Canada Goose Langford vs Chateau Parka: A Comparison

Canada Goose Langford vs Chateau Parka: A ComparisonPin

Jackets and parkas come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a long coat or a short and cozy one, the real challenge when shopping for a winter jacket is deciding which model you like best, not whether you will find one that suits your needs.

In our selections, comparisons and reviews we have gone through so many jackets that, quite honestly, we have lost count.

There are so many brands to choose from and so many designs that it can get quite overwhelming at times.

That is why we continue to compile reviews and comparisons of different jackets, both from the same brand or from different ones, so that you will get a better idea of what the jackets you are interested in are like and what to expect from brand claims of their design being “the design”.

In today’s comparison we will continue with two designs from the same brand, this time by Canada Goose, the Langford and Chateau parkas.

This is a brand that we have featured heavily in many of our pieces and if you are interested to learn more about them and what we have observed so far, there are plenty of materials to go through. If you would like just a quick rundown on Canada Goose, keep on reading.


1. Canada Goose: The Brand

A brand founded in Canada (here are some more Canadian brands) and which continues to manufacture its signature designs there as well, Canada Goose is raved about as the brand that makes the warmest jackets and parkas there are.

Their renowned Expedition parka is considered as the warmest parka one can wear, and it goes right along with its name and story of having been designed for wear in arctic expeditions.

The story of Canada Goose begins with Metro Sportswear Ltd., the original name of the brand, which then changed to the current one after they expanded into the European market in the ’70s.

Throughout the years, Canada Goose has managed to establish itself as one of the few brands that make impeccable products of the highest quality and some jackets by the brand are said to last for well over a decade with proper maintenance.

A brand that is popular among youths and was popularized even more from movies and celebrity endorsement (which we have further explored here), Canada Goose jackets never fail to come up when discussing high quality winter wear.

They are renowned not only for their warmth, but also for the materials used and the meticulous manufacturing process, which ensures that the final product will be absolutely flawless.

Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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Due to having been a topic of many concerns and sometimes even protests due to their use of coyote fur and natural goose and duck down, Canada Goose are now looking at things from a different angle and moving away from fur-trims and opting for more stylish and casual designs.

In lieu of that, we have picked two of the most popular designs, the Chateau and the Langford parka for this comparison.

Let’s take a look at what these parkas are like and how they measure up to each other!

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2. The Langford Parka

Design Features and Style

A parka made for freezing temperatures of down to -25° C (-13° F), Langford comes in a stylish and urban design that makes it suitable for the everyday wearer.

Canada Goose Men's Langford ParkaPin


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Starting from the top, it comes with an attached and adjustable hood, which is lined with coyote fur trim that is soft and fluffy, perfect for protecting the face against cold winds and in snowfall.

The shell material is smooth and with no patterns, with only the brand’s logo on the left sleeve.

There are four outer pockets on this design. In the front there are two spacious flap pockets with Velcro tabs and above them are two hand-warmer pockets, lined with fleece that help keep the hands warm and cozy.

On the inside there are two additional pockets, one a drop-in design and the other a security pocket with zipper closure for keeping your personal belongings safe.

This is an adjustable parka, with a drawcord that helps provide a better fit and also closes the parka off from the elements and the cold.

It comes with a two-way zipper, which helps to make movement and sitting easier by not having to take the entire parka off.

The sleeves are regular, with ribbed knitted cuffs on the inside that help provide better insulation.

This is a longer parka, designed purposefully to provide better protection against the cold.

Materials and Other Details

Langford is a padded parka, insulated with 625 fill power white duck down, which is extra soft and lofty, providing great insulation in harsh temperatures.

While the shell is smooth, the inside of the jacket is quilted in a wide rectangular pattern, which helps to evenly distribute the down filling and also keep it in place. This way, the insulation has no blind spots, nor will it develop any.

In order to keep you safe in bad weather and to also protect the down filling from wet conditions, this parka is made with Arctic Tech fabric, which is Canada Goose’s own developed textile that is designed to withstand water and wind much better.

This way, you will remain dry and the down filling will not lose its loft by getting wet.

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This is a wind-resistant fabric, too, which is essential when the weather outside is unpredictable and the temperatures drop below zero.

Arctic Tech is also a highly durable fabric, which in combination with the Canada Goose manufacturing reputation, means a long-lasting and sturdy parka. It is a composition of 85% Polyester and 15% Cotton, which has been DWR-coated in order to help it repel water.

It also comes with a storm flap that prevents wind and water from getting inside the jacket and it leaves just enough space for light layering underneath.

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3. The Chateau Parka

Design Features and Style

There is one thing you will notice in our same-brand comparisons, and that is the resemblance and similarities between the two chosen designs. This is done on purpose because there is no point in comparing two coats that are so vastly different from each other.

