9 Ski & Snowboard Goggles Brands You’ll Definitely Love

9 Ski and Snowboard Goggles BrandsPin

The snow invites many athletes in the mountains every year for skiing and snowboarding adventures, but this needs you to be well equipped to experience unique and unforgettable moments on the slopes.

After many articles on brands that offer skiing equipment in general, today we will focus on goggles: we will continue with a selection of brands that produce ski and snowboard goggles.

Our aim is to help you find everything that will allow you to have a broad and clear view while skiing.

These are some of the best brands that you can find in the market today, as they produce some of the best ski products with the latest technologies.

We’ll talk a bit about their history and after that, for each of them, we’ll show you some of their most popular products.

So, let’s take a look!


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* Note: The availability of products (or prices) mentioned on this page may change at any time. Please check the materials, features, colors, and sizes on the various shops before buying, because sometimes our articles may contain errors.

1. Oakley

oakley website snow gogglesPin
Oakley official website

Oakley, Inc. is based in Foothill Ranch in California, it is a company that produces numerous products such as ski and snowboard goggles, shoes, clothing, sunglasses, accessories, backpacks, and many more.

It belongs to the Italian Luxottica group and is considered one of the best companies on the market, as it produces high-quality items every year.

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Oakley, Inc. was formed in 1975 and was founded by James Jannard. The glasses that are designed and produced by this company use innovative optical technologies, thanks to their 800+ patents acquired.

For example, the “High Definition Optics” is one of these technologies. Oakley products are among the best choices because they are made of unique and resistant materials, such as TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane. Thanks to this material, the goggle tends not to stiffen as it adapts to any temperature even below 0°C.

Some of Oakley’s popular ski and snowboard goggles are:

Oakley Line Maner XM made to provide the athlete with maximum peripheral vision, the design is made in a cylindrical style. The mid-size fit is optimized to be worn by numerous face shapes and easily fits most helmets.

The Flight Deck XL goggles offer everyone the opportunity to have a wide and well-defined field of view so as to overcome any obstacle. They are designed with Oakley’s Ridgelock technology, and changing lenses is convenient and fast.

Next, the O-Frame 2.0 XM is a high-quality product made with a large lens with aerodynamic frame geometry.

You can find them on Oakley.com.

Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg in Park City | In the Details - Prizm Snow

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2. Salomon

salomon website gogglesPin
Salomon official website

Salomon Group, commonly known as Salomon, is a company that deals with the production of refined and high-quality winter sports equipment among others. The company was founded in 1947 by François Salomon and his family.

During all these years it has won the attention of many experts in this sector, and since 2019 it is owned by the Chinese group ANTA Sports.

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Salomon produces numerous winter products including ski goggles, and other sports equipment including activities such as climbing, hiking, running, etc.

Thanks to the materials their goggles are made of, you can protect your eyes from UV rays – the lenses used by the brand are able to filter them.

Also with these goggles, you will be able to ski both in good weather and in strong wind, rain, or snow.

Their Lo Fi Sigma goggle has a clean design and features Salomon’s CustomFit ID technology. Furthermore, thanks to their lenses it is possible to see the ground clearly and in high definition.

Another goggle by Salomon, Lo Fi Sigma (and Extra Lens) is a simple and professional eyewear model. Through the A-Cut frame shape, you will be able to amplify the view in the lower part of the product.

You can find them on Salomon.com.

Nicolas Vuignier LO-FI goggles | Salomon Freeski

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3. Atomic

atomic website snow gogglesPin
Atomic official website

Atomic is one of the best-known companies for the production of winter sports equipment. It was founded in Austria in 1955, today it is based in Altenmarkt im Pongau, in Salzburg.

Around 1966 this company started making various gear for athletes and it was among the first brands to create: ski poles, boots, etc.

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With the Atomic Count spherical goggles, you can go on the slopes while having a very clear view. The contrast is at a high level, and you can also have a wide view that goes up to 20% wider. These goggles are equipped with HD technology and Fusion Double Lens.

The premium Revent Q model is considered one of the top-of-the-range products in the Atomic line as it will allow you to change lenses with just one click depending on the conditions. Thanks to the Fusion Double Lens technology you can have a wide field of view free of fogging, reflections, refractions, etc. In addition, the Live Fit technology will help you put on the goggles instantly according to your needs.

Next from the Atomic collection, the Revent HD OTG ski goggles were the first All-Mountain product that was made with the Fusion Double Lens. They come in a cylindrical shape and OTG (Over the Glasses), thanks to which you can wear glasses under them.

You can find them on Atomic.com.

Atomic Revent Goggle | Tech Animation

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4. Smith

Smith official websitePin
Smith official website

In 1965 Dr. Bob Smith created the first ski goggle model with sealed thermal lenses and breathable foam.

Today the Smith company is among the first places in the rankings for the most known brands in the world in the industry.

Their anti-fog lenses and helmets feature a set of unique and innovative ventilation systems that help with the integration between them.

