Eddie Bauer vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?

Eddie Bauer vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?Pin

Brands that specialize in outdoor clothing are many, but exactly how many of them share enough similarities in the quality of their products to be compared to each other?

That is a question that has led us to explore and compare some of the best brands when it comes to technical and performance clothes that are made to keep you safe and protected in outdoor adventures.

So far, we have looked at many brands, including some of the biggest names in the market of outdoor sports clothing, and there are still many more to feature.

Something we do frequently is comparing brands that have been extensively featured in our reviews, selections, and other comparisons, in order to see how two individual brands measure up to each other.

Today we will be doing the same by taking a look at Eddie Bauer versus The North Face.


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1. Eddie Bauer

A short history of the brand

An American brand, founded in Seattle, Washington in 1920, Eddie Bauer has a rich history of originality and high-performance products.

As a matter of fact, the brand’s founder, who also gave the brand its name, Eddie Bauer, throughout the years patented a number of designs. Included in the patented product designs by the brand is also the quilted jacket.

eddie bauer official websitePin
Eddie Bauer official website

The innovation and hard work didn’t go unnoticed as Eddie Bauer went on to become the first independent company that designed uniforms for the U.S. Army.

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The brand’s history includes both good and bad times because it went through periods of bankruptcy alongside periods of great success.

After being purchased by Golden Gate Capital, it slowly began to re-establish its position in the outdoor clothing market and is now among the most beloved and renowned brands of its kind.

In 2021, Eddie Bauer was acquired by Authentic Brands Group and SPARC Group LLC.

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Eddie Bauer Sport Shop: How It All Began

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Materials and Manufacture

Fabrics and insulation are what we primarily focus on when discussing the materials that are used by brands to make their products.

In the case of Eddie Bauer, Polyester and Nylon make up the main fabrics they use, while also relying on some natural materials like cotton and wool as well.

What we often see with brands that make such quality products is the use of fabric technologies. We have discussed many fabric technologies in previous reviews and comparisons, including eVent, which is the technology used by Eddie Bauer.

If you’re interested, here is a comparison of eVent with Gore-tex, and here is a collection of eVent waterproof jackets.

Along with eVent, WeatherEdge® is another technology developed and used by Eddie Bauer, to cover the requirements of breathable and waterproof products.

WeatherEdge® from Eddie Bauer

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Aside from creating performance clothing, Eddie Bauer has also designed winter jackets that rely on insulation to provide warmth and comfort during the colder months.

Down is the natural insulation that they use, and we have covered its qualities and downsides extensively in many of our comparisons and insulation reviews. While it is the best insulation there is, it comes with some considerable issues, such as susceptibility to moisture and effort in maintenance.

For this reason, they use StormDown, which is practically down covered with DWR coating, in order to help it withstand wet conditions better.

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They source the down used in their products as per the RDS requirements, ensuring the full traceability of its source.

Enter synthetic insulation, which works great at insulating, while at the same time remedying the major issues of down. Eddie Bauer uses the Thermafill® synthetic insulator in several of its products.

Before moving on to the next segment, we have to mention Thindown, an interesting fabric developed in Italy, which is the only one of its kind.

It is a down fabric, in fact, made to have better weather resistance than down clusters have on their own, while at the same time maintaining the loft and compressibility.

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Thindown: the innovative fabric

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Popular designs

As we usually do in brand reviews, we will look at two popular designs from each brand.

Eddie Bauer Downlight StormDown Hooded Jacket

Eddie Bauer Men's Downlight StormDown Hooded JacketPin
Image: eddiebauer.com
Check it out: Men’s Version at Amazon (#ad) – Women’s Version at eddiebauer.com

By Eddie Bauer, our first pick is the Downlight StormDown Hooded Jacket, which comes in both men’s and women’s versions. It is a jacket made of 100% polyester lining, with a Ripstop polyester shell, 50% of which is made of recycled content, and with 800 fill StormDown insulation.

The StormRepel Super DWR coating is the brand’s durable and long-lasting water-repellent product, which helps keep the jacket dry for longer, while also minimizing down insulation’s contact with moisture and lowering its susceptibility to wet conditions.

This is a winter design that is meant to withstand low temperatures and cold winds, and it comes with a hooded collar, elasticized sleeve cuffs, and three outer pockets with zipper closures.

Men's Downlight StormDown Jacket

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Eddie Bauer IgniteLite Hybrid Jacket

Eddie Bauer Women's IgniteLite Hybrid JacketPin
Image: eddiebauer.com
Check it out at eddiebauer.com: Men’s VersionWomen’s Version

The second pick is the IgniteLite Hybrid Jacket. A lightweight design made to insulate and keep you dry, IgniteLite is insulated with 100 grams of PrimaLoft® Silver Active insulation.

