11 Best Hiking Backpacks Brands You Should Try this Year

11 Best Hiking Backpacks Brands You Should Try this Year

In one of our last articles, we examined 10 hiking boots brands that we think you should try this year.

In order to offer you a complete view of many outdoor sports and of hiking in particular, a mission that we’re trying to accomplish since the beginning of this site, today we will continue with 11 of what we think are some of the best hiking backpacks brands.

In fact, in order to bring things with you while hiking or exploring nature, your backpack’s quality is something you cannot ignore or neglect.

Here we have chosen several brands for different needs and personalities, to give you a complete view of the options you can choose from on your next purchase.

Anyway, in our opinion your aim when choosing your next hiking backpack, should be to optimize your performance without renouncing to comfort, durability and quality.

So, let’s take a look at the brands we have selected.


1. Osprey

osprey website

Let’s start by describing the first brand we have chosen. Osprey is renowned all over the world for providing high quality and versatile backpacks. Born in 1974 in California, this brand keeps on being a leader in its field ever since.

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Long-lasting backpacks and a strong devotion to the environmental issues are the keywords of this company. The Porter series backpacks are among their bestselling products.

In order to ensure capability, comfort and ventilation, Osprey uses several technologies. From the back panel to the hipbelt and pack body, every fabric and material used follows Osprey’s philosophy: quality in materials and fabrics to guide you through your outdoor adventure.

Osprey Packs | 40 Years in the Making, Episode 1

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2. Deuter

deuter website

We have to go back to 1898 to find Deuter brand’s origin. It is a German brand founded by Hans Deuter.

Deuter’s range of manufacturing goes from hiking backpacks to trekking and mountain climbing ones. Besides they provide a range of outdoor and everyday life bags, and sleeping bags also.

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They rely on both Nylon and Polyester and their backpacks’ main feature is their durability. They offer a “special promise” of guarantee: a lifelong repair service. Giving their customers this service is a guarantee but also a sign of responsibility toward the environment.

For each outdoor sport or activity, they have developed a specific technology. For example, they use Deuter Aircomfort in order to put less stress on the circulation, by providing maximum ventilation.

Deuter Movie Part 1 - History & Milestones

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3. Gregory Packs

gregory packs website

Gregory Packs was founded in 1977 in California. Renowned above all for the functionality and comfortable fit of their backpacks, they use cutting-edge technology. They pay also attention to ensure that their backpacks are adapted to different body types.

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Relying above all on Nylon for their backpacks’ manufacturing, they offer as well lifetime guarantee repair service, and give a specific importance to sustainability: “sustainability is a journey, not a destination” is one of their statements.

One of their newer backpacks series is Zulu & Jade, a combination of lightweight features and streamlined silhouettes in order to make your carrying more balanced.

Keep the Dreamer Alive | Gregory Packs Anthem

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4. The North Face

the north face website

The North Face was born in San Francisco in 1966. Its mission is to provide modern outdoor explorers the best equipment and, at the same time, to protect and ward nature and the environment.

Light and suitable for trekking, hiking, ski or snowboarding, their backpacks all have ergonomic backrests, adjustable and padded straps, to ensure comfortable wearability for every outdoor activity you are being involved in.

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The technologies used include Dyno Lite System™, that helps you to balance the weight while exploring the nature. The OPTIFIT™ system as well provides safe and comfortable wearability.

OUT OF OFFICE | The North Face

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5. Arc’teryx

arcteryx website

Arc’teryx was founded in 1989 in Canada (here are some other Canadian outdoor brands). It is a popular brand especially among climbers and enthusiasts of this sport, but provides also backpacks and clothing for hiking, trekking, alpinism and outdoor sports in general.

Their focus is to give comfort and safety while exploring, without being occupied in fighting against bad weather conditions. That’s why, they have developed several technologies which are very useful in mountain environments, ensuring sustainability as well.

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For instance, their Bora AR 50 backpack is suitable for outdoor sports, as it combines the RotoGlide™ hipbelt technology with GridLock™ shoulder straps.

Most of their backpacks are made of Nylon fabrics and they’re also waterproof if exposed to rain and snow.

Arc'teryx AC2 Fabric Technology

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6. Teton Sports

teton sports website

Teton Sports is another brand that we think you should try this year. One of their bestsellers is the Explorer 4000 Backpack. Its design includes a padded back panel, lumbar padding, waist and shoulder straps to balance the weight.

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The range of products of Teton Sports includes hydration bags, canyoneering and lifestyle backpacks. Most of their packs are adjustable in order to provide comfort during your nature exploration. That’s why we can say that they are definitely some of the most versatile and flexible backpacks.

Introduction to the Explorer4000 Backpack

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7. Ferrino

ferrino website

Ferrino is a company that was born in Turin, Italy in 1870 (here are some other Italian outdoor brands). Cesare Ferrino came up with the idea of making waterproof fabrics, and that was a success all over Italy.

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Famous for its mountain equipment manufacturing (especially tents), their backpacks are as well synonymous of high quality and durability. Most of them are waterproof, like the Dry-hike 48 + 5 backpack, using the HDry® technology.

Breathability of their hiking and outdoor backpacks is also guaranteed by the mesh fabric used.

Ferrino FULL SAFE | A unique research behind a unique backpack

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8. Salomon

salomon website

Salomon‘s quality manufacturing is also renowned when talking about backpacks. As we saw in our previous article on hiking boots brands, Salomon’s apparel and outdoor gear is famous worldwide.

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Their backpacks, like for example one of their last models, the XA 35, are projected to resist all weather conditions and especially the extreme ones. Without any zip or extra seams, this model of backpack has a minimal design but has everything you need during your outdoor experience.

Some of the technologies used are: Motion Fit™, which gives great freedom of movements. SensiFit™ as well guarantees stability and comfort, while the Quick Link technology allows you to breathe easily, thanks to the elastic belt.

9. Patagonia

patagonia website

Patagonia was founded in California in 1973 and it is one of those brands whose aim is specifically that of protecting our environment. They have a very wide product range. Among their manufacturing, backpacks occupy a relevant position.

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With interesting designs, their fabrics consist mostly of recycled materials (for example Polyester). Designed for both day life and technical sports, their backpacks guarantee specific designs and features for each sport.

For hiking in particular most models have Durable Water Repellent fabrics. They use several technologies in order to make their products fit well in any weather situation, whether it’s raininig, snowing or it’s a windy day.

To repel these elements, they have created a specific breathable barrier which provides insulation.

Patagonia Nine Trails Backpack 36L

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10. Lowe Alpine

lowe alpine website

Since 1967, Lowe Alpine‘s backpacks are designed to make you feel comfortable when exploring, climbing and traveling. Providing hiking and mountain backpacks, Lowe’s mission is to ensure you’re comfortable, even when carrying one of their adaptable and lightweight backpacks.

Their main mission is in guaranteeing you freedom of movement. They also offer multi-activity backpacks, like the AEON designs, projected to face all the unexpected obstacles you may run into during your outdoor experience.

We can surely say that Lowe Alpine’s strength lies in the versatility of their products.


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11. Marmot

marmot website

Here is our “last but not least” pick. Marmot is a brand born in 1971 in California. Created with high quality fabrics, their backpacks are mostly made of Nylon and Polyester. They represent an example of lightweight and comfortable fit, like their Graviton 38 Pack design.

Versatile and offering a quality design, their packs are suitable for all those who love nature. Marmot’s philosophy embraces sustainability, as well as a pure love for outdoor life and nature.


This was our last pick for today’s list of hiking backpacks brands. We hope we gave you some new ideas for your next backpack! If you have any other suggestion, let us know in the comments below.

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