Osprey vs Deuter: Which Brand is Better?

Osprey vs Deuter: Which Brand is Better?Pin

Comparing brands that make some of the best jackets and outdoor gear has become a regular part of our work in this site.

We have looked at several ones that come up in searches and recommendations as “the best brand”, namely Arc’teryx, Patagonia, The North Face and many more.

Brand comparisons, we find, are a good way to learn about their history and then look at the differences between their manufacturing process, production philosophy and products.

Today we will continue with another brand comparison, however, the focus will not be on jackets this time, but on backpacks.

We have recently started to feature more backpack-related topics and discussions, such as washing a The North Face backpack, or how to wash a polyester one without damaging it and even compared backpacks to rucksacks to see if there are differences between the two.

In that comparison, we also mentioned several brands that make great backpacks, and both Osprey and Deuter made it into the list.

Which brings us to today’s comparison between the two.

Let’s get started!


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1. Osprey

A short history of the brand

Everywhere you look online when it comes to backpack recommendations it would be difficult not to come across mentions of Osprey.

Osprey is an American brand established over 40 years ago, in 1974 in California by Mike Pfotenhauer. They started out small but with the vision and ambition to make backpacks of the highest quality, and they did just that.

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In 1976 they launched backpacks with a mesh panel, which was highly breathable and from there their designs and production continued to expand.

In 1993, Osprey introduced a backpack that was designed specifically for women, the Isis design, which would be the first in a series of designs made for women.

5 years later, they added two more details to their backpacks, the ErgoPull™ hipbelt and the StraightJacket™ suspension compression system.

While there were several other details added to their designs, two more of those, which bear mentioning, are the custom molding hipbelt technology, which would enable the wearer to carry heavy loads more comfortably, and the Hydraulics™ Reservoir, which improved the performance of the Raptor and Manta hydration packs.

Osprey’s story is rich in milestones and events, which can be read more in-depth here.

Osprey Packs | 40 Years in the Making, Episode 1

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Materials and Manufacture

Let’s discuss designing and manufacturing first.

The designing process for Osprey backpacks is meticulous to say the least. This is evident not only from the performance of their backpacks, but their quality as well.

To further improve on their design and make the process more efficient, in 2010, Osprey established the Osprey Design Studio in Mill Valley, California. This studio is where all of the latest backpacks originate from.

As for the manufacturing process, evident in the quality of the backpacks and their longevity is the hard work and effort the brand puts into their products.

The philosophy of the brand is to make products that won’t break down easily, thus reducing wastage and the need for re-making new backpacks en masse.

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Another aspect of their efforts to reduce the impact on environment, is the use of recycled materials in designs such as the Circuit backpack.

They choose only the highest quality materials, which is why it often results in expensive backpacks. What you pay for is what you get in this case.

The material they rely on is Nylon, which comes in a variety of weaves, thicknesses and performance levels.

Osprey has also developed several technologies which are utilized in their backpacks to make them capable of carrying heavy loads comfortably, without straining the back and overheating the wearer.

Some of these technologies include AirScape™, AirSpeed™ and AntiGravity™.

Osprey Packs | Behind the Design

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Popular design

Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack

Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Men's Travel BackpackPin

Image: osprey.com

Check it out on Amazon.com

The design we have picked for this comparison is Farpoint 40, a travel backpack for men.

The reason we chose this design is because it isn’t just a simple backpack. In fact, it is made to carry like a backpack but it packs like a suitcase, with a durable backsystem that makes carrying comfortable, and cushioned carry handles that allow you to pick it up without much effort.

It comes with several pockets, some of which are specialized for carrying delicate belongings such as electronics or glasses and sunglasses.

It comes in four main colors and it allows you to adjust it for different carrying weights.

Osprey Packs | Farpoint Series | Product Tour

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On average, Osprey backpacks go for more than $100, with most of the designs falling between that and $180.

There are designs that cost more than $200, which include mainly specialized performance backpacks for those who require sturdy and ergonomic designs to make hiking and other outdoor activities more enjoyable and comfortable.

Are these backpacks worth the price?

Online reviews will give a very clear answer to this, and that answer is “Yes”. These are some of the highest quality designs you will find.

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2. Deuter

A short history of the brand

A brand across the ocean from Osprey, Deuter was founded in 1898 in Augsburg, Germany (here are some other German outdoor brands), by Hans Deuter.

While now it is a brand that specializes mainly in backpacks, in its beginnings, Deuter Sport designed smaller carry packs, such as sacks and mail bags. Their designs became so popular that in the early 1900s they even made sacks for the Bavarian Royal Mail.

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Then, when the military requested their products, the brand expanded into making other carry packs that included knapsacks, backpacks and even mess tents and belts.

Aside from the high quality of their bags, Deuter is one of the several brands that take environmental protection seriously by using recyclable materials and also designing recyclable bags.

Since 2006, the brand is owned by Schwan-Stabilo.

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Materials and Manufacture

Deuter is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures high working standards for employees; a partner of bluesign® system, which is the standard of using environmentally-friendly and harmless materials; and lastly, the brand also relies on RDS down for the products that are made to insulate, ensuring the humane treatment of the birds and a high quality of the raw material.

For their backpacks, both Polyester and Nylon are used, which come in a variety of different thicknesses, performance and breathability levels. Despite their special features, they all have one thing in common: their exceptional durability.

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When it comes to the manufacturing process, Deuter is also quite careful in making sure that the finished backpacks and other products will be in the best quality and last for a long time.

This is not to simply satisfy the customer, but to also reduce the impact on environment by not having to manufacture bags as often.

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Popular design

Deuter Transit 40 Carry-On Travel Backpack

Deuter Transit 40 Carry-On Travel BackpackPin

Image: deuter.com

Check it out on Amazon.com

Transit 40 is a carry-on travel backpack that is designed to be flight-approved and easy to carry. It is made of 600d Polytex and just like Farpoint 40, it packs like a luggage case, making it easier to look at everything at a glance.

Transit 40 comes with adjustable straps that can be places to carry it as either a backpack or a bag, depending on which one is more comfortable to you.

This is a design built to last, which is weather resistant and abrasion resistant as well.


Deuter provides a multitude of prices, some of which more affordable than others.

Their backpacks retail for around $120 depending on the design, but cheaper and considerably more expensive options can also be found.

Are these backpacks worth the price?

The short answer would be that they are. They are designed well, comfortable to carry and the quality is beyond impressive.

3. Which One Is Better?

person with deuter backpackPin

Overall, Deuter makes pricier backpacks than Osprey, but that does not necessarily weigh too much on which one is the better option.

In our opinion, you would be hard pressed to find a backpack that does not perform well from either brand.

With that being said, with Deuter’s history of more than 100 years, it’s easy to understand why the brand is so reputable and beloved. They have perfected their craft like few others have.

Osprey does not fall far behind in this regard. Their backpacks are quite well-made and well-designed.

However, if we were to choose, we would go with Deuter for the sole reason that their patented technologies take their backpacks to a whole other level.

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