9 Brands like Ben Davis for Work and Outdoor Wear

Brands like Ben Davis for Work and Outdoor WearPin

When it comes to workwear and outdoor apparel, there are few brands that have made a name for themselves quite like Ben Davis.

But what if you’re looking for something similar, yet different? In this article, we’ll take a look at 8 brands that offer high-quality, heavy-duty clothes that are perfect for work and outdoor activities.

From Dickies to Carhartt to Timberland, we’ve got you covered. So whether you’re a construction worker, plumber, or just someone who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, keep reading to discover some great alternatives to Ben Davis.


1. Red Kap

Red Kap official websitePin
Red Kap official website

Red Kap is a well-known American workwear brand that has been producing high-quality work clothing since 1923.

The company offers a wide range of workwear products for both men and women, including shirts, pants, jackets, aprons, hats, belts, coveralls, hoodies, overalls, sweatshirts, and more.

Red Kap has a rich tradition of sharing, honor, and collaborative effort, which has enabled it to innovate and grow into a large organization with many locations around the world.

Plumbers, construction workers, drivers, housekeepers, woodworkers, and landscapers, continue to benefit from the company’s durable and affordable workwear.

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2. Dickies

Dickies official websitePin
Dickies official website

Dickies is a famous American workwear brand that was founded in 1922 in Fort Worth, Texas. The brand has grown in popularity over the years and is now available in over 100 countries worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, etc.

Dickies is known for producing long-lasting, high-quality workwear, as well as outdoor apparel and accessories.

The company offers a wide range of work clothes for men and women, including pants, jackets, shirts, hoodies, overalls, etc.

The brand is also known for its practical yet elegant and classic designs, such as the Insulated Eisenhower Jacket. Dickies has a rich history and is considered a true point of reference when it comes to workwear.

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3. Carhartt

Carhartt official website womens bib overalls and coverallsPin
Carhartt official website – Women’s bib overalls and coveralls

Carhartt is another American workwear brand that is known worldwide and has been producing high-quality work clothing since 1889. The company started by sewing work clothes for railroad workers in a Detroit loft using simple tools.

Then, it began expanding both domestically and internationally, with shops in Georgia, Dallas, and other locations, and mills in Vancouver and Toronto.

Carhartt is well-known for its Duck fabric, which was first introduced in 1915 and was popular among railroad workers for its durability and breathability.

Today, the brand provides long-lasting and functional outdoor and work apparel at reasonable prices. Carhartt has developed several types of Duck fabric to meet a variety of needs and demands. The brand is also known for its bib overalls and coveralls.

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4. Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company official websitePin
Duluth Trading Company official website

Duluth Trading Company is a workwear and accessories brand that was established in 1989 in Duluth, Minnesota. The brand offers a diverse product line, making it nearly impossible not to find what you’re looking for.

Each item is rich in detail-oriented design and provides sturdiness and comfort. Duluth Trading Company is known for its high-quality workwear and accessories that meet all needs and can be adapted to various occasions.

The brand has a reputation for producing durable and practical clothing that can withstand harsh working conditions. Also, Duluth Trading Company has a strong focus on innovation and is committed to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices.

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5. Lands’ End

Lands End official websitePin
Lands’ End official website

Lands’ End was founded in Chicago in 1963 by Gary Comer. The company started by selling sailboat equipment, but its production evolved over time to include various types of clothing for men, women, and children.

Lands’ End offers a wide range of styles that prioritize safety and simplicity. The brand is well-known all over the world and offers high-quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Durable and versatile clothing for various outdoor activities is the focus of this company. This includes clothes for working outside like coats, jackets, pants, shirts, and accessories.

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6. Timberland

timberland yellow boots in snowPin
Timberland Yellow Boots

Timberland is a popular clothing brand that produces and sells high-end footwear and apparel all over the world. The company was founded in 1952 by Nathan Swartz and is best known for its waterproof yellow leather boots.

Timberland also provides clothing that can be worn for work as well as other outdoor activities. The brand is known for its environmental responsibility and its philosophy is founded on product durability, high quality, and comfort.

The American company has managed to be one of the high-performing brands in its category and has risen from its working-class roots to become a favorite of trendsetters. The brand typically offers boots that cost around $150 to $200.

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7. L.L. Bean

LL Bean official website mens utility jacketPin
L.L. Bean official website – Men’s Utility jacket

L.L. Bean is a well-known brand that produces and sells outdoor gear and clothing. The company was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean and is headquartered in Freeport, Maine.

L.L. Bean is known for its high-quality and durable outdoor clothing and accessories, including boots, jackets, shirts, pants, and backpacks, among others.

The brand is also known for its customer satisfaction guarantee, which promises to replace or refund any product that does not meet the customer’s expectations.

While L.L. Bean is not a workwear brand, its outdoor clothing and gear can certainly be used for outdoor work activities.

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8. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer official websitePin
Eddie Bauer official website

Eddie Bauer is an outdoor gear brand from the USA that was founded in 1920 by its namesake, Eddie Bauer. The brand offers innovative outdoor gear at affordable prices and is known for its patented designs, such as the quilted down jacket.

Eddie Bauer employs famous fabric technologies such as eVent, as well as its own technologies such as WeatherEdge. The brand specializes in water-resistant designs that are made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Eddie Bauer has also signed on to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), which is concerned with the welfare of animals raised for their wool.

In addition to outdoor gear, Eddie Bauer offers a wide range of workwear products, including pants, shirts, and jackets.

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9. Wrangler

Wrangler official websitePin
Wrangler official website

Wrangler is a worldwide famous brand that has been producing high-quality work clothes and jeans since 1947. The company has positioned itself as the ultimate Western-style guide since its inception. It’s famous especially for its iconic denim products.

Wrangler manufactures a variety of clothing lines, including shirts, pants, belts, and denim jackets. The brand is particularly well-known for producing jeans that are flexible and adaptable to different body types.

It has also published a fit guide to assist customers in determining the best fit for their body type. The brand has a reputation for offering durable and practical clothing that can withstand harsh working conditions.

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