10 Shoes Brands like KEEN for Hiking & Outdoor Adventures

Shoes Brands like KEEN for Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

KEEN is one of those brands that is always in the mind of those passionate about hiking when in need of a new pair of hiking boots.

The brand is popular for its high quality and smart designs mainly in North America, being an American brand, but is also well-known here in Europe too, among us outdoor enthusiasts.

Being founded in 2003 with a focus on boating and water sandals, KEEN has expanded over the years to include a wide range of shoes, with hiking boots being one of their most appreciated products.

With that being said, today’s article goes through a list of 10 brands that are similar to KEEN when it comes to their hiking and outdoor footwear.

This way, you’ll have a few more brand options in mind when the time comes to change your hiking boots. Let’s begin!


1. Merrell

Merrell official website
Merrell official website

Merrell is an American company that was founded in 1981 and specializes in the production of hiking and outdoor boots and shoes.

Merrell has long been recognized as one of the best outdoor equipment manufacturers. Comfort, durability, design, and versatility are among its core values.

M-Select Dry, a commonly used technology by the brand, is similar to Gore-Tex in that it guarantees a waterproof membrane that insulates and allows the feet to breathe at the same time. Several technologies, such as Vibram, provide a good grip to Merrell’s shoes for a variety of terrains.

The company also has a strong dedication to sustainability, as evidenced by the use of natural and recycled materials in its products.

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2. Oboz

Oboz official website
Oboz official website

This brand’s name, “Oboz”, was coined from the words “outside” and “Bozeman”. This reflects the founders’ love of the outdoors in their hometown of Bozeman, Montana, USA.

John Connelly founded Oboz in 2008. The local mountainous surroundings were ideal for testing the company’s shoes. And this helped it achieve huge success in the years that followed.

Oboz’s love of the outdoors is a distinguishing feature, prompting the company to concentrate on several forestry projects.

One of Oboz’s most famous technologies is the O Fit Insole which provides optimal foot and ankle support. Moreover, the midsoles are lightweight and provide stability, while the outsoles provide grip and durability regardless of the terrain. This brand is a great alternative to KEEN’s shoes in our opinion.

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3. Salomon

woman wearing salomon boots hiking on a mountain trail
Woman wearing Salomon hiking boots

Salomon is a French outdoor equipment manufacturer founded in 1947 and best known for its ski and footwear products. Salomon invented a new type of ski binding in 1957. In this regard, the brand is a pioneer in the outdoor sports market.

Later its product line gradually expanded to include equipment for a variety of outdoor sports. Nonetheless, its primary focus remains on skiing equipment and footwear.

Salomon’s top products include hiking boots that use Gore-Tex technology to make outdoor enthusiasts feel confident and dry and ensure high quality for everyone to enjoy their hike up there in the mountain trails.

Its mission also includes educating people in order for them to enjoy nature responsibly. To accomplish this, Salomon has implemented a sustainability program and is constantly promoting its commitment.

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4. Teva

Teva official website
Teva official website

Teva is an American footwear brand founded in 1984 thanks to geophysicist Mark Thatcher. Teva sandals and shoes are now manufactured and distributed by Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

Teva sells a wide range of footwear, including sandals, sneakers, boots, hiking shoes, etc. For its products, the brand uses leather that is certified by the Leather Working Group.

When it comes to sustainability, Teva identifies and evaluates the environmental effects of its products throughout their life cycle to allow those who buy them to reduce their ecological footprint.

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5. La Sportiva

La Sportiva official website
La Sportiva official website

La Sportiva is an Italian company that has strived since its inception to provide athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with the best products for hiking to enjoy the mountains at all latitudes.

Founded in 1928, its most well-known footwear is made for activities such as trekking, hiking, skiing, and mountain running. In particular, the Gore-Tex Surround technology was used to launch the Mountain Hiking shoe line in 2014.

Its hiking boots include also the Nano-Cells technology, which makes them breathable. La Sportiva offers a range of products to meet the needs of people of all levels of experience.

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La Sportiva Mountain Hiking Line with Gore-Tex Surround

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6. Lowa

people wearing lowa boots on a snowy mountain
People wearing Lowa boots on a snowy mountain

Operating mainly in Europe, this brand’s key words are “passion for quality” and “tradition.” Lowa was founded in Germany in 1923 by Lorenz Wagner and has a specialized team that manufactures all kinds of outdoor footwear. From trekking to travel, they prioritize fit and comfort over design, though both are important.

The outsoles are made in collaboration with Vibram and offer different shoe shapes for different people and needs.

Lowa’s main models are the Tibet design, great for long distances; the Zephyr design, a multifunctional shoe using the Monowrap technology; and the Renegade design, one of the company’s most important models, made with Gore-Tex and Vibram and winner of several awards.

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7. Salewa

Salewa official website
Salewa official website

Founded in 1935, Salewa worked closely with Reinhold Messner and Kurt Albert in the 1980s.

Among its hiking boots, we recommend the Mountain Trainer. It’s a light and flexible boot, and we believe it’s ideal for day hikes.

One factor to consider when selecting hiking boots is their height. Footwear with strong ankle support is the best choice for rough terrains. Salewa offers a range of this type of boots.

The brand’s footwear’s strength is its versatility – it offers boots for a variety of outdoor activities and sports, from hiking to trail running to mountaineering.

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8. Meindl

hiker wearing meindl shoes
Hiker wearing Meindl shoes

Meindl is a German company and one of the oldest artisan footwear manufacturing companies, having been active since 1683 thanks to Petrus Meindl. The modern-day company was founded in 1928.

Its approach is based on craftsmanship which still adheres to its tradition for various stages of shoe production, even though the manufacturing process may be aided by modern tools. In addition, Meindl prides itself on its attention to detail.

Meindl hiking shoes provide not only the ability to walk for an extended period of time but also stability thanks to their outsoles, which provide a good grip on different types of trails.

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9. Scarpa

Scarpa official website
Scarpa official website

Scarpa, a company from Italy founded in 1938, has specialized in the production of equipment for outdoor activities and mountain sports over the years.

The main goal of this brand is to build a flawless product that not only impresses the customer in terms of aesthetics but also meets all of their comfort needs.

Another distinguishing feature of this brand is its emphasis on environmental sustainability. This is accomplished by constantly trying to use environmentally friendly materials.

The company is also well-known for its extensive line of shoes and boots for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, trail running, ski touring, and so on.

For hiking, Scarpa offers shoes that are durable and suitable for a variety of hikes. They are lightweight, despite being equipped with various coatings that protect the foot from the elements.

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10. Hanwag

hanwag omega boot with mountain and trees background
Hanwag Omega boot

Hanwag is a German company offering a wide range of footwear. Its hiking shoes have a superior level of quality, beginning with the materials used to manufacture them and continuing through all of the other details.

There is a focus on safety, but also on good design. Since its inception in 1921, the company has had a strong interest in craftsmanship, which has evolved into a search for innovation.

Hanwag’s hiking boots, in addition to appearing properly prepared to face any potential risk and long hiking trails, are also lightweight and have outsoles that support foot movement.

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