14 Canadian Winter Jackets Brands to Try This Year

14 Canadian Winter Jackets Brands to Try This YearPin

In the world of outdoor clothing, apart from Scandinavian-based countries, Canada also holds one of the top places for their winter outerwear. There should be no surprise in that, considering that the country goes through incredibly harsh winters each year, thus making the need for warm and cozy winter jackets a priority.

A while back we scoured through some European countries that design outdoor wear, mainly with a focus on sports-related clothing, and now it is time to look across the ocean at some of the top Canadian brands for winter jackets that you definitely should give a go this year.

We are facing quite low temperatures this winter season, and you are still on time to purchase a warm winter jacket to get you through the remaining months of the season.

For this selection, we have picked 14 Canadian brands that design and market some of the best winter jackets for you to try out.

Most of these brands are not solely based in Canada, but their production is also done in the country, which almost guarantees a higher quality product and it also lessens the environmental impact.

Let’s take a look!


1. Canada Goose

canada goose websitePin
Canada Goose official website

Of course, we will start this selection with Canada Goose, possibly the most renowned jacket brand when it comes to down jackets.

The brand was founded in 1957, and it was originally named Metro Sportswear Ltd. It got its current name after the brand began marketing its products in Europe.

Canada Goose is well-known for its down parkas and jackets and it is the top choice of many people, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, especially in the U.S and Canada.

It rose to fame not solely because of the high quality of its products, but also because of an active marketing strategy and its involvement with celebrity endorsements and movie sponsorships.

This brand designs arguably the best down jackets on the market, which are made to last for decades and perform like new each time.

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2. Mackage

mackage websitePin
Mackage official website

The next brand is Mackage, a brand founded in 1999 by Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy with the simple philosophy that “outerwear is an integral element of fashion”.

Their jackets are not only some of the highest quality jackets available, but the designs are some of the most captivating ones. Be it a minimalist jacket, or a beautiful and boasting parka, there is something for everyone in their jacket selection.

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3. Wuxly

wuxly websitePin
Wuxly official website

A brand for those who not only enjoy stylish designs, but are also trying to live a more environmentally-friendly life, Wuxly is not just a brand, but also an effort to help the planet out.

This is a vegan brand through and through and its history dates back to 2012 when James Yurichuk decided to design his first parka for his girlfriend, after being unable to find one that was entirely animal-free and also made in Canada.

The brand is renowned not solely for its beautiful jackets, but also for its involvement in many charities that help out animals and also involved in extensive research on fabrics that outperform down and fur while being fully sustainable.

4. Rudsak

rudsak websitePin
Rudsak official website

Another 90’s brand, Rudsak was founded in 1994 by Evik Asatoorian. Their designs are centered around elegance and being contemporary, by using the highest quality leathers, fabrics, and furs, which showcase the hard work of the brand’s artisans and craftspeople.

Its products retail in more than 30 branded boutiques but those who cannot purchase them locally can always rely on its online store. Options for men, women, and kids are all available so that you and all of those you love can be safe and cozy this winter.

Their trims are worthy of note, as there are options in more than one color, which is something that we have rarely come across in parkas. And if you are in the market for accessories or even footwear, stylish designs are available for purchase on their page.

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5. Arc’teryx

arcteryx websitePin
Arc’teryx official website

A brand renowned for its outdoor sportswear, Arc’teryx was established in 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Similarly to many other sportswear brands, Arc’teryx started out with climbing gear and then expanded its product range to sportswear and backpacks.

One of its most popular products is the Vapor harness, and then the brand moved on to design the Bora backpack, which used the same Vapor technology.

In regards to jackets, winter jackets, and technical performance ones are part of their highest-selling products. Nowadays you can find numerous different products in their stores, both locally and online.

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6. Kanuk

kanuk websitePin
Kanuk official website

Kanuk is another Canadian brand based in Montreal, which was established in 1970.

Their products are made for protection against the elements and each of their designs has a simple philosophy behind it “they should be made in the climate for which they were created”, which is why Kanuk is a favorite brand of Canadians when it comes to winter jackets.

Their jackets are designed to be both practical and protective, the latter being the most important and despite the times and the styles changing, these winter jackets continue to remain one of the best choices for withstanding the harsh Canadian winters.

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cmfr websitePin
CMFR official website

A brand with a special focus on style and color, CMFR designs beautiful winter coats for men and women, made of the highest grade of duck down insulations.