We have covered the different types of PrimaLoft insulations in a previous piece if you are interested to learn more about it.

This insulation is both lightweight and water-repellent, ensuring that you will remain comfortable and warm in unpredictable weather.

It comes with a medium collar, without a hood, and with three outer pockets, one of which is placed on the left sleeve.

Women's IgniteLite Hybrid Jacket

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Out of all the brands that we have reviewed and compared to each other, Eddie Bauer is one of the few that comes with affordable prices.

The products retail for $100 – $250 on average, while technical jackets are a bit pricier.

Are these jackets worth the price?

Price and performance considered, Eddie Bauer jackets provide a well-rounded experience and some of the designs are said to last for many years. With that in mind, these jackets can definitely be worth the price.

2. The North Face

A short history of the brand

Founded in 1966, The North Face is also an American brand that specializes in clothing and gear for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Originally catering to backpackers and climbers, The North Face went on to expand its product range and establish itself as one of the leading brands in the outdoor clothing market.

the north face official websitePin
The North Face official website

It is one of the brands that we frequently feature into selections, comparisons and reviews, the reason for that being quite simple: the quality and performance of their products.

As times change, those who spend a good part of the year out in the woods or up high in the mountains do not favor solely high-performance jackets and other clothing but have also turned their focus to the style and look of what they wear.

As such, The North Face has started to design more modern and eye-catching products that can appeal to many different types of customers.

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FUTURELIGHT: Made to Defy | The North Face

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Materials and Manufacture

Relying primarily on Polyester, The North Face’s efforts of lessening their environmental impact have led them to source materials through recycling.

Along with the use of recycled content, DWR treatments that are PFC-free also play an important role in environmental protection by lessening the damage done by PFC.

When it comes to natural materials, such as cotton and wool, The North Face source them from responsible farmers and in a sustainable way, meeting the required standards that guarantee the traceability of such materials.

Fabric technologies are also frequently found in popular jackets and products by the brand, as they help with weather protection and breathability.

HyVent, currently known as DryVent, is the brand’s own fabric technology which performs impressively in a variety of conditions.

FlashDry is another fabric developed by the brand, which is made to be breathable and quick-drying, suitable for unpredictable weather and mild temperatures.

WindWall, made to withstand strong winds, is a fabric developed primarily for cyclists and bikers.

And of course, their renowned insulation, ThermoBall, which is comparable to down and developed in partnership with PrimaLoft®.

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Popular designs

The North Face Aconcagua Jacket

The North Face Men's Aconcagua JacketPin
Image: thenorthface.com
Check it out at Amazon: Men’s VersionWomen’s Version | (#ad)

Our first pick is the Aconcagua jacket, a nylon design insulated with 550 fill power goose down. It is a lightweight jacket, made for early winter temperatures and suitable for dry conditions.

It comes with a high and slightly padded collar, without a hood. There are three outer pockets on the design and its sleeve cuffs are elasticized.

The men’s and women’s versions differ in cut and quilting, which in the men’s design is horizontal quilting, whereas in the women’s is a mixed design.

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The North Face Gotham Jacket II

The North Face Women's Gotham Jacket IIPin
Image: thenorthface.com
Check it out at Amazon: Men’s VersionWomen’s Version | (#ad)

The second jacket is Gotham II, a recurring design in some of our previous pieces. Made for cold winter days, it comes with a faux fur trim on the hood and a high collar that protects the neck.

It has a HyVent 2L shell, which gives it considerable weather resistance abilities, while at the same time helping it remain breathable.

The insulation is 550 fill power goose down and the jacket also comes with elasticized ribbed cuffs and a smooth outer shell. There are four pockets on this design and the women’s version comes with a quilted shell.

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Overall, The North Face products come in a good price range, including both affordable and expensive designs. The latter is mainly the down jackets and those made for performance using fabric technologies.

Are these jackets worth the price?

From what we have seen in previous reviews and comparisons, as well as from the online consensus, The North Face jackets perform impressively.

We have explored this topic further here.

woman hiking on snowy mountainPin

3. Which Brand is Better?

Depending on whether you are looking for technical jackets that offer high performance or if you would like more casual, day-to-day styles, the answer to which one is better will vary.

Price-wise, Eddie Bauer is more affordable and it also comes with a good warranty, for all of its products.

Their winter parkas are also really good and quite warm, making the brand a good choice if you are in the market for a jacket to fend off the cold.

