Timberland vs Woodland Shoes: Which Brand is Better?

Timberland vs Woodland Shoes: Which Brand is Better?Pin

In today’s comparison we will take a look at Timberland versus Woodland, two brands adored by workers and outdoor adventurers all over the world.

Timberland and Woodland are companies that specialize in shoes and boots particularly designed for work and outdoor activities such as hiking, but also for everyday city life.

There is plenty to look for when choosing your hiking or working footwear.

The most important factors that you should consider are a correct grip, breathability, waterproofness and, of course, warmth.

They should also be sturdy enough to handle the rough outdoors, while still being light enough on your feet.

And these two brands provide all of these features.

However, they don’t just stop at shoes, because they also design clothes, backpacks and other accessories.

So, with that in mind, let’s get started and see which of these two would be the better choice.


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1. Timberland

A Short History of the Brand

Timberland was founded in 1952 when Nathan Swartz, a fourth-generation shoemaker, bought a 50% stake in the Abington Shoe Company. Later, when he bought all the shares of the company, he moved the heaquarters to New Hampshire.

The inspiration for the company’s greatest invention came from the drastic weather changes of New Hampshire. The idea was to create shoes that could withstand any type of weather.

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In 1973, the brand’s iconic waterproof boots came to life, called the Timberland Original Yellow Boot™. In 1978, the company’s name was officially changed.

Initially the company focused on producing waterproof boots for workers, they were not thinking of becoming a fashion brand.

Today, they are famous not only for their work boots, but also for their fashion items. As an example, we can mention their boots which in the ’90s were worn by rap and hip-hop singers.

Welcome to Timberland | Timberland

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Materials and Manufacture

Timberland uses a variety of materials, from heavy-duty leather, to fashionable suede, to the famous nubuck.

They use durable rubber soles that come in different colors, have a strong grip and are waterproof.

The inner lining is made of soft hide in many products and all is brought together with the resistant Nylon stitching.

Throughout the years, Timberland has developed into incorporating more environmentally-friendly products.

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In 2007, the Earthkeepers® boot was released, which is made of organic, recycled and renewable materials.

Men's Earthkeepers® Original Leather 6-inch Boots | Timberland

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Timberland also regularly uses recycled plastic bottles for its footwear, reaching the equivalent of 345 million in 2018.

The brand’s latest eco-conscious initiative is the ReBOTL collection, that is made of non-biodegradable plastic waste that is crushed and turned into yarn, eventually being used in fabrics.

ReBOTL Technology | Timberland

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Popular Designs

Now, as we usually do in these comparisons, we will take a look at some popular products by Timberland.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Mens White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle BootPin

Image: timberland.com

Check it out on Amazon.com

White Ledge is one of the brand’s most popular shoes.

It comes in four various colors and is a good choice for hiking in different types of weather, as well as casual outings and everyday life.

The shoe consists of full-grain waterproof leather uppers with seam-sealed waterproof construction. It also has speed lace hardware that is rustproof with hooks at the top for secure lacing.

The shoe has a recycled rubber sole and a removable Anti-fatigue footbed.

Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot

Timberland Womens White Ledge Mid Ankle BootPin

Image: timberland.com

Check it out on Amazon.com

The White Ledge boot for women is also very popular among the brand’s customers, which goes to show how convenient this design is.

Similar to the men’s version, the shoe is made of waterproof leather. It also has shock-absorbing cushioning and features rubber lug outsoles for traction.

This model also offers protection from debris using its fully-gusseted tongue feature.

Walking around in these boots for many hours shouldn’t be an issue, as a single size nine boot weighs a light 15.4 ounces.


Timberland is one of the most recognizable brand names in the industry and has been endorsed by many high-profile figures worldwide. They are known for their high-quality, durable and long-lasting footwear.

The use of genuine leather and high-quality materials is also another factor that affects their price range.

Timberland is considered an expensive brand with an average price of around $150, and their position as a designer label is also a factor in the high price tags of many of their products.

However, you can also find some of their shoes for as low as $70-$80.