Lightweight and in a modern style, their parkas are warm and toasty, capable of withstanding Canada’s frigid winters. Whether you enjoy simple designs and classic colors, or you love bold colors on your parkas, you are sure to find a winter jacket to your liking within CMFR’s collection.

8. Outdoor Survival Canada Cross

osc cross websitePin
Outdoor Survival Canada Cross official website

Part of the original Outdoor Survival Canada (OSC) brand, the Outdoor Survival Canada Cross line was designed for making down jackets accessible during milder weather and not solely for harsh and cold temperatures.

Because the brand itself is renowned for its high standard when it comes to the quality of its jackets, it strived to maintain the same standard as the OSC line. Their products are Canadian-made and based on an expertise of more than 30 years.

Their classic and modern jackets are worthy of consideration if you are looking to take your wardrobe up a notch.

9. Arctic Bay

arctic bay websitePin
Arctic Bay official website

A brand that designs gorgeous winter parkas for freezing temperatures, Arctic Bay mixes together Canadian expertise in dealing with terrible winters and the highest quality of fabrics, coyote and beaver fur trims, leather accents and high fill-power down insulation.

In their product range, you will be able to find designs for men, women, and children, including different accessories. Similarly to the other Canadian-made brands, Arctic Bay, too, falls in the range of luxury brands, for its high quality and its high price.

10. Aritzia

aritzia websitePin
Aritzia official website

Aritzia is a brand for women-only products and they offer a wide range of outdoor wear, from summer clothing to heavy winter coats.

Focusing on the latter, their winter coats and vests are refined and very modern, suitable for daily wear, to keep you warm and cozy regardless of how cold it gets during the day. It was founded in 1984 and its headquarters reside in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The brand itself sells in-house brands, within which can be found a variety of jacket styles and other clothes, ranging in warmth, weight, and length. The TNA jackets are the most suitable for harsh winters and their bold colors are a must-have for those looking to add some color to their winter outfits.

11. Quartz Co.

quartz co websitePin
Quartz Co. official website

Founded in 1997, Quartz Co. has established itself as a premium Canadian brand for winter parkas, which brings the best combination of quality and performance.

Modern designs that can be worn out in town and functional, well-insulated ones to wear out in nature, their parkas are versatile, stylish, and long-lasting.

In classic parka fashion, they offer designs of various lengths, weights, and number of pockets, so whether you need a minimalist style or a parka for practicality, you are sure to find exactly the one you are looking for in their product range.

12. Nobis

nobis websitePin
Nobis official website

Another luxury brand with prices of down jackets that go from $700 to $1200, Nobis was founded in Canada in 2007.

Their jackets and parkas provide great weather protection, and have lightweight and eye-catching designs, making them a good choice for both daily wear in the city and for those who spend time in nature during cold winter months.

The brand is present in over 40 countries and is renowned not only for the warmth and performance of its jackets but also for its fashionable and stylish designs.

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Nobis | Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign by Pique Toronto

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13. Moose Knuckles

moose knuckles websitePin
Moose Knuckles official website

Moose Knuckles Canada was founded in 2009 but has a history that starts in 1921. They design and manufacture their most popular jackets in Canada, guaranteeing top-notch quality.

Among their products, you can find high-quality stylish jackets and parkas, as well as knitwear and other accessories.

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14. Pajar Canada

pajar canada websitePin
Pajar Canada official website

Pajar Canada was founded in 1963 in Montreal, Quebec, and is an outerwear and footwear company with a very rich history of making shoes.

Currently, it is a family-owned brand, mainly renowned for its footwear but also very popular for its winter coats and other outdoor apparel.

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  1. I’ve been checking out Aritizia for over two yrs and finally bought myself a Super Puff! At first when I received the package on order wasn’t too fond of the purchase however I do like the color. After reading this blog I’m glad we bought the jacket and will keep it.

  2. I have bought an Arctic Bay Nunavut parka. Not a huge brand like Canada Goose or Nobis, but way better in my opinion. I also like that I don’t look like every other guy on the street in Canada Goose.

    • Thank you as I’m not into being a clone. I will most definitely look into this brand for myself and family

  3. You have not tried our Brand KLo Outerwear Canada. We are High Quality at affordable pricing. Designed in Canada for Canadian Winters. Easy Care, Ultra light and made of recycled materials . Certified for our warm temperatures up to -40C.

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