8 Boots Brands like R.M. Williams: Our Top Alternatives

8 Boots Brands like R.M. Williams: Our Top AlternativesPin

R.M. Williams is a very famous Australian brand that produces footwear for both men and women. Among the various categories of boots of this brand, those made of leather are very popular.

The history of the company begins in 1932 when the owner R.M. Williams started to make leather products and selling saddles to the owner of some cattle stations.

Thanks to these sales, he found some success that helped him start his own business, opening the first store in his father’s shed, in 1934, in the Adelaide suburb of Prospect. Today this place hosts the R.M. Williams Outback Heritage Museum.

The iconic boots of this brand stand out for their simple design, with an upper made of a single piece of leather. Comfort is the company’s main focus, along with high quality and a wide variety of products.

In this article, we have researched and chosen for you 8 brands that sell boots that are similar to those of R.M. Williams so you’ll have even more options for your next purchase.

We’ll take a look at their history, main products, and features!


1. Redback Boots

Redback Boots official websitePin
Redback official website

Redback Boots is an Australian brand owned by the Cloros family and the main feature of its boots is the excellent materials. The most used is leather and for this reason, Redback products are very comfortable and last for a long time.

In addition, their design appears elegant but also simple at the same time. The boots of this company can be worn for outdoor activities, for work, or for other occasions. Another characteristic of Redback is that there are numerous models to choose from and all of them follow safety standards.

For example, workers’ footwear is safe, non-slip, and easily withstands adverse weather conditions or harsh and extreme temperatures. Among the various designs, we can mention the Patrol Boot, which is a work boot made of leather. Its characteristic is that it guarantees an excellent level of stability and for this reason, it is very comfortable to wear all day.

In addition, these boots offer protection for the ankle, because they are high and perfect for long walks, as they guarantee ample freedom of movement and comfort. The inner lining is very soft and the sole allows you to walk even on slippery ground with reduced risk.

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2. Blundstone

a pair of Blundstone Chelsea bootsPin
a pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots

Blundstone is another Australian brand based in Hobart, Tasmania, and is famous for the production of boots, especially Chelsea boots. The company is focused on classic models, but the producers often transform them to create unique products to amaze their customers.

Blundstone products make the difference for the high quality of the materials, and the refinement, but also for the comfort and practicality. The history of the brand begins in 1870 when it was founded by John Blundstone in Tasmania. The main purpose of the founder was to create shoes to travel through rough terrain effortlessly.

Today Blundstone has several categories of boots: some are suitable for workers, others are perfect for everyday wear, and some are more elegant. All products are equipped with high safety standards and many of them can withstand even extreme temperatures, protecting from cold or heat.

Blundstone Boots - 50 Years of the Original 500 Series Boots for Men & Women

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All models are quite elastic and practical, so they can be worn for many hours, even when practicing outdoor activities. An example of the brand’s boots is the #1461 Youth Thermal Lace-Up Boot, which is a perfect boot to withstand bad weather and bitter cold.

In addition to being very durable, these boots are also waterproof and equipped with Thinsulate® insulation, which allows you to keep your feet warm and dry.

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3. Grenson

Grenson official websitePin
Grenson official website

Grenson is an English brand that produces all kinds of footwear, including boots. The activity of this company started in 1866 thanks to William Green, who began producing shoes in Northamptonshire, in his loft located in Rushden.

In those years, shoes were made by home artisans. When the founder saw that the requests were more and more, in 1874 he decided to transfer his business to his factory at Green Yard and began to use the first machinery. Grenson became more and more successful and had now become a real factory.

The brand has several characteristics: craftsmanship is still considered important today, but it is enriched by precious materials and elegant and refined designs. At the same time, each boot is resistant, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and always innovative.

Another important point is the variety: there are tons of models to choose from, for example, the DORIS G-Two women’s boot, which is refined, but also practical and uses a Botero sole with a big silhouette. Great to wear in autumn.

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4. Rossi Boots

Rossi Boots official websitePin
Rossi Boots official website

Rossi Boots is a brand from Australia and its history began with Arthur Rossiter, who started to make sports boots with high-quality leather in 1908.

From that date, he started his business and in 1910 he opened his first factory in Adelaide, South Australia. Today the brand is family-run and gives great importance to the practicality of the products and their resistance over time.

Another feature is the choice of high-quality materials, which make a difference and guarantee the product’s durability, elegant design, and protection. Rossi Boots can be distinguished because even the smallest details are always chosen with care.

Among the models of the company, we can mention the 343 Musk Women’s Boot, which has a technology widely used by the brand: the Air Cushion for the sole, which ensures maximum comfort, because it uses spongy polyurethane. This makes the product very resistant, but at the same time comfortable to wear and lightweight.

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5. Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones official websitePin
Crockett and Jones official website

Crockett and Jones is a British brand that produces footwear and was born in the heart of Northampton, the famous city in England for the production of shoes.

The date of origin is 1879 when the founders Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett started the business, which in the early years was only artisanal. The first machines were in fact used only around 1890, but the brand has always given importance to craftsmanship.

In fact, even today this is a very important point for the creation of boots and other footwear because it enriches each product with particular details. Another element that characterizes the brand is high quality, but also the desire to transform the traditional classic style by adding modern elements. This means that the company focuses on both tradition and innovation.

A model that we have chosen as an example is the Aldershot Derby Boot, which has a shape that is made of leather and is very refined.

The Vibram rubber sole allows you to use the product even on slippery grounds. In addition, these boots protect from low temperatures and are very durable, but also comfortable to wear, ideal for winter.

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6. Baxter Boots

Baxter Boots official websitePin
Baxter Boots official website

Baxter Boots is another Australian company named after its founder, Henry Baxter, who started his business in Goulburn, NSW, in 1850.

Today the company is one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in Australia. Its main feature is the focus on craftsmanship which defines every single product with the utmost attention.

All the boots of the brand offer lightness and comfort. The customer has a wide variety of models to choose from and among these, we can mention the Dancer boot, which is very elegant, with a classic design, but at the same time very soft and practical to wear. It has a modern look thanks to its pointed toe and its heel.

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7. Red Wing Shoes

red wing iron ranger bootsPin
Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots

Red Wing Shoes is an American footwear brand born in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota, the place from which it takes the name.

Today the company is family-owned and one of its priorities is product safety. For this reason, each shoe is studied in detail to always protect the wearer’s feet. There are boots that guarantee protection from cold temperatures, rain, or the risk of slipping, and for this reason, they are perfect for outdoor activities or for work. The brand offers also boots that can be worn every day.

BRNR XP work boots from Red Wing Shoes

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One of their models is the Brnr XP Women’s Waterproof Safety Toe Boot, which is waterproof and protects against the risk of punctures, electrical hazards, and has a GripTek rubber sole to keep you safe in wet conditions.

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8. Wootten

Wootten official websitePin
Wootten official website

Wootten is an Australian brand famous for the production of footwear, work aprons, and bags. A particular feature is that it uses quality materials that are handcrafted, such as leather.

The history of the company began in the 1970s when the founder Ross Wootten started the business and today he has been replaced by his son Jess.

A model we have chosen from their boots is the Gordon Boot Wingtip Brogue, which demonstrates the excellence of Wootten products, their elegance, comfort, and resistance.

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