Are Timberland’s Boots and Shoes Worth the Price?

The brand offers a wide variety of shoes and boots that are reliable, durable, comfortable and stylish.

So, we think they are worth it, because $150 is a good price for a pair of shoes with the above characteristics, and also keeping in mind how long they last.

man wearing timberland bootsPin

2. Woodland

A Short History of the Brand

Woodland is part of the parent company, the Canadian-born Aero Group, an outdoor shoe company that was born in the 1950s. Aero Group mainly exported its leather-based footwear to the USSR.

However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in 1992 the group decided to launch a number of its products in India instead. That’s where Woodland’s first hand-stitched leather shoe was launched.

Since then, Woodland has been a fierce competitor in the outdoor clothing industry with its use of high-quality leather and a wide variety of outdoor wear.

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Woodland | #WearYourEscape

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Materials and Manufacture

Woodland is another brand that values eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainability.

They have launched several green collections as part of their Proplanet initiatives, which seeks to constantly strengthen their association with the environment.

One such collection is the ProPlanet sandals and slippers range, which is made from vegetable-tanned leather and recycled rubber. Coated with antibacterial lining material, the collection is entirely biodegradable.

As for technology and innovation, Woodland uses Italian machinery for tanning and finishing the Italian hides, and German technology for their tough rubber soles, while using in-house manufacturing of the raw materials for their shoes.


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Popular Designs

It’s time to take a look at two popular pairs of shoes by Woodland, as we did for Timberland before.

Woodland Men’s Olive Trekking Shoes

Woodland Mens Olive Trekking ShoesPin

Image: woodlandworldwide.com

Check it out on WoodlandWorldwide.com

These lace-up trekking shoes by Woodland are ideal for hikes or regular outings around town. They come in camel, khaki and olive colors, with olive being the most popular choice.

The shoes are made of textile and leather, and the material isn’t waterproof, so keep this in mind if you are going out for a hike in the rain.

The sole is thick and offers protection and stability when trekking on rough terrains. One possible downside of this design is its heavy weight.

Woodland Women’s Rust Brown High Ankle Sneakers

Woodland Womens Rust Brown High Ankle SneakersPin

Image: woodlandworldwide.com

Check it out on WoodlandWorldwide.com

These high ankle sneakers for women are available in various sizes and two colors, rust brown and black. They offer ample ankle support due to the cushioned collar and come with rustproof metal lace eyelets.

The sole includes moderate lugs that are neither too thick nor too thin. This way, traction levels are just right, ensuring a stable and comfortable walk.

These are one of Woodland’s casual shoes, meaning they weren’t designed with increased activity and rough terrain in mind.

This is why it’s best to use these sneakers for outdoor activities such as walks and short hikes in softer, flat terrains.


Woodland is the more affordable brand in this comparison. Plenty of the label’s most expensive shoes are around the same price as Timberland’s medium-priced items.

Woodland is also known for its sales that sometimes reach up to 40%.

Are Woodland’s Boots and Shoes Worth the Price?

We think they are. The prices are good, the shoes perform how you would expect them to, they are made of good materials, and are durable.

3. Which Brand is Better?

brown leather timberland bootsPin

Both brands offer a wide variety of footwear and both have adopted important sustainability initiatives.

Woodland is more accessible and affordable. They also offer a wider variety of footwear that isn’t exclusive to work and outdoor adventures.

However, while Timberland may be slightly lacking in the casual wear department, the brand more than makes up for it by offering collections that focus on being durable, comfortable and weatherproof.

Also, Timberland products are known for how long they last, even with minimal upkeep.

When it comes to design, which is a big factor for us when choosing shoes, in our opinion this is the main downside of Woodland’s footwear. We don’t particularly like how their shoes look.

So, if we talk design, Timberland is the winner here. But, of course this is our personal taste.

Which brand is best? Which one to choose?

We’d go for Timberland this time, mainly for the design and for the durability they offer.

But Woodland is definitely a brand worth trying, if you are looking for a good pair of shoes at lower prices.

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