Chateau is also a stylish design in a slim-fit cut, which comes with a high collar and a hood lined with Coyote fur.

Canada Goose Men's Chateau JacketPin


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The trim is removable if you prefer to wear the parka without it, and the hood is adjustable for a better fit.

This is an insulated parka, which comes with a smooth shell and a quilted inner lining that is shiny and smooth to the touch. The inner quilting is necessary for the distribution of the insulation padding, in order to make the parka able of providing even insulation.

On the outside there are two hand-warmer pockets, which are lined with fleece on the inside to provide warmth quick to the hands, and there is also a chest pocket. All three of them close with zippers.

On the inside there are three more pockets for additional storage, one of which is a security pocket and the other two are drop-in pockets.

It comes with ribbed and knitted sleeve cuffs, which help provide better insulation and keep the cold out, too.

The main zipper is 2-way and covered by a storm placket which buttons up with wide, black buttons.

Materials and Other Details

This is also a parka made of Arctic Tech fabric for its shell, in a blend of 85% Polyester and 15% Cotton, treated with DWR coating to make it water-resistant and water-repellent.

It is a wind resistant parka, too, with a shell that is highly durable and provides additional insulation to the body.

The insulation is provided by the 625 fill power White Duck Down, which is lofty and able to efficiently trap heat and keep you warm for longer.

When it comes to its temperature rating, Chateau is made to protect in temperatures as low as -25° C (-13° F), and this is due to its design, length and the padding that covers the entirety of the parka’s body, as well as the sleeves.

On the inside it is lined with Nylon plain weave, which is also treated with DWR finish.

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4. Langford vs. Chateau: What’s the Difference?

As we mentioned earlier, these coats share many similarities, as you may have also noticed from their features so far.

Both parkas are insulated with the same fill power of white duck down and both come with coyote fur trim on the hood, which is removable and you can opt to wear either parka without it.

They have hand-warmer pockets and a two-way zipper that makes sitting easier, as well as helps with ventilation if it gets a bit too warm for your liking.

Both are of the same length and they also come with the same type of drawcords that are in place to adjust the hood.

They do, however, differ in some regards, which mainly come down to their overall design and not so much in their performance.

Let’s take a look!


The first difference between the two is the placement of pockets.

While Chateau comes with three outer pockets and three inner ones, Langford comes with four pockets on the outside and two on the inside. As you can tell, they have the same number of pockets, but placed differently.

On Langford, the outer pockets are placed two on the lower half of the parka and two above them. These are the hand-warmer pockets, whereas the ones on the bottom are for storage.

On Chateau the hand-warmer pockets are placed on the sides of the parka and the third pocket is placed on the chest.

The inner pockets are similar, including both drop-in and secure zipper pockets.


This is another main difference between the two. At just one glance, it is hard to miss the large buttons on Chateau, whereas Langford has none.

Their storm plackets, which cover the zippers are of different lengths, too.

On Langford, the placket is full-length and goes along with the zipper, whereas on Chateau, the placket starts slightly above the bottom hem, thus creating a split appearance in front.

Due to this design difference, this can make or break your experience with either parka. Langford is better when it comes to quickly taking the jacket off as the placket is easy to open.

Chateau’s buttons, however, can be a pain to undo, especially with gloves on. They do look quite stylish however.

But, the amount of Velcro in Langford can also become a nuisance as it tends to catch and hold on to small things like fuzz and thread, so beware of that.

Fit and Bulk

Both designs lean on the bulky side (pun intended!) due to the padding, but it is not really uncomfortable.

As for the fit, they both come in a slim fit, but Chateau is more tailored, which can mean that it tends to run a bit small, especially if you are looking to layer underneath (not that you will actually need it!).


Canada Goose prices will make you look twice to make sure that you saw the number correctly. Do not worry, you did!

In the case of the two designs we have picked, Chateau is the most expensive one, retailing for CAD$ 1,050, whereas Langford costs $100 less, at CAD$ 950.

The price will also depend on where you are looking to buy as sometimes they can retail for the same price.

5. Which One is Better?

Both of them are great winter parkas. They provide the same level of warmth and share many similarities that do not affect performance at any substantial rate.

For practicality, Langford is the better choice, but Chateau‘s lack of Velcro can be a selling point as it will be easier to keep clean and looking pristine.

Reviews and opinions on both are pretty even, with most users agreeing that both are very well-made and quite comfortable to wear in cold weather.

However, for others the price is an issue.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with either design if you are looking for a warm and cozy winter coat.

In our opinion, however, Chateau is the almost foolproof option here as it is a popular classic by Canada Goose.

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