The North Face provides a better range of technical jackets and clothing, the prices of which vary depending on the design.

With all that being said, in our opinion Eddie Bauer is the better of the two for the average person. The quality-to-price ratio is great and there are many designs to choose from.

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  1. Eddie Bauer is MUCH better than North Face. North Face is a “status statement”. Eddie Bauer products are for real people that need durable gear for their activities

    • Thank you for making my choice for me.
      My size small Canada goose doesn’t fit and my large size Patagonia is not warm enough. Sadly I don’t fit into a medium yet maybe next year. This year it gonna be a large size Eddie Bauer coat. Gonna go to Joey Eaton Centre in Toronto and buy a coat. Store has many sales

    • Have the ssuperior down parka, nice and warm, even the hood. Stylish, it is a good buy !

      • They absolutely did not take it away. I returned a jacket quite recently and EB replaced it, no questions asked. EB A++++. They produce great street and technical gear for the those not hung up on brand names.

  2. Eddie Bauer stopped there guarantee warranty on their products. Let’s see if the quality slips with it. Also the down coats always lose there fill in the upper arm area.

  3. I just purchased an Eddie Bauer coat and it is the warmest, most comfortable coat I’ve ever owned. Im very pleased.

  4. Eddie Bauer is my choice, 25 years ago I loved North Face, but my wife turned me on to EB and I have been one of their best customer’s.

  5. I Been a Eddie Bauer for about 30 Great Years , I Love all there product’s. But there Tall Clothing is always on Point ,Starting with Tshirts to their pants. I am 6’6 190 pounds and. Their Winter Parkas size Extra Large Tall fits me Perfect. , to Honest i am Totally Satisfied and Hook on E.B..

  6. I live in Eddie Bauer! Great quality and comfort. I have clothes I’ve been wearing for 20 years and still going strong.

  7. Eddie Bauer is affordable and extremely functional. Most importantly to me…tall sizes. North Face just isn’t into the tall market. That’s okay. I got friends with NF gear. It’s all good.

  8. Hello, I work for Eddie Bauer. Just to clarify some things. Yes our guarantee did change in May. We now offer a year guarantee; meaning that if you even simply changed your mind about the item you purchased you can return it. We do honor the lifetime guarantee to customers who bought items from when we had the lifetime guarantee ONLY if it’s a manufactured defect. And by policy you must have a proof of purchase meaning a receipt, online order number, a rewards number, or the original form of payment. If you do not have any of those then we proceed to give you what the item is worth currently in a store credit merchant card.

    • Hi Lali. I just got EB Superior Parka off Amazon & on the inner tag it says “lifetime guarantee “. Does this product qualify for lifetime warranty if it says so on it?

  9. Been using EB clothing of almost all types since after joining the Army in 1975. Their customer service has been and continue to be phenomenal and their clothing are made very well and last a really long time. The EB company is very good to military personnel! Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Eddie Bauer.

  10. You seem to know a whole lot more about Eddie Bauer than The North Face. TNF also offers a lifetime warranty. If they can’t repair it, they’ll replace it with a similar item or a gift card. The North Face also has treated down with DWR. Windwall is not primarily for cyclists. You didn’t mention Futurelight. The Gotham Jacket for men is waterproof but the women’s version is not. You also only shared one TNF video about Futurelight which you didn’t talk about, and 4 videos of EB which talks about the product specifications. I have both brands. Some styles, and sizes fit better than the other brand. All I’m saying is make a fair comparison.

  11. Eddie Bauer also offers Talls in many of their products for both men and women.
    As a tall female this is a big plus to me. They offer women’s petites in many styles as well. Their products as well made. I’m just sorry our local store has closed.

  12. Eddie Bauer all the way!! Warm jackets and Tall sizes major plus. Always innovating, TNF too expensive and stasis choice.

  13. Ive owned eddie bauer down products including sleeping bags all my life and you just cant beat the quality and warmth these garments offer. I was so sad when they stopped being an expedition outfitter but I still have a lot of their products from back then.

  14. I own 2 Eddie Bauer vintage parkas from when Eddie Bauer was an expedition outfitter. These parkas can compete with any canada goose parka out there…no matter what the price. As far as North Face products go, Im not too familiar. Im sure they make warm clothes also

  15. Growing up I was a highly competitive ice skater with gold test medals in figures and freestyle. I turned professional and traveled with several ice shows along with teaching both ice skating and in-line skating. I absolutely love Eddie Bauer Products. The quality, price, and design, are fantastic. The style for me stands the test of time.

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