Are Skechers Good Walking Shoes? (I Bought the Track Bucolo)

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I was coming from a pair of white Adidas Grand Court sneakers that I was using daily in my city for over two years. They were becoming old and were losing the cushion they had in the beginning, becoming a bit uncomfortable.

So, I knew that this time I wanted a pair with thicker soles to not tire my feet during daily walks and errands.

At the same time, I knew that if I wanted more cushion and comfort, I’d have to turn to some kind of athletic shoe. But with athletic shoes come also flashy designs and bold colors. For casual shoes, I wanted a more neutral design.

In a few words, I wanted comfort and a casual design in the same shoe!

Enter the Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 CCLM men’s athletic shoes in grey and lime colors. So, how did this new pair do? And more in general, are Skechers good for walking?

The short answer is: Yes, Skechers are very good walking shoes! Both from my experience with this particular design and from many customer reviews on the Skechers brand in general.

Read on to find out more!

Comfortable Memory Foam Insole

If you’ve not tried this type of shoe before and are not used to it, you’ll feel the difference in your feet right away. I did. The comfortability of these Skechers’ Memory Foam insole is undisputed and walking in them is a real pleasure.

Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 cclm Mens Shoes Memory Foam InsolePin
Image: Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 CCLM Men’s Shoes – Memory Foam Insole

Good (Not Great) Design

The design is good. I’d say not great because they have this retro style that looks a bit like shoes for construction work. But this is a personal feeling and maybe the design is just a bit retro and only that. Overall, I like how they look and wear them every day.

Having said that, they’re not stylish sneakers if you want to wear them for a more elegant situation, like a dinner with friends or colleagues. Get a pair of Adidas for that, like the ones I’ve discussed here.

Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 cclm Mens Athletic ShoesPin
Image: Skechers Track Bucolo Men’s Shoes – Design

Good Outsoles with a Small Downside

The outsoles have a good thickness, are flexible, offer good grip and traction, and don’t slip.

One small downside that I’ve noticed after owning them for a few weeks is that, depending on where you’ll be walking, if there are small stones on the terrain, some of these stones will get stuck in the grooves of the outsole. You’ll then have to remove them so you don’t risk damaging the outsoles as you walk.

Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 cclm Mens Shoes stones in the outsolePin
Image: Skechers Track Bucolo Men’s Shoes – Stones in the Outsole

Materials and Weight

As for the materials, the outsole is made of rubber, the insole of memory foam, and the upper part uses a mix of leather and textile.

When it comes to weight, the shoe is very light, it seems to be walking on clouds! From what I’ve read online, this seems to be a common feature of Skechers sneakers. They’re so comfortable.

Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 cclm Mens Shoes light weightPin
Image: Skechers Track Bucolo Men’s Shoes – Light Weight

I Didn’t Pay Them Too Much

And this is a good thing, but they’re really worth the money in my opinion. I got them on sale for around 45 euros, which is about $48 USD.

They Fit Well

The Track Bucolo fit really well since the beginning, they don’t need a break-in period. Also, they don’t hurt the foot and don’t cause blisters. At least for me.

However, I got a bigger size because I don’t like shoes that are too snug, so keep that in mind when choosing your size. I suggest you better try the shoes on in a local store.

For Wide Feet

I have a quite wide forefoot and these Skechers are good for that because they have a roomy toe box.

For All Day Walking

I haven’t yet walked all day in these. But I’ve walked for one to three hours. They’re comfortable and I think they’re good also for walking for a longer time. Let us know in the comments what you think about this point and what your experience has been like.

Uncomfortable in the Beginning

Yes, I know I said they fit well. What I mean by them being uncomfortable in the beginning, is that in the first days, I felt a small nuisance in the forefoot when bending my foot during walks. This tends to disappear over time.

Be Careful in Winter

Being athletic shoes, they’re breathable in the forefoot part, so if you don’t move around a lot, you’ll feel the cold when outside it’s about 5-6°C (41-43°F).

If, for example, you get these shoes for working or staying outside for a long time without moving that much, you’ll feel cold if temperatures are low.

Where Are They Made?

Like the majority of sportswear and outdoor gear brands, Skechers makes its shoes in Asia.

In my case, my pair of Skechers Track Bucolo is made in Vietnam as you can see in the image below.

Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 cclm Mens Shoes Made in VietnamPin
Image: Skechers Track Bucolo Men’s Shoes – Made in Vietnam

Will They Last? Are They Durable?

They seem durable and well-made. But I don’t know for how much time they’ll last, I suspect at least one to two years of almost daily casual use. Again, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Skechers Track Bucolo 52630 cclm Mens Athletic ShoesPin
Image: Skechers Track Bucolo Men’s Athletic Shoes

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