Brand? (Our Opinion)

Is Rossignol a Good Ski / Snowboard Brand? (Our Opinion)Pin

If you’re into skiing or snowboarding you probably have already heard of the French brand Rossignol, also known by its full name Skis Rossignol.

It was founded in 1907 by Abel Rossignol, so we’re talking about more than 100 years of history. And over these years we all have seen this brand’s name printed on all kinds of winter sports equipment in different world-famous competitions.

Famous winter athletes, including Alberto Tomba, have worn Rossignol’s skis, clothing, and other gear on their races to many Olympic medals.

The brand has also expanded its offering over the years, including other sports and activities less connected with winter, like hiking and biking, with all kinds of products for men, women, and kids.

So, when you see a brand like this, with all these accomplishments your answer would be a big “Yes, Rossignol is an excellent ski and snowboard brand!”

And we agree. But, why? Why is Rossignol such a good snow sports brand? Let’s examine it in detail.

1. Rossignol’s Types of Skiing (and Snowboarding) Gear and Products

rossignol official websitePin
Rossignol official website

When you open Rossignol’s website, you’ll notice that there are three main categories for winter sports: Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, and Snowboarding.

For these snow sports, the French brand offers:

  • Skis, snowboards, and equipment: different types of skis and snowboards, bindings, and poles.
  • Ski and snowboard boots: classic, on piste, racing, free touring, etc.
  • Accessories: helmets, goggles, gloves, beanies, bags & backpacks, etc.
  • Clothing: jackets, pants, softshells, layers.

Let’s see some products in detail.

Some Rossignol Products

Men’s On Piste Skis React 4 Ca (Xpress)

Rossignol Mens On Piste Skis React 4 Ca Xpress
Image from
Check it out at

Made with a poplar core and fiberglass, this ski offers flexibility and responsiveness. It comes with Flex Tip Technology for faster acceleration during turns.

Women’s Meraki Snowboard

Rossignol Womens Meraki Snowboard
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Check it out at

Meraki is a technologically advanced freestyle snowboard for women. It comes with AmpTek Auto-Turn Rocker, 3S Serrated Egdes for confident edge control, and balanced grip and maneuverability.

Men’s Rapide Ski Jacket

Rossignol Mens Rapide Ski JacketPin
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Check it out at

The Rapide jacket is a great option when you’re skiing in wet weather. It’s waterproof and breathable, with critically sealed seams. The insulation is synthetic providing warmth just like a natural-down jacket.

The jacket is skiing-focused with features and details that are needed for those who practice this sport and is designed to allow for a wide range of movements.

– – – –

As we already mentioned and as you can see in this paragraph, Rossignol surely has all you need for a skiing or snowboarding adventure.

You may be on a winter vacation with friends or with your family: Rossignol is a one-stop shop as it also offers ski equipment for kids.

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2. Materials Used and Sustainability

Now let’s examine some of the materials Rossignol uses for its main skiing and snowboarding gear. We will focus on its skis, snowboards, skiing jackets, and ski boots.


At the time of writing this article, 48% of Rossignol’s skis are made of poplar wood that is PEFC™ certified. This guarantees elastic and lightweight skis that are made with sustainable forest management.

The ski edges are made of up to 20% recycled steel, and the base uses up to 30% of recycled materials. (source)


Rossignol’s snowboards are made of different materials including Wood core for comfort and durability, Glass fiber for flexibility and torsional resistance, and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to absorb vibrations.

Ski Jackets

Apart from “simple” materials such as Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex (elastane), Rossignol’s ski jackets use different technologies to obtain waterproofness and breathability.

One of these technologies is Sympatex, a waterproof, breathable membrane, that is 100% recyclable. We have talked about this technology in other articles and compared it to Gore-Tex here.

Another technology is Primaloft, a synthetic insulation that we have previously compared to natural down. The Primaloft that Rossignol uses is 100% recycled from plastic bottles. (source)

As for natural materials, in some of its products the brand uses organic cotton and responsibly sourced natural down (learn more: Down vs Synthetic Jacket: What’s the Difference? Which Insulation is Better?).

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Ski Boots

Ski boots are complex pieces of technology that the brand has perfected over the many years of its history.

Some of the main materials are polyurethane, PU foam, aluminum, rubber, THERM-IC heated liners, and Thinsulate® insulation.


As we mentioned above, Rossignol tries to reduce its environmental impact by using different types of recycled and recyclable materials.

From recycled steel to materials deriving from plastic bottles, to organic cotton, the brand is surely doing its part to become more eco-friendly and produce sustainable products.

3. Where Is Rossignol’s Skiing Gear Made?

Rossignol race skis, meticulously made for racing athletes are produced in Saint Jean De Moirans, the company’s headquarters.

Other ski collections are made in Spain, in a factory in Artes.

As for skiing and other sports clothing, the brand manufactures its apparel in France, Italy, and Eastern Europe countries. (source)

4. Rossignol’s Pricing: Is It Worth It?

You probably already know it: we’re talking about a high-end brand, with a rich history of high-quality products, and many Olympic medals on its “chest”. So, the prices reflect just that!

Rossignol’s skis cost between $250 and $1200. Snowboards cost between $250 and $750.

Ski boots have a price range from about $300 to $850. And ski jackets start at around $100 for kids’ jackets and can reach $750.

As you can see, the brand is expensive for most people. However, if you have the budget, we think Rossignol products are worth it if you want quality, durable gear and are serious about your skiing hobby.

On the other hand, if you go skiing rarely you can look for less expensive brands.

5. Rossignol’s Marketing

Marketing does its part in a company’s pricing. While Rossignol has already proved that its products are of the highest quality and can win competitions, having your brand name endorsed by world-famous skiers also helps increase brand visibility and popularity among customers and sports enthusiasts.

Here is a nice video by Rossignol featuring Martin Fourcade:

ROSSIGNOL | Spring in Les Saisies | Another Best Day with Martin Fourcade

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6. So, Is Rossignol a Good Ski / Snowboard Brand?

Over 100 years of history, quality products that win competitions, and many Olympic medals won: Yes, Rossignol is one of the best skiing brands in the market.

As for snowboards, Rossignol has some good options and the prices aren’t very high when compared to other snowboard producers. But the brand isn’t a big name in the snowboard market as it has always been associated with skiing. Nevertheless, as many customers report, Rossignol has some good snowboards.

So, all in all, Rossignol is a good skiing and snowboard brand in our opinion. It also has good customer support as you can read from the hundreds of online reviews, and is making great steps towards more sustainable production.

In the end, you have to personally try their products to see if the brand is good for you, your skiing style, and your body type.

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