The Smith 4D MAG features the latest-generation Smith lens change system, using magnets for fast and easy lens change. Also, it offers a clear field of view thanks to the ChromaPop lenses and BirdsEye Vision.

On the other hand, the Atomic Skyline XL is made with spherical Carbonic-x lenses, thanks to their technology you have the possibility of having a sharper and impact-resistant vision. In addition, the internal Fog-X lens will offer you excellent performance without the risk of fogging.

You can find them on SmithOptics.com.

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5. Giro

giro website womens snow gogglesPin
Giro official website: women’s snow goggles

Giro was born more than 30 years ago, and since its foundation, its purpose has been to create high-quality and always innovative products for athletes.

The founder, Jim Gentes, has always wanted to create a unique and professional company – he always knew that the first thing he had to aim for was the safety of the athletes in general.

This is why today his company produces only items that can satisfy athletes’ needs in an excellent and original way. Giro’s products are numerous – they create helmets, ski and snowboard goggles, and much more.

For its snow goggles, Giro uses the Vivid technology, which highlights the colors of the blue spectrum that are the most difficult to process for the brain, thus allowing you to have a clear view.

This is particularly a useful and important feature that helps avoid the problems associated with weather changes.

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The Method goggle is one of the company’s top products that feature lenses with Vivid technology with optics from ZEISS. Moreover, the EVAK Vent technology keeps fogging under control even during the most demanding activities.

The other design, the Giro New Contour goggle, is suitable for descending the mountain, taking off, and landing in a professional manner. It uses a Vivid infrared lens for low light situations.

You can find them on Giro.com.

6. Bollé

bolle website snow gogglesPin
Bollé official website: snow goggles

Bollé is a company that was founded in 1888 in Oyonnax, France, a leader when it comes to innovations. It is one of the best companies on the market, in fact, it is considered one of the most important producers of premium eyewear worldwide.

It produces numerous designs including sports protective goggles, snow goggles, sunglasses, and bike and ski helmets.

The Bollé Nevada Small snow goggle is equipped with: a double lens, a P80+ anti-fog treatment, triple-layer face foam, UVA / UVB protection, a Flow-Tech® ventilation system, etc.

Next, their Nevada Neo represents the first magnetic goggle of their collection. Thanks to the EyeLatch technology, the lens stays put even during high-intensity activities.

You can find them on Bolle.com.

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7. Rossignol

rossignol website mens ski goggles.jpgPin
Rossignol official website: men’s ski goggles

Rossignol is among the best brands of winter sports products. The brand was founded in 1907 in the French Alps. This timeless brand offers customers only high-quality and professional designs.

Their unisex goggle, Maverick HP Sonar offers unmatched optics for fully venturing and exploring the mountains. The design is refined and elegant without a frame that will allow you to have a broader and better-defined vision.

Thanks to the ZEISS lens you will have a view without obstacles even in the presence of changing lights. Also, the Zeis Optics SONAR lens technology allows the athlete to capture all colors even in variable climatic conditions.

The second product we have picked from Rossignol is the Hero Unisex Racing Goggle which offers the athlete an optimal interface between the goggle and the helmet. It features a weatherproof seal, and the lens allows for a clear, wide view.

You can find them on Rossignol.com.

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8. Zeal Optics

zeal optics website gogglesPin
Zeal Optics official website

Zeal Optics builds high-quality eyewear for all athletes and those who love to experience outdoor adventures. The company is located in Boulder, Colorado, and has been on the market since 1997. It is an eyewear boutique that creates high-quality products including lenses, goggles, sunglasses, etc.

The Zeal Optics Beacon winter goggles are equipped with 100% UV protection and are compatible with any helmet. They offer photochromic lens options and can be adjusted quickly and comfortably by using the strap.

Next, their Hatchet goggle is available in Optimum, Optimum Polarized, and other types of lenses. The design is refined and with cylindrical lens technology and a Dual Strap adjustment system.

You can find them on ZealOptics.com.

Beacon by Zeal Optics ft. Observation Deck Technology

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9. Shred Optics

Shred Optics official websitePin
Shred Optics official website

Shred Optics is one of the newest companies on the market – it was launched in 2006. The goal of the brand is to create high-tech ski and snowboard goggles to allow athletes to have a wide and clear view while practicing their sport.

Shred manufactures numerous products including protective equipment, goggles, helmets, ski gear, etc.

The Simplify Bigshow Yellow CBL Blast Mirror goggle is made with sleek, cylindrical lens. This snow goggle is equipped with Contrast Boosting Lens™ and Nodistortion™ technology to optimize image definition and contrast.

Their Rarify Black CBL Plasma Mirror goggle incorporates two different types of lenses allowing you to ski even in the presence of weather changes, so you can practice in the best way possible.

You can find them on ShredOptics.com.

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That’s all for today’s selection! We hope that we gave you plenty of options to pick your next ski and snowboard goggles from.

If you have any other suggestions that you’d like to share, please let us know in the comments.

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