7 German Backpack Brands That You Will Definitely Like

7 German Backpack Brands That You Will Definitely LikePin

Continuing with a new article on brands, today we will take a look at 7 backpack brands from Germany, after our first selection from this country.

You will probably recognize some of them, as we have extensively featured them in many previous articles and comparisons, for example Deuter and Jack Wolfskin.

But we also have some new entries, so definitely continue reading as we are sure that you will find something that will pique your interest.

In addition, many of these companies are also renowned for their outdoor gear and apparel with exceptional materials and technologies.

German backpacks are of great quality and come in a wide variety of styles and designs for many activities like hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, going to school, work, the gym, etc.

So, let’s take a look at these 7 brands and what they have to offer.


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1. Deuter

Deuter logo on a backpackPin
Deuter logo on a backpack

Founded in 1898, Deuter is one of the oldest German outdoor gear and bag brands.

The brand’s goal is “to achieve the highest level of competence”, as written on their website. Deuter cares about both its employees and customers alike.

Not to mention being environmentally conscious as well. Case in point, they have been a bluesign® system partner since 2008.

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They are especially known for their wide variety of backpack designs and unique technologies.

One of their best sellers, the Deuter Speed Lite 20 Athletic Daypack (check it out at Amazon.com) is available in many color options.

Not only that, these backpacks employ Deuter’s leading technologies. They are ultralight with a streamlined design and super comfy to carry on your hike.

From biking to travel to school backpacks, you’ll have many options to choose from.

2. Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin official website hiking backpacksPin
Jack Wolfskin official website – Hiking backpacks

Home of outdoor apparel, the Jack Wolfskin brand is also known for its sports backpacks. They offer many options for men, women, and kids alike. Hiking packs, trekking packs, running packs. You name it they have it.

The Jack Wolfskin company’s unique manufacturing processes gave way to several environmentally friendly technologies. These include the Texapore Ecosphere, which is “the first 100% recycled membrane”.

They also employ other technologies such as sustainable weather protection, Nanuk Ecosphere, and Microguard Ecosphere.

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Their advanced technologies in backpack design are also worthy of mentioning. ACS allows for ventilation and a comfortable fit. While their Snuggle Up suspension system gives even distribution for your backpack weight.

Their 32L Jack Wolfskin Jack.Pot Deluxe daysack is a popular option.

It’s so roomy that you can fit many things you want in it. You also get an extra perk included, a removable laptop bag. Though a bit on the expensive side, it’s worth the price tag.

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3. Puma

puma websitePin
Puma official website

Interesting fact: the founders of Puma and Adidas were brothers, and originally neither company existed! In fact, it was just one Gebrüder Dassler, founded in 1919 by the Dassler brothers.

In 1948, the brothers had a fight and decided to separate, each starting his own sports company. And this was the birth of Puma!

Nowadays, Puma is ranked third sportswear manufacturer in the world. Their vision, as stated on their website, is in line with their beliefs in sports “Be Brave. Be Confident. Be Determined. Be Joyful”.

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It’s known for both its athletic and casual lines. Designing everything from apparel to footwear, accessories, and bags.

Puma manufactures a number of suitable backpack options at affordable prices.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more unique, there’s the Porsche Design evoKNIT backpack. The evoKNIT material makes this backpack lightweight, ergonomic, and breathable. No sweat stains then!

4. Adidas

adidas logoPin
Adidas logo

Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe today. Founded by the other Dassler brother in 1949, Adidas is known worldwide for its three-striped iconic logo and designs for shoes, apparel, and sports accessories.

Since 2012 Adidas started its “end plastic waste” initiative, aiming to manufacture more environmentally sustainable products. Their promise is through innovation, they can achieve a more sustainable practice by 2024, according to their website.

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Adidas backpacks are designed to keep your belongings safe while you are on the go. They are built with simplicity in mind. From soccer backpacks to their essentials line, you can find a fitting option for you.

Their Modern backpack is sleek and simple, with a full zip to allow easy access to its roomy compartments.

A more budget-friendly sack is the mini backpack (check it out at Amazon.com). These are great for everyday use and are available in many options to suit your individual style.

5. Hugo Boss

front of hugo boss storePin

Not the first brand to come to mind when you think of backpacks. Founded in 1924, Hugo Boss is known for its luxury fashion and fragrances.

But they have taken their impeccable and stylish designs to the backpack. Their fashionable backpacks are made of various materials and come in different sizes.

Their reverse-logo urban backpack is made of structured nylon and is a nice staple accessory for everyday use.

On the other hand, their Italian leather pack is the embodiment of fashion and style with its grainy leather and sleek design.

6. Engelbert Strauss

Engelbert Strauss websitePin
Engelbert Strauss official website

This high-tech workwear brand, founded in 1948, is known for its safety and personal protective gear for the workman or woman.

The company advocates and encourages sustainability. They have an impressive environmentally and socially responsible portfolio that includes their products, production processes, the environment, and society.

The Strauss products are both functional and fashionable.

This daypack is an example of this. Its simple design makes it a great all-day companion that is big enough for your gear. And with its used look carrying it around, you’ll look très urban chic.

7. Bogner

bogner websitePin
Bogner official website

Established in 1932, Bogner was originally founded as a high-end ski apparel. Nowadays, even though it is still true to its origins, Bogner also produces casual clothing and accessories.

Among their new lines are the backpacks, which they offer in a variety of quality designs and styles.

The Verbier Henri rucksack is one of their sporty designs, that has a technical rain-proof finish. It’s also built for comfort with its padded back.

Their Klosters Leon rucksack is more of an urban design, made with nylon to protect from rain. This is a more chic and slightly pricier option than its Verbier Henri counterpart.

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Whether you use them for sports, school, or simply to carry around your lunch, there’s no denying it – backpacks have become a staple. One worth investing in.

And no matter what you are looking for, we are sure you’ll find a backpack that fits your style and budget from these German brands.

With their technologies and exceptional quality, these backpacks are akin to works of art.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other brand suggestions.


  1. Another great German backpack is a Bundeswehr issued backpack (there is different surplus options available). I have a BW Flecktarn backpack and it is very nice, but you need to use it along with the issued sleeping mat, which is used as back support.

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