Marmot vs Mammut: Which Brand is Better?

Marmot vs Mammut: Which Brand is Better?Pin

This week we’ll bring you not just one, but two comparisons between popular jackets and outdoor clothing brands.

In this second comparison we’ll put against each other Marmot and Mammut and see which one would be the better option in specific occasions.

These brands offer a large range of quality products to satisfy the needs of their customers.

As part of the outdoor clothing industry, Marmot and Mammut (here is a selection of Mammut’s jackets) have continued to maintain their strong position in this industry for decades.

So, let’s see which one would be the right choice for you.


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1. Marmot

A short history of the brand

Marmot is an American brand established in 1974 by three friends – three mountain climbers. These outdoor enthusiasts were looking for a high quality jacket that would keep them warm and comfortable on their outdoor adventures in harsh weather.

A puffy jacket, called Golden Mantle was the first design they created, which instantly became their best-selling product.

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This brand is also one of the first in the US to utilize the Gore-Tex technology for their products. This fabric technology enhanced the performance of Marmot’s products and boosted the reputation and popularity of this brand.

Marmot focuses mainly on outdoor clothing, but they also create exceptional tents and bags, which are considered by many outdoor enthusiasts as some of the best tents in terms of quality and setup.

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Materials and Manufacture

Marmot uses environmentally-friendly manufacturing procedures and avoids using PVC and Phthalates to reduce their harmful impact on the environment.

Just like many other popular outdoor clothing brands, Marmot’s main materials for their products are nylon and polyester. These two materials are often modified, developed and mixed, resulting in different fabric technologies.

After being in this industry for more than 40 years and after using Gore-Tex for decades, in the recent years Marmot has begun to create its own technologies like EvoDry, NanoPro™, Eco Featherless and MemBrain®, to improve the performance of its products and also provide more options for different types of customers and their specific needs.

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Overall Marmot’s jackets have sleek and interesting designs, which have given them an important place in the market of outdoor apparel and gear.

Marmot EVODry #NoBadWeather

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Popular designs

Now, like we usually do in our comparison articles, let’s see a popular product by Marmot to give you a better idea of what a jacket by this brand looks like.

We’ll do the same for Mammut below.

Marmot Tullus Hoody Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket

Marmot Tullus Hoody Men's Winter Puffer JacketPin


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For Marmot we have selected the Tullus Hoody for men, a puffer jacket made with 100% nylon with plain weave, and insulated with 600 fill power down.

It has been treated with Down Defender to improve the moisture resistance of the down insulation. As we have explained here, when wet, down loses all its ability to insulate. This treatment helps fix the problem to a certain measure, and ensures you remain warm during wet conditions for a longer time.

The hood attached has an elastic binding that enhances the facial coverage and keeps you well protected. This jacket comes with two hand warmer side pockets with zippers. The sleeves are elasticized to provide a secure fit and to ensure the cold stays out.

This jacket is recommended for damp (not heavy rain) and chilly conditions.


Marmot offers a wide range of variety in terms of price. While the majority of their jackets are considered expensive, the brand also offers a few affordable products to customers which start at around $100.

The expensive jackets are the down-insulated ones, which include parkas and jackets perfect for cold weather.

Are these jackets worth the price?

These jackets are definitely worth their price in our opinion. They are made of high quality materials, offer a very good performance and are long-lasting.

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2. Mammut

A short history of the brand

Mammut is a Swiss brand that was established more than 150 years ago by Kaspar Tanner. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands, offering high quality clothing and gear.

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They also make ropes for mountain climbing, which has made the brand a popular rope supplier in the industry.

Mammut was established in 1862 in Dintikon as a rope manufacturing company, which transformed into an outdoor clothing supplier after a few decades.

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The products offered by Mammut include rain pants, softshell pants, fleece jackets, rain jackets and backpacks.

They focus on sustainable means of production and make great efforts to choose only the best quality materials for their ropes, apparel and other accessories.

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Materials and Manufacture

Mammut follows the Bluesign® standard for their products and are cautious regarding the implementation of environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

They have begun an initiative to collect and recycle outdoor products not in use, and also actively work for PFCs substitution, which are the polyfluorinated and perfluorinated chemicals.

The brand uses techniques that don’t harm animals by ensuring that there isn’t any live plucking and the animals aren’t force-fed.

As for rope manufacturing, carbon-neutral materials are utilized. All the clothing manufactured by Mammut is quality assured and follows the Fair Wear Foundation‘s criteria.

Just like many popular outdoor clothing brands, Mammut uses Gore-Tex in many of its products, as you can see below in the video presentation of its Eiger Extreme Collection:

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Popular designs

Now let’s see a popular product by Mammut, just like we did for Marmot above.

Mammut Whitehorn Men’s Jacket

Mammut Whitehorn Mens JacketPin


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We have chosen the Whitehorn jacket for men, a reversible jacket, which provides two looks. It is perfect to wear for hiking in cold weather.

The outside material of this jacket is created with a lightweight, wind and water repellent Pertex Quantum material, which comes with DWR treatment that is PFC-free. The insulation is provided by a combination of duck down and feathers, to keep you warm in cold conditions.

The jacket has two side zipper pockets outside, as well as two snap-buttons pockets inside. The elastic cuffs and hem not only offer a clean fit, but also help to keep the cold away.


Mammut’s products come with different prices. They have both expensive options and affordable options, which widens their customer base.

The average jackets’ prices vary from $100 to $300. The expensive ones are the products that include technical designs and can get pretty costly, as high as $400.

Are these jackets worth their price?

This brand is well-known for providing high quality products that utilize outstanding technology and materials for their manufacturing process. This is the reason why we think these jackets are indeed worth the price.

3. Which Brand is Better?

hiker on mountain peakPin

Both Marmot and Mammut offer high quality and high performing products that are weather-resistant. This makes it a bit difficult to determine which one is the best.

Marmot offers product warranty and utilizes innovative technology in their products, which are lightweight and are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Mammut also utilizes premium materials to create their products. Their designs are stylish, durable and also available in a variety of options and colors.

Both these brands utilize environmentally-friendly and ethical manufacturing processes. They are also working further towards utilizing products that do not harm the environment. However, Mammut does offer more affordable options overall when compared to Marmot.

Which one is the better option?

It largely depends on the style and type of jacket you are looking for and also for what type of activity you are going to use it.

Marmot and Mammut are both premium brands that make it a priority to only provide top-notch quality to satisfy their clients.

Also they cover many major outdoor activities so you’d not get dissapointed by neither of these brands if you were looking for a jacket for a specific sport or activity.

So, in the end, we’ll say it again: it all comes down to your preference.

But if we were forced to choose, at this moment we’d say Mammut, as we personally like very much their focus on environmental protection.

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