Mackage vs RUDSAK: Which Brand is Better?

Mackage vs RUDSAK: Which Brand is Better?Pin

We’ll start this week with a new brands comparison article, to help you choose as usual only the best clothing for your specific outdoor activity.

The two brands that we’ll put against each other today come from Canada and have been featured previously in our Canadian brands selection here.

They are Mackage and RUDSAK, two brands that offer a variety of high quality products, and some of their jackets are comparable to Canada Goose (here are some other alternatives to Canada Goose).

So, let’s see which of these two brands would be the better choice for you and why.


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1. Mackage

A short history of the brand

Mackage is an outerwear brand that was established in 1999. They believe that outerwear isn’t only important to protect yourself from the harsh weather outside, but is also an integral fashion item in an individual’s wardrobe.

For this reason they have created elegant, stylish and carefully-designed apparel and other accessories.

woman wearing winter jacket walking in snowPin

Mackage collections are created with thorough detailing and a mixture of various materials and fabrics, which sets them apart from other outdoor brands.

The brand initiated their collection with outerwear for women and then expanded towards men’s products in 2008. In 2013, they also launched a handbag collection, which has been highly appreciated by their customers.

Over the years, Mackage has gained popularity because of its combination of chic and modern designs, as well as high quality products.

Mackage Fall/Winter 2018 Campaign | Introducing Christian Hogue

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Materials and Manufacture

This brand doesn’t limit itself to only polyester and nylon fabrics. Mackage utilizes several high quality materials like wool, leather, down and fur trims. The furs utilized come from different animals like rabbits and raccoons.

The linings and the shells of their jackets are weather-resistant, usually made from laminates and specialized fabrics. Also they are down proof to reduce the risk of shedding feathers.

The sleeve cuffs are usually made of wool in the majority of their jackets.

As for the insulation, the duck down that Mackage uses, includes whole clusters that have a minimum fill power of 800. The ratio is at least 90% down and 10% feathers.

Mackage also uses Nano Down which is coated with Texcote™ Nano treatment. This treatment assists in enhancing the loft and durability of down and makes it fast-drying.

Mackage Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign

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The down used by the brand is responsibly sourced and 100% traceable, the animals are not force-fed or live-plucked.

An interesting fact is the temperature rating: their jackets with the highest insulation can resist in temperatures that reach -31°F (-35°C).

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Popular designs

Now let’s see a popular jacket by Mackage, like we regularly do in these comparisons. Later in this article, we’ll also see a popular jacket by Rudsak.

Mackage Women’s Adali Classic Down Coat

Mackage Womens Adali Classic Down CoatPin


Check it out on

We have selected the Adali down coat, a stylishly designed jacket with a fur lined hood. The material used for the shell and lining is 100% polyester, and the trim is 100% leather. The fur is from Asiatic raccoon from China.

The jacket has a perfectly-fitting silhouette and elastic cuffs that keep the cold away. It also includes two outer pockets to keep your hands warm, making it practical for everyday usage.


Mackage is a high-end brand, which means that their jackets are not budget-friendly and many of them can cost you more than $700. Obviously, these jackets come with high quality, durable materials, just like one might expect from such high prices.

Are these jackets worth the price?

When we think about the comfort and performance levels, the price of the jackets can be somewhat justified. But if you only look at the style of these products, the answer comes down to personal preference.


A short history of the brand

Just like Mackage, RUDSAK is also a brand started in the 90’s. It was launched in 1994 in Montreal by Evik Asatoorian, a creative and visionary leader.

woman wearing winter jacketPin

The company creates some beautiful jacket designs using only high quality leathers, fabrics and furs. They are focused in being elegant, stylish and contemporary, while showcasing the hard work of their artisans and craftspeople.

Some of Rudsak’s eye-catching designs include their leather jackets which come with a rebellious look and style, and their parkas with trims with more than one color which is not very common in parka jackets.

You can find their products in more than 30 branded boutiques and also on their online store, with options for men, women and kids.

Apart from their jackets, on their collection you will also find handbags, footwear and accessories.

Styled By Nelia: Shopping for a Winter Coat with RUDSAK

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Materials and Manufacture

RUDSAK takes utmost care in providing the best quality products to their customers through monitoring even the smallest details and applying very high standards throughout their manufacturing process.

The leathers they utilize are all superior grades of lambskin and calf. All the products go through thier unique tanning process to enhance their appearance.

For the insulation of their winter coats, Rudsak uses 800 fill power goose down of premium quality, with a blend of 90% down and 10% feather fill. This mixture provides excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and, as you probably know, goose down is usually better than duck down and also more expensive.

The brand utilizes Allied PLATINUM down which is known for the socially-responsible manufacturing and production methods, and is certified following the Responsible Down Standard.

This means that all the products produced by Rudsak that use down, are environmentally friendly and are created in cruelty-free environments.

RUDSAK Website: Track Your DownPin

The patented HyperDry Allied down used by the brand, is water-resistant and utilizes proprietary nanotechnology to keep the down dry and easy to clean, and in the same time maintain its fluffiness and softness.

Also, to keep everything fair, the down is fully traceable and the customers can find its source using the unique number that comes with their purchased RUDSAK product.

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Popular designs

It’s time to see a popular jacket by RUDSAK.

RUDSAK Women’s Grace Down Coat

RUDSAK Womens Grace Down CoatPin


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We have selected the RUDSAK’s Grace down coat for women, that comes with an elegant and classic fit. The shell and lining of the jacket are made of 100% Polyester and the fur is from Asiatic raccoon from China.

The soft sleeves are made of genuine leather which enhances the luxurious feel, and the inner part of the hood comes with rabbit fur lining.

The coat has two side pockets with zipper, as well as an asymmetrical zipper central closure, which emphasizes the waist and creates an elegant silhouette.


RUDSAK, just like Mackage, is a high-end brand with very high quality materials and luxurious details. This means that the price range is part of the “expensive brands” category, with many of their jackets and coats reaching $500-$600.

Are these jackets worth the price?

In our opinion, yes, they are. The high quality materials used, the craftsmanship and attention to details, along with the variety of styles and designs make these jackets worth their price.

3. Which Brand is Better?

man wearing winter jacket in snowPin

It’s always difficult to compare high-end brands, especially if they both come from Canada, because the quality is unquestionable, so we have to focus on other details like style and design to choose a winner, but let’s try:

Both Mackage and RUDSAK provide high quality winter wear, and offer a range of stylish jackets and down coats. Their jackets are weather-resistant to keep you warm and dry, and to withstand the cold, harsh Canadian winters.

Also, their environmentally-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes are commendable.

We can try to make a decision based on price, but in this case they are comparable too, with a few jackets by RUDSAK that are slightly more affordable than Mackage.

So, which one is better?

In this case it depends on your personal style and preferences. If you want a rebellious look with luxurious modern details, choose RUDSAK, whereas if you prefer a more classic style, you can go with Mackage and never think about it for one more second.

But obviously, if you have the budget, nothing stops you from buying two jackets, one from each brand, and wearing them depending on the occasion.

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